His Hand
Chapter 2
By Captainkodak1


The gate guard stood grumbling at the end of the drawbridge. Most of the mounted soldiers were off hunting for the boy. He wanted to be out hunting for Ron Stoppable also instead of standing out in the sun watching over the traffic coming in and out of the castle. Besides, the black hole of a moat behind him really stank today. Hopefully a little rain would come and freshen up the water a little. He set his pike against his shoulder and took off his helmet. The thing was uncomfortable to wear on a normal day but in the sun it was worse.

The guard also knew that most of the people in the kingdom were upset. Selling off the Princess and putting the Queen in the tower did not endear the King to his subjects. The Princess was very popular with the people as she was one of the prettiest princesses in the area. He had seen princesses from other kingdoms himself. All he could say about them was the only way a dog would play with them would be to hang a slab of bacon around their necks. Princess Kim was also loved for the way she treated the people. Queen Anne was also loved for her kindness as well as her beauty. The hope of many of the people of the land was that the boy would catch up with the princess and rescue her. Those hopes had been dashed the day before. The rider came in with a message from the Baron of the King's personal guard. The boy and the princess had been captured and the boy hacked to pieces with the princess watching. After taking the princess to her future husband, the Baron would be returning with the head and the hand of the boy.

A trumpet sounded from the tree line as a group of mounted soldiers approached. It was the Baron and his patrol. The Baron was riding up front, holding his lance aloft with a bag hanging from it. Behind the soldiers came a large creaking wagon apparently carrying a group of minstrels and dancers.

The soldier snapped to attention as the Baron passed. The bottom of the bag was red and the soldier had no doubt as to what was in the bag. The rest of the soldiers passed by, one with his face bandaged. The man at the back of the group stopped and pointed at the bandaged soldier.

"The princess just about tore his face off after we finished with the boy. She was a little wildcat. But I'll bet the King of Upperton will have her trained like a little kitten." He turned and pointed to the minstrel's wagon. "They are okay to come through. We brought them along to celebrate." The mounted soldier turned and joined his comrades as they rode through the gate. The guard stood to the side as the wagon rolled by. There were a number of dancing girls hanging from the rear of the wagon. One or two of them wore some very exotic costumes from the East.

King James strode out on the balcony of the throne room and greeted the Baron.

"Baron, my friend, you have returned with a trophy, I see."

The Baron removed his helmet and called up to the King.

"Yes, my liege. Allow me to organize a banquet in your honor for the capture of the boy and the sealing of the pact with the King of Upperton for your daughter. He sends his regards and said to expect an heir within the year. I have brought with me a group of minstrels and dancers we met on the road. I must say they have some wonderful singers and dancers. There is one that I am sure will grace your majesty with a dancer that you will remember for years."

The King waved his hand at the Baron.

"So be it. I await the dinner and dancing. Is that what I think it is in the bag?"

The Baron nodded.

"Yes, my liege. Permit me to present it to you at the banquet. Is the Queen to be there?"

King James nodded.

"Yes. She may not like it, but she shall be there. I cannot think of a better time to culminate the dinner than to have her execution."

The Baron bowed.

"Then I will see you at dinner, my Lord."


Torches blazed from the walls as the dinner progressed. Food filled the tables and wine flowed by the gallon. King James sat at the head of the table, enjoying himself immensely. The Queen sat bound to her chair at his side, watching as the celebration progressed. Ron's father sat at the end of the table, pale and drawn. He did not want to be there, but if he had refused he would have forfeited his head as well as his wife's and their new adopted baby daughter. The Baron stood and clapped his hands. Servants came into the room, removed the tables and cleared the floor for the show.

Minstrels sang and magicians performed feats of magic. One even made a coin appear out of the Queen's ear. The minstrels formed in one corner and began to play music from the Far East. A group of four dancers in harem costumes swirled into the room. Their veils and dress flowed in the air as they swirled around the room. As they danced they would pull parts of their costumes off and drop them at the feet of the King.

King James was mesmerized by the dancers and watched their every move. They danced faster and faster, their clothing becoming thinner and thinner. The door to the throne room flew open and the Baron walked in, dressed in his formal best. Behind him came four of his men carrying a large thick table with a domed silver platter on it. Three of the dancer's slid to the side as the fourth danced around the table as it was carried before the King. The Baron stood to the side as the men set the table down on the floor in front of the King and stepped away. The dancer stepped up on the table and began a lively dance around the platter. At the end of the dance, she knelt behind the dome of the platter and gripped the lid, waiting.

The Baron turned to the King.

"My Lord, I present my best gift of the evening!"

He gestured to the dancer and she lifted off the dome. The Queen shut her eyes at the sight, for on the platter lay the head and the hand of Ron Stoppable. There were a number of screams as a couple of the ladies of the court fainted. King James stood and strode onto the table. He threw his head back and laughed at the face of Ron Stoppable.

"Well, young fool! What do you have to say now?"

The King's face turned white when Ron's hand reached out and grabbed the King's leg. Ron's eyes opened and he began to speak.

"All I have to say is: BOOOYAHHHH!"

The dancer pulled a latch from under the cloth holding the head. Ron pushed the lid of the table up and stood up out of the box he had been lying in.

"GUARDS!" screamed King James as he retreated in horror.

The Royal Guard rushed forward, only to be confronted by the Baron's men who had lined the room. Swords clashed and rang. Ron pulled his sword from the scabbard on his back and leapt toward the King. The dancer pulled off her wig and veil to reveal the mane of red hair and the green eyes of the Princess Kimberly. Kim pulled a sword from inside the lid of the table and jumped toward her mother.

Grabbing his sword, King James pulled it from its scabbard and spun to face Ron. His first blow was easily deflected by Ron. The King was larger than Ron, but it had been many years since he had handled a sword. The two fought their way across the room as the Royal Guard was overwhelmed by the Baron's men. The Baron stood beside Kim as she cut her mother free.

Kim gave her mother a quick kiss and looked around the room. The Baron's men had made short work of the palace guard. Kim nodded to the Baron and he signaled one of his men. The man pulled a flag from his tunic, tied it to a spear and started to wave it out of the window.

The Baron turned to Kim.

"It is done, my Princess. The signal had gone out for the people and the loyal soldiers to rise up. The King's supporters will have no chance."

The Queen enveloped Kim in her arms.

"Oh, Kimmie, when...when I saw that hand… then Ron escaped… now you both appear. What is going on and why are you dressed like that young lady?"

Kim looked down at her harem costume. It left very little to the imagination as to what was underneath.

"Well, Mom, you can ground me for breaking the Royal Dress Code, but we figured no one would recognize me in this outfit. As to what's going on, that's a long story. Right now, where is… RON!"

King James was gasping for breath as he backed up the stairs under Ron's onslaught. Years of lounging around the throne room had taken their toll. Ron, on the other hand, was used to hard work and had had months of sword practice.

Ron stabbed upward at the King and slashed part of his robe. The King slashed down feebly as his sword got heavier and heavier in his hand. He dragged the sword up the stairs as he retreated. Ron followed him up onto the top of the tower they were in. The King squinted in the sunlight and dodged out of the way of a blow. Ron continued to advance as he retreated. King James tripped and fell backwards as he dropped his sword. Ron stood over the prostrate King and raised his sword aloft. King James raised his arm to ward off the blow.

"RON! N-O-O-O!"

Ron stopped and glanced to the side. Kim stood with her mother, the Baron and a couple of his men.

Kim took a couple of step towards him.

"Ron, it's o-v-e-r, don't kill him. We won."

The King sneered. "I should have sold you off long before now."

Ron's eyes flashed in anger and he brought down the sword.

"RON!" screamed Kim.

Ron's sword slashed past the king's head and cut the rope of the catapult that the he had fallen onto. The catapult was designed to throw objects that weighed a lot less than the King but it had enough power to do what Ron wanted. With a scream the King was launched over the side of the castle and down into the deep black moat.

"Black Hole that, King James!" Ron yelled as he looked over the side of the battlements.

Kim ran to Ron and wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him the second installment of the kiss she had given him in the tavern.

Queen Anne stood there with her arms crossed as her scantily-clad daughter attempted to suck all the air out of Ron's lungs.

"OK, will someone please tell me what it going on?"

Kim broke the kiss and turned smiling to her mom.

"It's a long story, Mom."

Anne settled back against the wall of the tower.

"Well, Kim, I have all the time you need."

Kim rolled her eyes.

"Okay, Mom. Here's what happened."


Ron slowly opened his eyes, his throat still burning from his scream. The blade was buried into the wood just inches from his arm. Kim's eyes were wide open in shock to see Ron's hand still attached to his arm. The soldier behind her released her as she rushed forward to kneel at Ron's side. She untied the ropes holding his arm to the wood block. She kissed his hand again and again as he struggled to breathe. Ron flexed his finger just to check that his hand was still attached to his arm. Kim stood, her eyes ablaze.

"Just what is the meaning of this?"

The circle of soldiers parted as a large man entered the area. He pulled his helmet off and stared back at the teens. Kim gasped.

"Baron Barkin?"

Barkin glanced back and forth at the two.

"Yes, Princess. Your father sent me to make sure you were turned over to the King of Upperton and to bring Ron's head back to the castle."

Ron rose unsteadily to his feet.

"Why did you try and …."

Barkin pointed down the trail.

"The soldier who just left is totally loyal to the King. I needed to have some way to get rid of him so we could talk. I am sorry for treating you as we did, my Princess, but I had to keep the illusion going until he left. Now he will return to your father saying that we butchered your boyfriend while you watched."

Barkin sneered at Ron.

"As for you, Stoppable, that little prank is payback for putting that nettle under my horse's saddle. Do that again and I make sure the next blow doesn't miss."

Ron grinned weakly and waved.

Kim and Ron stared at the giant of a man for a second then he knelt in front of Kim. The soldiers behind them went down on their knees as well. All the other soldiers dismounted and knelt before Kim.

Barkin spoke.

"My Princess, I am loyal to you, not the animal who claims to be King. He lost all my allegiance by what he tried to do to you, Ron and your mother, the Queen."

Kim gasped at the mentioning of her mother as Barkin continued to speak.

"My Princess, all these men are loyal. There are many, many others. All we need is for you to return and claim your rightful place as queen of these lands."

Kim took Barkin by his arm and pulled him to his feet.

"What of my mother?"

Barkin looked around at his men who all had risen.

"The King has placed her in the tower. She sent a number of messages out to some of the people of the lands, asking for them to assist Ron. One of the messages was intercepted. The King has pronounced her guilty of high treason and has sentenced her to death by the axe."

Kim's eyes opened in horror.

"He can't! He wouldn't! He..."

"…will do it without losing a bit of sleep," Barkin finished the sentence for her.

Kim stood there for a moment, tears flowing down her face. Ron took her in his arms and pulled her head into his shoulder. Kim wrapped her arms around his neck and held onto him. Barkin nodded to the other soldiers and they moved to rest their horses. Three of them entered the tavern. Barkin stood watching over Kim as Ron whispered into her ear and lightly stroked her back. One of the soldiers came out and spoke quietly to Barkin. He nodded and the soldier returned to the tavern. Kim pulled away from Ron as she wiped her face. Barkin stepped over to Ron.

"Did you take care of those guards?"

Kim took Ron's arm. "He took care of two of them. The owner killed the driver."

Barkin's gaze burned into Ron.

"Well, Stoppable, at least you learned something when you helped the Princess in her secret sword practice. Well done. Now, let's get inside. There may be patrols later and we need to keep you two under cover. The carriage will be taken care of. Let's go inside and make some plans."


Kim finished the story as they sat in the throne room. Everything had been cleaned up as Kim, her mom and Ron sat in three of the chairs. Baron Barkin sent messengers to all parts of the kingdom with the news that King James was no longer in power and that everyone was answerable to Queen Anne. The King had been fished out of the moat and put on a horse. He was told to leave the lands of Middleton, never to return or he would lose more than his dignity.

"That's the whole story. You know the rest. I got dressed so I could be in the room to give the signal. We borrowed that fake table from one of the magicians. I thought it was a pretty good trick."

Queen Anne sat back in her chair.

"Well, when the Baron came back and announced he had taken you to Upperton and that he had a prize in the bag, I thought all was lost. Then they walked in with that table and platter and you took the lid off with his head and hand sitting there. I thought all my nightmares had come true. Then… then… Ron… you…"

Ron laughed.

"We thought that would shake up everyone. It also kept everyone's attention on the table and not what was happening in the room. The dancers helped with that, too. Kim said she could dance so that part fit her."

Anne glared at her daughter.

"I would like to know how she learned to dance like that."

Kim tried to make herself smaller.

Ron faced Kim.

"Hey, do you think you could do a repeat performance?"

Kim's face turned beet red.

Anne smiled. "Maybe she can later. Privately."

"Mother!" Kim squealed.

Anne took Kim's hands and smiled.

"Well, I said l-a-t-e-r, I think a certain ceremony has not taken place. I do believe it is time that it is finished."

Kim and Ron's eyes grew wide along with their smiles.


The throne room was filled with light and white tapestries. The windows were swung open, letting the sunlight into the room. The Lords, Barons and their Ladies were all dressed in their finest. The church bells rang across the country side as Kim was escorted down the aisle by Sir Steven Barkin, General of the Armies of Middleton, and personal confidant to the Royal Family.

Kim was arrayed in a white gown that seemed to float with her as she walked down the aisle. Ron stood at the front, dressed in the best that could be found, his sword at his side. Queen Anne sat arrayed royal robes wearing her crown with the Royal Minister standing next to her. On the other side of the Queen stood Tara, her arm bandaged and treated by the best doctors of the lands. She stood as part of the Royal Family as Kim's personal handmaid and confidant. She was in charge of the entire Royal Staff.

General Barkin and Kim arrived at the front and Ron stepped to Kim's side.

The minister asked.

"Who giveth this woman to be married?"

Barkin stood straight.

"The Queen and all the people of the lands of Middleton."

Ron took Kim's hand and they proceeded up onto stage.


The minister finished his prayer and, taking Kim and Ron by their shoulders, turned them to face the room.

"I present to you the Princess Kimberly and her husband, Prince Ronald."

The room exploded into cheers and applause. General Barkin waved his hand and the signal fire on the top of the tallest tower was set aflame. Soon the signal fires were spreading the message across the lands. The Princess was wed.

Queen Anne stood and motioned for silence. The room became quiet as Kim and Ron turned to look at her. She turned to face them and beckoned them to her.

Ron helped Kim turn around in her dress and they approached the Queen.

Queen Anne stood and picked up the ceremonial sword as Tara handed it to her.

"Princess Kimberly, Prince Ron, please kneel."

Kim looked at her mother with a puzzled face but quickly complied when she recognized the look in her mother's face. She and Ron knelt before her.

Queen Anne held the sword before her.

"This land has seen dark times. Now a new day and new hope has come to the Kingdom of Middleton. With this new day and new hope, I believe that a new King and Queen should rule the land. A King and Queen brought together not by treaty or trade routes, but by love and sacrifice. Kimberly and Ronald have shown that love and sacrifice. So, I, Queen Anne of the Lands of Middleton, do hereby abdicate to my daughter and her husband."

Anne held the sword aloft and brought it down on Kim's shoulders and Ron's.

"I dub the both of you, King and Queen of Middleton."

Two of Barkin's top aides marched in carrying two new crowns. They stood to the side as the now Queen Mother picked up each crown and placed them on Kim and Ron.

Anne stepped back and smiled. She gestured for Kim and Ron to stand.

"Rise, King Ronald and Queen Kimberly. May you rule wisely and bring happiness and prosperity to the Kingdom."

The room exploded once again into cheers.

Barkin signaled again and riders were sent galloping off into the countryside to announce the crowning of a new King and Queen.

Ron stood amidst the cheering and held out his hand for Kim. She looked at the hand that was before her. It was his hand, a hand that caressed her in love, a hand that had killed to protect her, and a hand that had overthrown a kingdom. It was his hand. A hand that he was giving her with all the love he held for her with it. She took his hand and pulled herself to her feet. They turned and faced their subjects who now bowed to the new King and Queen. Kim held on to the one thing she could always count on being there for her. It had been there almost all of her life. That was his hand.


I hope all of you enjoyed this little trip into fantasy and fairy tales. I know that it weirded out many of you. I took a cute little story and turned it on its head and made it something truly weird, a little sadistic, and totally fun to write. I had this ending in mind when I finished "Her hand". However the ideas on how to get there came to me over a number of days. Do I have a warped mind? Maybe I do, but I do enjoy pulling your legs and hitting you with twists most of you never can imagine.

I ended this one cute and fluffy because there was so much carnage getting there. I do hope all of you enjoyed it.

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