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Lunch Time SGH

1st Chapter

Meredith: "So I have this patient that's wearing the same jacket I wore this morning. I know it's weird because I never use that jacket. What do you think it means?"

Cristina: "Burke wants me to move in with him. What's wrong with me living in my apartment and Burke living in his apartment? Why does it have to be our apartment? I mean, we already have a lot in common. Why does he want to share this too?"

Meredith: "A lot in common?"

Cristina: "Shut up"

Izzie: "Alex is nice. He is a nice person. You just have to get to know him. It's not like I like him like him. I mean, seriously, who in their sane judgment could fall for the guy? He's just nice. Not in a I-want-to-marry-him kinda way but in a... nice way."

Cristina: "Izzie, please stop"

Izzie: "What? I'm just saying you should give him a chance"

Cristina: "You remember when I said Izzie was the vice-president of fantasyland?" She asks turning to look at Meredith. Meredith nods. "I take that back. She's now officially the president" Meredith starts laughing when Alex arrives letting his tray fall in the table.

Meredith: "Well someone's in a mood"

Izzie: "What happened? Are you OK?" Cristina rolls her eyes at Izzie's overly protective ways around evil spawn.

Alex: "Yeah. It's just that Burke wants my ass on a plate."

Cristina: "Ooh boo hoo. Stop whining and tell us what you did"

Alex: "What I did?"

Izzie: "Seriously Cristina" Cristina is about to leave the table not standing the levels of annoyance Izzie can reach but then she remembers Izzie is always annoying and Alex was going to talk trash about Burke so she stays.

Meredith: "George! We're here." Meredith says waving her hand to George who seems kind of lost. As always.

Izzie: "Are you gonna let Alex talk? Geez"

Cristina: "Get a grip Tinkerbell" Izzie makes a face in Cristina's way, which she totally ignores to struggle her sudden urge to asphyxiate Izzie.

George: "Hey I've been looking all over for you guys."

Cristina: "No kidding" She says sarcastically because George... well he's just George.

Izzie: "Here. I saved you a sit next to me." She says pulling an empty chair away from the table.

Meredith: "Ok Alex, tell us what happened"

George: "Wait, wait! Guess who wants me to scrub in with him?"

Meredith: "Who?" She asks patiently knowing any other person sitting in that table would've probably bit his head off.

George: "Burke" He says smiling unaware of what Alex is talking about. Cristina starts laughing and Meredith wants to stay calm but Cristina's laughter is always too contagious for Meredith to maintain a straight face.

George: "What?"

Cristina: "Bambi, you seriously need a map or something."

Alex: "Yang shut it. It's your fault he's been rude to me all day"

Meredith: "Rude? Who are you? Izzie?" Cristina and Meredith laugh harder. Alex gets up from his chair and starts walking away.

Izzie: "Unbelievable" Izzie says getting up and following Alex. George just stays there looking back and forth from Izzie and Alex to Cristina and Meredith not knowing what just happened. But then again, isn't he always lost?