Everything I Hate Revolves Around You

Lament 25: Finality

"What kind of a lover would I be if I did?"

Why did you say that? Daisuke wondered as Dark began pushing his shirt up. It was the second to last night up in the snow and-Daisuke blushed at this-they had been…getting busy every night. Up until then, Daisuke had pushed such thoughts out of his mind whenever Dark started in on him but tonight they decided to come back with a vengeance. The red head had found it highly irritating that his common sense had picked that moment to ride back in. Dark breathed gently in Daisuke's ear sending shivers down his spine.

"So excited already…?" One hand had already made its sneaky journey downwards and began to gently cup the smaller boy's growing arousal. Instinct made him cry out softly, his thoughts momentarily blotted out as the older teen's skill hands continued to grab him through the material separating his touch from Daisuke now aching want.

But even the momentary burst of pleasure didn't erase his train of thought. It was hard to ignore it when it picked and nagged like that…Finally, in grudging defeat he let his mind wander from the present pleasure to delve back into it.

"What kind of a lover would I be if I did?"

You said that so…easily. Like it didn't trouble you at all. And yet…Daisuke felt a moan escape him as Dark's lips made contact with his chest, nibbling on one hardening bit of flesh. And…yet…never once have you said you loved me back…nor have you even called me a lover since then…

How am I supposed to take that…? That you do love me? That you just…don't want to say 'I love you' because of your pride…? The ruby eyes boy gasped loudly as Dark's hand finally found his length and began to lovingly jerk it upwards. "Ahhh…D-Daark…" There…already you know every spot that makes me whimper and melt…

But is that because lust drives you on instinct or love that takes it's time to memorize with care?

Even as Dark slipped his startling girth into the red head, his mind wasn't completely there-he rode his orgasm with an almost slightly contemplating mood which Dark all too keenly picked up on. He rolled off of him, a slightly worried look in his eyes, but his face remained alight with the afterglow.

"Dai…Dai-chan?" He mumbled huskily, automatically reverting to his usual post romp activity of stroking Daisuke's cheek. "Something wrong?"

"Ah??" Daisuke jumped, blushing. Oh no, I didn't want him to know…I…thought I had concealed it better…dang it… Daisuke was sure he could handle any side of Dark except sexually frustrated. That wasn't something he ever planned on seeing…"Erm, yeah, yeah…w-why?"

"You didn't seem…you weren't lost in the moment this time." The black haired teen seemed to be almost pouting. "You didn't writhe, call out my name…." Scream in ecstasy and say 'I love you, Dark…' Dark's thoughts finished automatically. That for some reason seemed to make him blush. I'm getting so used to hearing him say those two things-my name and 'I love you'. "I can see it even now-you look distant. Is there something on your mind?"

Is there? Daisuke found himself sounding rather sarcastic. Hmmm, besides the fact that I'm morbidly afraid that Krad will try and rape you or me for that matter, and that I can't help but think this love is turning out one sided? Nope, other than that nothing's really going on up here….

Instead Daisuke's verbal response was-

"Well….a lot I guess….Gomen, Dark…" He snuggled closer, hoping Dark would drop it soon. He wasn't keen on complaining that he wasn't hearing those three words coming from Dark himself if it would stop all the nighttime romps they were having. Dark was about as hyper as a horny bunny on steroids and had just as much of a drive. It varied depending on his mood-sometimes it was hurried, harsh, quick-other times they were taken slow, sensually in foreplay, a gentle lover's dance that took the red head's breath away when Dark finally bent over him and…

"Care to explain that 'a lot' to me?"

Dark enjoyed the cuddling but he wasn't letting up. Something was bothering his red head and he wanted to know exactly what.

"Well…" Daisuke looked suddenly very uncomfortable now. This is stupid maybe I should reconsider…he thought hastily. This won't do me any good to bring up now…we have just two more nights and I don't want to blow them because of this… Thinking only of easing it away, Dark planted a small kiss on Daisuke's sweaty forehead and smiled encouragingly making Daisuke decided to take a more cautious round-about way. "I…you know I…love you, don't you?"

"I think I got it loud and clear when you've screamed it for the past couple of nights…" He was trying to force a cheesy grin away, knowing that to do that now would destroy any chance of him knowing what was making Daisuke off. God, and I really need to stop coming off like I'm teasing him or that's not going to be good either… "Yes, I do know, Dai-chan." He amended a bit more bashfully now. "Is that's what's bothering you? You loving me?"

"Yes…and no."

Oohhh, this yes and no deal…not fun…Dark groaned to himself resisting the urge to growl and roll his eyes. Ambiguous answers were not his forte simply because they were annoying to the breaking point. Either it's yes or it's no…can't be both…

"Yes and no?" He asked neutrally. "What do you mean yes and no? That's rather ambiguous…"

"I mean…I…It doesn't really bother me anymore that I do…and I…love what we do at night as well…" Daisuke blushed fire engine red at this and Dark couldn't help but chuckle. Ahahaha, skills in bed seem to be a very nice forte for my Dai-chan… "But…what does bother me…" His voice dropped to a whisper, almost pained. He buried his face into Dark's warm neck and he blinked amethyst eyes in confusion. "What bothers me…" Daisuke's breath swept over perfectly toned skin. "…is that…I…I think I'm living this love all one-sided…that I'm thriving only on my own fired passion…and once it burns out…" He began to shudder, arms wrapping around Dark. "I…I can't bear doing this anymore without craving the same words…from your mouth…"

And Dark finally began to understand. (1)

Every night…every night that he's rode out his bone jarring climaxes that rock even my body…Dark's mind was beginning to see the dim light at the end of the tunnel. He's done so, been able to make me explode so forcefully with his love as fuel. Those words…when he says 'I love you' my whole body responds to it…and I feel him, everything within and without and those shocking glimpse only heightens the pleasure…

"Only you…" the black haired teen finally replied, vocalizing some of his dawning thoughts more than anything else. "Only you are able to make me feel such powerful peaks…I…I've never been so easily able to come hearing just one voice calling my name and saying those three words…haven't you realized the effect you had on me, even from way back when…?"

Daisuke sallowed, his stomach and groin becoming painfully tight.

"Me…?" He rasped weakly. "B-but..I'm not-"

"Special? Noteworthy? Trust me, my heart and soul saw before my cursed mind even began to realize it…"

Dark could feel Daisuke's heart rate jump ten times faster, feeling him stiffen slightly then trembling. You're scared…yet madly hopeful, aren't you? You're soaring to a daring height but you're so scared your demon love will drop you and rip your beautiful new wings off at the last moment…

You couldn't have been more wrong.

"Your love…" Dark whispered carefully into his ear, serious yet pleading. "Changed everything. It… changed…me. " The red head's breath hitched as lisp brushed against his ear's outer shell, just in his most sensitive spot. Was this happening? He, Daisuke, wasn't dreaming right? Oh curse it all to hell heaven and everything in between if it was!! "Everything I needed, craved began to revolve around you…you and only you…"

"Then…" Daisuke stammered, clutching desperately to Dark now as if he'd fall any moment if he didn't. I wouldn't be surprised if I did if I let go now… "Then…are you saying…that…that you…?" That you love me Dark? Is that what you're saying…?

"Haven't I said as much, with no room to interpret my words otherwise, Dai? But seeing as a confession will be nothing short of what you want and need to hear…"

Dark crawled on top of Daisuke, pushing his hips downwards, enlisting a strangled gasp from him. Dark smiled briefly. Your gasps are delicious to hear…I'll never tire of it…

"It's been too far, so long in coming but I had known that inevitably it would have come to this point…" A short pause came, which was enough to nearly drive the poor boy under the older on half mad. "Ai…aishteru..." Daisuke's mouth slightly dropped open and the older male's smile only widened. Awww, kawaii… either he doesn't believe me or it's just too shocking…"Dai-chan…hate to break it to ya, but as adorable as that looks you're gonna catch some friendly critters there…"

"Baka no Dark…" Daisuke mumbled, but obediently closed his mouth. What a time for him to joke…Dark snickered, practically reading the train off thought off Daisuke's face like a book with large size 18 font. "But-but Dark…" He gripped Dark's shoulders, fingers biting into his flesh. Dark winced. Oh, no, now what…? "If you do…I think you really…mean it, what you said...…which I'm so glad, happy, ecstatic about…but why…why did you call me a lover-your lover- that third day and yet didn't even mention that or anything afterwards???"


Forgot about that one…


Thought I had thought that last part to myself….guess it slipped my tongue…

Screwed in very sense of the word…

"Ah…well, that….uh…you see I…"

Dark was indeed screwed in every sense of the word.


"Dark! Dark, wake up…"

A rumpled mess of black hair seemed to retreat slowly under the cover. A particularly wide awake, fully dressed red head wasn't letting that frump out of his sight. He yanked the covers back revealing a rather annoyed, butt naked Dark Mousey trying to curl up into a small, meek ball.

"Dark…" Daisuke had to pinch his nose soundly before kicking Dark's firm but rather soft backside with his bare toe. Nose bleeding all over Dark's bed and body wouldn't help either of them. But it was so hard to, having to look at that flawless broad expanse of skin, trailing downwards between his legs…

"Dai-chan, quit staring at my drop dead gorgeous, smexy butt naked body before I jump you and make sure you take care of that nosebleed and your now very happy little fried down south…" Dark was sitting up now, grinning evilly. His legs were half spread, partially dangling over the bed in a rather tempting way and this only made ruby eyes stared even more. Daisuke eeped caught in the act and vainly tried to defend himself-

"B-b-but it was your fault for sleeping in naked anyways…"

I still can't look away…

"Oh yeah, but who got me naked is the real question…I'm quite sure…" Dark's grin was turning mischievous as he stretched in mock casualness. "That I went to bed fully expecting to keep my clothes on…"

"Oh s-shut up already…" Daisuke huffed, thoroughly beaten-he would have been anyway- and returned to his half packed suitcase. Mechanically he threw the rest of his possessions and began hunting for his Wiz plushie. "We're leaving today, smart one, which was why I tried getting you up in the first place…"

"Oh we are…?" Dark seemed slightly out of it because he was now staring at his new lover like he was seeing double. "I…oh, yeah, huh…" NO duuuuh!!! Wow, he's out of it... "Better go take a shower then…I'm rather…sticky…" Dark made a point of stressing the word, only making Daisuke's face put a vibrant red display before he swaggered off, wiggling his hips. Daisuke's face plainly screamed a does-he-have-to-rub-it-in?? expression-only to realize that might not have been the best choice of words…


He rolled his eyes and finally found Wiz. Wiz, he was glad to see, had managed to escape his and Dark's…passion… He hugged it happily, stuffing it into the suitcase just as Dark emerged, drying himself off with the towel. Daisuke coughed.

"Have you no shame?? Get some clothes on!"

"You know you like me all dripping wet, hot, wanting like this-"

"Just shut up and GET SOME CLOTHES ON!!! Argh!! I am not telling you again!!" It's not going to do us any good to get all worked up this early in the morning…

Dark was just too hyper that morning.


Daisuke took one last look at the whole place glinting with snow before turning back to the bus, trudging his suitcase along in the snow. And while he lugged it through the whiteness, he couldn't help but smile.

Everything's changed so much…

At first I hated Dark and now…now I'm madly in love with him…and how Krad, whom I had trusted and cared about so much…is now suddenly a threat to my budding relationship with Dark…so strange how our feelings can change so much…

Humanity never really did make sense…

But…Daisuke threw his head back and a full fledged grin bloomed. I've never loved this craziness more.

"Allow me…"

Daisuke looked up and ruby eyes met amethyst. An outstretched hand asked a simple question and with his infectious grin he replied-

"If you can handle it."

Daisuke had never liked the snow as much as he did now.


"Daaaark…I ran out…" A sinister whisper trailed over the wind. "And so has your time on earth…for I will make sure you and your little lover will never see, hear or lay sinful fingers on each other…"





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