Title: Stages of Grief

Author: Katjen

Rating: PG13/R (language)

Disclaimer: So not mine. If it were, S3 would be going very differently…

Notes: Futurefic, AU, post S2's Not Pictured.

It took him a while but he did do it. He did get over her.

He went through all the textbook stages, and even while he was painfully aware of how fucking lame and unoriginal it all was, he milked the hell out of each and every one of them.

Because Logan Echolls doesn't believe in doing things half-assed.

If he's going to be mad, he's going to be furious. If he's going to be sad he's going to be decimated. As much as it makes him sound like a walking ad for anti-depressants it's a choice not a chemical imbalance. Call it his innate flair for the dramatic. Call it immaturity or just an inexplicable need to be the asshole in every situation. He probably wouldn't disagree with you on any particular point.

All or nothing.

Hate or love but never indifference, never ambivalence. When he loves, he loves hard and when he hates he's got battery acid in his veins. Extremes are all he knows.

When he crashes and burns everything gets singed.