Okay soo this is my first story... it is a leyton story but there will be bumps in the road, big bumps. Things will be different a little different in my story then they are on the show now. Well here it is and like I said this is my first story soo dont be too harsh lol. It might be mostly flashbacks for a while with some of the present thrown in. Italics are flashbacks.

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Peyton Scott sat in her living room thinking back on her life and how the past seventeen years has been a lie. Well maybe not the past seventeen but at least the past two. She was getting a little ahead of herself though so she thought back to her senior year in high school. The day she new everything would change.June 2006

Peyton sat in her bathroom staring at the little piece of plastic that had just changed her future and she wasn't sure it was for the better. There were two weeks till graduation. Two weeks. She knew she couldn't keep this a secret for long; involuntarily it's been a secret for the past two months. Peyton Sawyer was pregnant. Eighteen and pregnant. Eighteen and pregnant and unmarried. This immediately made her think of the father of her unborn child. They had been through a lot since junior year, both together and a part. Even now they've only been together for a few months. In those few months they had been through a heart attack, their first serious fight over an ex-boyfriend and ex-best friends betrayal, which was taped, the return of an obsessed stalker, and now as she left her house to meet him at his mother's café she could only hope that they would get through this together, but they had to. They were Peyton Sawyer and Lucas Scott, the tortured artist and the tortured athlete, an epic romance.

She smiled as she remembered cursing the smell of chocolate chip cookies when she walked into the café. They had gotten her into that situation into the first place, well that and the fact that they were so caught up in the moment neither of them thought to stop. She also remembered how she had completely chickened out. They had finished up their lunch at the café and she had yet to tell him she was pregnant.

"You sure you're feeling okay?" Lucas asked as they walked hand in hand to the River court, genuine concern in his voice.

"Mmhmm, I'm fine", she was still trying to figure out how to tell him.

She was still so lost in her thoughts she didn't even realize that they were already in the middle of the court, she could hear bits and pieces of the conversation Lucas was having, more a less with himself. He was talking about graduation and how he was glad they were going to school together and that he loved her, to Peyton that was her cue.

"Now or never", she muttered under her breath, "Lucas I have something to say to you and once I do its going to change everything", she said sounding more helpless then she intended.

"Peyton you can tell me anything", he said sounding scared but so strong at the same time.She took a deep breath, "I'm pregnant".

And he just stared at her for what felt like hours but was probably only about a minute.

"Lucas say something please, I know this was completely unexpected and I understand if you can't handle this but I'm keeping it no matter what I just thought I'd let you know and then see if may-", she stopped when she noticed Lucas had dropped to his knees so that his head was near her stomach and then he put both hands on her waist and kissed her belly. She didn't think it was possible but in that moment she fell even more in love with him. But the fact that he still hadn't said anything made her nervous.

"Lucas…" she let her voice trail off hoping he would fill in how he was feeling or what he was thinking.

"We're having a baby".

And that's when she knew they would get through this together too.

Peyton unconsciously began to twirl her wedding ring. Something she only did when she was nervous or deep in thought. As she looked down at her ring she was brought back to another memory.

July 1st 2006

The seniors of Tree Hill had only graduated a week before. As everyone stood around in Peyton's house for her graduation party, she thought back to graduation day. Haley and Karen had both gone into labor, though not at the same times. Haley's water had broke right on stage in the middle of her valedictorian speech, much to her dismay. As everyone was in the waiting room eagerly anticipating the newest addition to Tree Hill, Karen began to feel a pain she only felt eighteen years ago. Karen was admitted to the hospital also and although there were a few complications and some nail biting hours both babies were born healthy and the mothers were fine.

She smiled to herself as she looked at Haley and Nathan with James Lucas Scott in his carriage, both with the look of pure love and adoration in their eyes. James was the exact copy of Nathan dark hair and deep blue eyes. She then let her eyes wander over to Karen who held Kaitlin Marie Scott in her arms; she was the spitting image of Keith. Peyton was broken from her thoughts as a pair of arms wrapped around her slightly bulging belly.

"That's going to be us in a few months", he whispered in her ear sending shivers down her back.

She turned around in his embrace and smiled brightly at him. Although neither of their parents was thrilled to learn their children were expecting a child, they did come to terms with it. They had even encouraged marriage which Peyton had immediately shot down. She didn't want to feel like she was tying Lucas down, yes they were having a child together and that was a huge commitment, but marriage was something that she knew was forever and yes they were in love now but they were still young and Peyton was still afraid of taking that type of step and not having it work out. If they were still in love in four or five years they could get married then.

"Let's go for a walk", he requested.

"Lucas, I can't just leave my own graduation party", she said slightly teasing him.

"I'm sure nobody will mind", he said with a smirk as he placed his hand on her back and began to usher her through the front door, sending a wink in her father's direction.

"Lucas Scott you are a terrible influence on me", she said while laughing.

They slowly walked in the direction of the Rivercourt and Lucas kept glancing at his watch.

"What do have a hot date later", she said while smiling.

"Yea actually I do and this girl is amazing, blonde curly hair, big green eyes, and legs that go on forever", he said with a big grin on his face.

"Oh stop it", she said while playfully hitting him.

By this time they had reached the entrance to the court and he stopped in front of her and pulled something out of his pocket.

"Put this on", he asked and handed her the blindfold.

"Absolutely not", she said looking him in the eyes.

"Peyton come on, its noth-", he was cut off by her.

"Luke, no, come on", she said as she began to walk, but again was stopped when he came in front of her.

"Peyt, please", he said with such a pleading looking in his eyes and his voice that she couldn't say no.

Peyton rolled her eyes and let out a loud sigh, "Fine, whatever but I'm not wearing it for long".

"You won't have to I promise", he said while putting it over her eyes and to make sure she couldn't se anything he made a bunch of goofy faces.

He slowly lead her to the middle of the court, "Okay now I'm going to take this off but you have to promise to look only in front of you, okay?"

"I promise, now take this off", she said slightly annoyed.

When he finally took of the blindfold Peyton couldn't believe her eyes. There must have been at least a hundred tea lights all around the court and dozens of flowers throw around. She then looked at Lucas and knew there was more to come.

"Lucas, I don't want you doing anything because you feel like you have to".

"Peyton, whatever I do, it's because I'm in love with you", he said while smiling. Peyton just nodded.

As he got down on one knee he spoke, "Peyton, about three weeks ago we were here in the middle of this court and you said you were going to tell me something that would change my life forever. Now I'm going to tell you- well ask you something that will change your life forever. Peyton Elizabeth Sawyer, will you marry me?"

Even though she knew it was coming she was still in shock. As she looked at Lucas and saw the anticipation in his eyes she knew she couldn't keep him waiting anymore.

"YES! Lucas of course I'll marry you", she seemed to shout as he slipped on the sparkling ring. And that's when she heard the yells and the clapping and she turned around to see her father and Karen and Nathan, Haley, Brooke, Mouth, Skills, Bevin and everyone else that was at her graduation party. She then turned and looked at Lucas who in turn looked at her guiltily and she couldn't help but laugh. The rest of the night was spent talking with her friends and family and discussing wedding details with Brooke and Haley. As the night grew on and more and more people left, Lucas noticed Peyton was yawning and decided to walk her home. As they reached the front door he looked at her.

"So, do you like your ring", he asked hopefully.

"Lucas of course-", she stopped herself as she brought her hand up to look at the ring. It was her mother's; in the excitement and busyness of talking to everyone she hadn't even taken the time to look at her engagement ring.

"Oh my God, Lucas, thank-you, thank-you so much", meaning it more than she ever had in her life.

"I wanted it to be special and when I asked your father for permission he got off the couch and walked up the stairs, I thought he was going to lock himself in his room", he said smiling as he remembered how nervous he was, "so I got up to leave but as I reached for the door he came back down and handed me this ring. When he told me it was your mother's I knew I had to give it to you". Peyton immediately threw her arms around his neck and they just held each other.

It was the middle of August on a complete impulse that they called their closest friends and family and told them to meet them at city hall. Luckily, Brooke had finished Peyton's dress. So, Lucas and Peyton stood there surrounded by their loved ones as they become Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Scott. Brooke was her unofficial Maid of Honor. Brooke. The girl who had been there for her when her mother died, when Ellie died, she saved her life the night of prom; she was the godmother to her oldest son and to her second youngest. Brooke. They had been through so much together, even in their first seventeen years of life, but they always pulled through and near the end of their senior year she had finally accepted that Lucas and Peyton were truly meant to be and she seemed truly happy for her best friend. Brooke Davis was now the reason Peyton Scott, would be Peyton Sawyer again in a matter of months.