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One month went by. It was nearing the middle of August and Keith and Ashley had just returned from their honeymoon yesterday. Of course the newlywed's talked of the sights they saw and the interesting people they met while they were with their parent's. When they were around their friends they talked of some of the 'finer' points of the trip.

Their departure for Duke was fast approaching; last minute packing was on the radar. Lucas and Peyton's anniversary was also a quiet known fact among the Scott family. Their plans to celebrate it were also in quiet planning.

"I cannot believe we have to say goodbye again so soon", Peyton said as she put some of Keith's shirts in his bag.

"Peyt, we still have a few days", he reassured her.

"I know. It just feels weird you know", she said as she scrunched her face.

"I love it when you do that", he said adoringly.

"Do what", Peyton said as she slightly tilted her head.

"When you scrunch your face, you look cute", he said as he walked towards her.

"Easy there buddy. We've got a lot more stuff to pack", she joked as he left a trail of kisses along her neck.

"How about a ten minute break", he said as he kissed her deeply. She moaned into his mouth before she placed her hands on his chest and gently pulled away.

"Not yet. We need to get some of his stuff packed up", she laughed at his expression.

"Why isn't he doing this", Lucas asked. He was obviously frustrated. Peyton laughed as she took his hands in hers.

"He said he had something he needed to take care of", she said as she leaned up and kissed him.

"I thought we needed to get his stuff packed up", he mocked her. She feigned a hurt expression.

"Well I thought we could use a ten minute break. If you disagree I guess I'll just get back to packing", she made it about three steps before Lucas pulled her back and threw her over his shoulder.

"I agree completely", he said as he headed in pursuit of their bedroom. Peyton's laughter filling the hallway.

Downstairs Keith was taking care of his prior needs.

"Okay so mom and dad's anniversary is in two days. Does everyone have the final plans for what to do", he watched as everyone nodded.

"We can't say happy anversary to them", Anna asked as she put her head into her hand.

"No", Keith said firmly, "they have to think that we don't remember. It will make the surprise even better", he whispered as he heard his bedroom door opening. All the children looked at each other when they heard Peyton's laughter.

"They've had one heck of a year", Ellie said with a sad smile.

"Yea they have, which is why they need this", Keith said confidently.

"Okay so what time should we go to the Rivercourt to set up", Mikey asked as he prepared to write it down.

"You all get there at five. Ash and I are going to bring mom and dad there at seven", he watched as Mikey concentrated on his writings.

"Ellie you're all set with the song right", Keith asked.

"Yea, Jake gave me my last lesson yesterday", she said proudly. Jake had asked to be a silent participator in the event. He had forgiven Peyton wholeheartedly, but he still felt a little foolish.

"Alright, the only thing left to do is wait", Keith and all the other children nodded.

Peyton and Lucas lay in bed together. Today was their eighteenth wedding anniversary.

"Well, since we've celebrated our anniversary a little early", Lucas joked. He was referring to the fact that they were currently a tangled mass of naked limbs, "How about some breakfast", he watched as she nodded enthusiastically.

"Come on", she said eagerly. They showered, got dressed, and headed downstairs only to be met by all their children.

"Hey guys", Peyton said as she kissed each of them.

"Hey", they all responded.

"Okay, what's with the robot mode", Lucas joked.

"Nothing", Keith answered quickly, "I'm going to Ash's, last minute packing."

"I'm taking these three to grandmas and then I'm going to Uncle Nate and Aunt Haley's", Ellie said while quickly gathering them up.

"Oh umm…" Peyton was cut off.

"Don't wait up", Keith and Ellie yelled as they walked out the door.

Peyton turned to face Lucas. She pouted as she walked into his embrace.

"What's wrong", he asked as he rubbed her back.

"Not one of them said happy anniversary", she whined.

"Maybe they forgot", he offered.

"No, the only one who could use that excuse is R.J. because he doesn't even talk yet. The others have no excuse", she said threateningly, "Besides, Anna is always the first to wish it to us, she always remembers", it was obvious Peyton was a little hurt.

"Well, maybe they just…maybe they want to wait until later, you know, give us some time to enjoy ourselves", Lucas said as he wiggled his brows suggestively.

Peyton laughed in spite of herself. "You are something else Mr. Scott", she said as she kissed him sweetly.

"I know", he teased as he pulled her back and kissed her a little less sweetly.

The afternoon went on and now it was well into the evening, nearing seven o'clock.

"Okay something must be wrong", Peyton insisted as she and Lucas lay on the couch together.

"Why's that", he asked absentmindedly. He knew the reason; she had been bothered by it all day.

"Because nobody. Not one person call to wish us a happy anniversary. Not your mom. Not my dad. Nathan, Haley…no one", she pouted.

"Maybe they forgot", wrong thing to say.

"Forgot", she said bitterly, "they could not have forgotten. This is like a freakin milestone. There might not have even been an eighteenth anniversary", she stopped when she noticed the look in his eyes.

"I'm sorry", she said quietly.

"Don't be", he said without looking at her.

"Lucas", she begged, "please look at me", after he still refused to she used her finger to tilt his chin up.

"What", he asked sadly.

"I'm sorry", she said sincerely.

"Don't worry about it", he said unconvincingly, "I'm going to shower. Don't forget our reservations tonight", he called out as he walked up the stairs.

"Good job Peyton", she muttered to herself. She trudged up the stairs and took a shower in one of their other bathrooms so that they would be ready at the same time. She stepped into her dress and slipped on her shoes. She opened the door and was faced with the man who had occupied her thoughts.

"Hey", she said timidly.

"Hi", he said solemnly, "you look amazing", he said with a slight smile as he looked her up and down. Peyton blushed.

"You do too", she whispered as she straightened his tie.

"Shall we", he asked as he stuck out his arm.

"We shall", she said while slipping her arm through his.

"I am sorry about what I said earlier. I didn't mean for it to come out the way it did. I only meant that this was even bigger because of the circumstances and-"

She was cut off when Lucas pressed his lips to hers. "I know. And I'm sorry for how I reacted. Now let's go have one hell of an anniversary", he said excitedly. They walked to the front door and were surprised to see who was standing on the other side.

"Keith…Ashley, what are you doing here?" Peyton asked with pure confusion in her voice.

"We're taking you somewhere", Ashley spoke as she walked toward her mother-in-law.

"Where are we going exactly", Lucas asked as they were both ushered from the house.

"We can't tell you", Keith said as he got into the drivers seat.

"But we need you to wear these", Ashley said meekly as she handed them both blindfolds. Lucas and Peyton looked at each other before looking at the blindfolds. Peyton smiled.

"Okay", she agreed without hesitation.

"What, all the times I asked you to wear a blindfold you gave me such a hard time. Why is this all of a sudden no big deal", he whined.

"Because it's our son and his wife. Besides, maybe we can keep these for later", she said seductively. Lucas grabbed the blindfold and put it on immediately.

"Gross", Keith gagged.

"Oh please", Peyton said, "you're married now, we know how things work", she couldn't see it but she knew both teens were blushing. After about a fifteen minute ride they had reached their destination.

"Can these come off now", Lucas groaned in annoyance.

"Not yet", Keith snapped.

"That's what you have to look forward to in eighteen years", Peyton joked to Ashley.

Ashley watched as Peyton and Lucas held hands. They were both completely blindfolded but found each other and held on to each other perfectly. They truly did complete the other person.

"I think I'll be okay with that", she said sincerely.

Keith approached the group with his finger on his lips. He and Ashley seated his parents before they all took to the stage.

"Okay, you can take them off now", he yelled from where he was.

Peyton gasped at her surroundings. They were at the Rivercourt. Pillows and blankets were tossed around the blacktop. Karen, Larry, Nathan, Haley, and their kids were scattered about. A small stage had been set up and was currently where all her and Lucas's children stood.

"Lucas", she asked him.

"I have no clue", he said honestly.

"Okay, so we do know what today is", Ellie spoke up, "we've had this in the works for quite a while and we hope you enjoy", Keith spoke next.

"If this idea seems a little familiar it's because we had some help. We know that it was done for Uncle Nate and Aunt Haley in high school but we thought this was the perfect way to relive everything that is the tortured artist and the tortured athlete", he smirked.

"So without further ado, we present Leyton: An Epic Romance", Mikey finished before he stepped back in line. As they walked off stage Anna yelled something.

"Happy Anversary", the group laughed. Lucas grabbed Peyton's hand and interlaced their fingers. They both waited eagerly for the skits to begin.

Ellie and her boyfriend Josh took to the stage in similar outfits that Peyton and Lucas had sported nineteen years ago.

"Why are you a cheerleader?" they all chuckled at the dead on look Ellie gave, "I mean no offense or anything but you're about the least cheery person I know", Josh said

"First of all you don't me. Second of all…you don't know me", Ellie said with her hand on her hip.

"Did I really sound like that", Peyton whispered with a horrified expression on her face.

"Yea", Lucas chuckled, "I hope Josh knows what he's getting into" he joked.

Next, the newlyweds took to the stage.

"Peyton I…"

"Don't, it was stupid okay. We just, we got carried away. I didn't mean anything"

"It didn't?" Keith questioned with the same hurt in his voice.

"Of course it did", Ashley whispered.

When the curtains opened Lucas and Peyton could not control their laughter

"We kinda lost each other for a while but hopefully that's over right…considering our history", Karen said quietly.

"It's always going to be there isn't it?"

"You and Me", Larry said as simply as Lucas had.

The curtain opened to reveal a familiar couple. He was sporting a blonde wig and she had a horrible looking curly one.

"I love you Lucas" Haley blurted out.

Nathan smiled. "I love you too Peyton…we've been through so much…"

"You don't understand. I've been holding this in for a really long time and I need you to know. I love you…I'm in love with you", Haley spoke with the same emotion Peyton had.

"Oh", Nathan responded. The curtains closed as everyone chuckled and Peyton punched Lucas.

"What was that for", he asked as he rubbed his arm.

"Making me freak out that night", she whispered.

"It's you", Keith said when they re-opened.


"When all my dreams come true, the one I want next to me. It's you", Ashley grinned

"It's you Peyton", Keith said as he brushed her hair.

The curtain closed as the two kissed.

"I made up for it", Lucas teased as he pulled Peyton in for a kiss.

When they reopened James and his new girlfriend sat on the stage. They had a mock set up of Peyton's kitchen.

"You missed some", she giggled as she pointed to her shoulder.

James gladly licked it off, "You know I take that back, this is the best cookie I've ever had"

The curtain closed as they both lay on the floor.

Josh was in front of Ellie on bended knee when the curtain came up.

"About three weeks ago we were here in the middle of this court and you said you were going to tell me something that would change my life forever. Now I'm going to tell you- well ask you something that will change your life forever. Peyton Elizabeth Sawyer, will you marry me?" Josh was a nervous as if he was really asking her.

"Yes, Lucas of course I'll marry you!" she shouted as Josh picked her up.

The curtains closed. And Peyton looked at Lucas with tears in her eyes. He hugged her as Keith took the stage again.

"Well, I'm pretty sure you all know where things went from there. They had some pretty severe bumps and some long detours but they made it through. So mom and dad we all just want to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY" everyone shouted all at once. Lucas and Peyton kissed before they sat down again.

Peyton scanned the group trying to find a pair of eyes. Some of those memories Peyton had told the kids but only some of them. The others, well the others she had only told to one person.

Brooke Davis.

She was standing off to the edge of the water watching everyone on the court. Peyton sent her an appreciative smile and Brooke sent one back.

They really would get there eventually.

Peyton brought her attention back to the stage. A projector was dropped and various pictures filled the screen. Some were from graduation, their weddings, the honeymoon, the birth of the kids, parties, holidays, anniversaries and recent ones; including the one Karen took a few months back.

After it ended Ellie took the stage, her guitar in hand.

"Okay, hey everyone", she said shyly, "Umm, we need some room cleared so the happy couple could share this moment", she watched as Nathan moved their table and threw the pillows to the side, "Alright, this is something I've been working on for a while. I had some help from a silent participator though", Peyton again looked near the edge of the river. She saw Jake and smiled.

"Thank you", she mouthed to him.

He shook his head, "Thank you", he mouthed back as he put his arm around Brooke.

"Here is my version of my parents wedding song", she said with a smile as she began the first few cords.

"Well Mrs. Scott, May I?" Lucas asked as he stuck out his hand.

"Certainly Mr. Scott", she said as she took his and hand put it around her waist. They swayed together slowly as their daughter's gentle voice echoed in the night.

Thank you for this moment
I've gotta say how beautiful you are
Of all the hopes and dreams I could have prayed for
Here you are

"Well, we had on hell of a year", he whispered.

"Yes we have", she whispered back.

If I could have one dance forever
I would take you by the hand

Tonight it's you and I together
I'm so glad I'm your man
And if I lived a thousand years
You know I never could explain
The way I lost my heart to you
that day

"I love you so much", he said as he pulled her closer.

"I love you too", she said as she played with the hair at the nape of his neck.

But if destiny decided I should look the other way
then the world would never know
the greatest story ever told
and did I tell you that I love you

"We're pretty lucky", Peyton said as she looked around her.

"I'm pretty lucky", Lucas said as he stared into her eyes.

"Yea you are", she teased.

I don't hear the music
When I'm looking in your eyes
But I feel the rhythm of your body
Close to mine
It's the way we touch, it soothes me
It's the way we'll always be
your kiss your pretty smile
you know I'd die for
oh baby
you're all I need

"We've come a long way haven't we?" He said quietly as he traced circles on her back.

"It has been an interesting near two decades", she knew interesting wasn't the right word but she honestly didn't know what was.

And if I lived a thousand years
You know I never could explain
The way I lost my heart to you
that day
but if destiny decided I should look the other way
then the world would never know
the greatest story ever told
and did I tell you that I love you
just how much I really need you
did I tell you that I love you

"Interesting", he questioned with a smirk.

"I couldn't think", she said innocently.

"How about adventurous, or remarkable, or exciting", he rambled on.

"Well that is why you are the writer in the family", she teased as they shared a quick kiss.

In the silences that lingered between them they took turns whispering the song to each other.

And if I lived a thousand years
You know I never could explain
The way I lost my heart to you
that day

"I'm glad they surprised us like this", Peyton said adoringly.

"Me too, it shows they care", he said thankfully.

"It also shows that they know we're real. That we have re-established everything we've needed to", she spoke sincerely. Lucas smiled as he tightened his grip on her. He truly loved this woman with everything he had.

but if destiny decided I should look the other way
then the world would never know
the greatest story ever told
and did I tell you that I love you
just how much I really need you
did I tell you that I love you tonight

"Here's to an amazing eighteen years", Lucas whispered as the song ended.

"Here's to many more", Peyton said softly as they shared a kiss.

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