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Chapter Five

Yugi was excited and when he told Yami and Ishizu what Peggy told him they all went to the computer and there on the web sight was the position of the star called Solomon's Star.

Yugi ran to his room and got out his telescope and with Yami's help they used the coordination given and found their star. Yugi had tears in his eyes and he looked at the star and then he yelled "look guys it's shinning really bright." Yami and Ishizu took turns looking and as Yugi said they saw it glowing brightly.

Ishizu said to herself thank you sister and brother for letting your sons know that you haven't forgotten them. Give my Nephew there with you a kiss and a hug and when our time is through we will all be together.

Yami, Seto, Joey, Tristan and Tea all went away to College as for Yugi and Mokie and their friends well they did go back to school and it was getting easier and easier for both Yami and Yugi to deal with the loss of Solomon.

Every night both Yami and Yugi would look up into the heavens and see their star glowing and they knew that their father was sending them his love and that one day they would all be together again….

THE END…………..

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