A loud crash came from Zero's dorm room as he hurled yet another object against the wall. This was the only way he could control it without having to run to Yuuki.

He had spilled her blood more than he had ever intended, but the thirst was becoming unbearable. Having her near was torment, but not having her there tortured him even more.

He knew was becoming an animal.

He was a beast that should be locked up tightly in a cage and hidden away.

His mind was in overdrive, flashing images of four years ago. Because of the incident four years ago, he was hurting someone who meant to world to him. Hurting someone he had come to love.

Exhausted both mentally and physically and not having anything else to throw, Zero slid down the wall, silver hair falling into his eyes.

He didn't know whether or not he could play out his double life anymore. He wished regretfully that he had never given the gun to Yuuki.

There was a knock on the door.


It was Yuuki.

"Go away," he bit out harshly.

The door opened anyway and she stepped into the room. His panicked dusky eyes met hers and she knelt before him, offering him something he felt he did not deserve. Compassion.

Yuuki put her arms around him and he cried.