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Chapter One

It has been a year since Solomon's death and Yugi is still trying to deal with it. One day while his Aunt Ishizu was cooking dinner he heard a song on playing and it made him wonder if what the words in the song were true. Yugi went to talk to his Aunt and she was singing along with the song. Ishizu turned around and let out a squeal because Yugi startled her and when she saw the tears in his eyes she asked "what's wrong young one?"

Yugi said "so you think that what the song says is true, is there holes in the floor of Heaven?"

Ishizu smiled at her nephew and went over and wrapped her arms around him and she whispered "yes I really do, and right now I believe that Solomon, Iris and your brother are seeing how upset you are and they are trying to help you understand why things happed."

Yugi smiled up at his Aunt and kissed her cheek and said "thank you for being here and staying with us."

Just then Yami came into the room and he heard everything that was said and he had to wipe tears from his eyes because he too believed that their father, mother and brother were up there watching over them.

Yugi walked out of the kitchen and went back to his room and Yami knocked and Yugi said "come in."

Yami went over and sat down next to his brother and he said "when I lived in Egypt and someone died then the survivors would send messages to the afterlife and let their loved ones know what was bothering them, so maybe if you write a letter and let father know how you are, then just maybe it will make you feel better."

Yugi hugged his brother and said "thanks and I think that I will write a letter to them and it just might help." He then kissed Yami and Yami held him and whispered "it will get better I promise."

Ishizu had gone to speak to Yugi and she heard what Yami had told him and she wiped a tears from her face as she listened to what Yami told his brother. She knew that they would help each other get over this and even if it takes forever, they will be there for each other.

That evening after dinner and the dishes were done and the boys did their homework, Yugi went to his room and sat down and started the letter and this is what he wrote.

Dear Daddy:

I miss you terribly and still can't believe that you're gone. There is a hollow place in my heart and sometimes it seems to be getting bigger. Yami told me to write this letter to you in hopes that you would read it and maybe help me. Daddy, I never got to tell you why I was on the side of the road that day, I was sent to you to help you with your loneliness and now I'm feeling that loneliness. Aunt Ishizu told me that there were hole in the floor of heaven and through those holes Angels could watch over their loved ones here on Earth, is that true? I hope that it is because then you can see me trying to understand why you had to go. I will close this letter, but I will write more later..

I love and miss you,

Yugi Motou…..

Little did Yugi know is that yes his father, mother and brother were all watching over him and his brother and they were sad that they couldn't come back down and comfort them through all of this, but just maybe they could with the help of the Almighty find someway of letting them know that they understand and that they love them.

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