2nd Chapter

Three months later the same place.

Cristina and Meredith are already sitting in the table eating.

Meredith: "So I have this patient. She came into the ER this morning with a GSW to the chest and she was wearing the same earrings I had when I was 3 years old. Isn't it odd?"

Cristina: "Yeah sure." She says absentmindedly. "Burke told me he loved me yesterday. And I was wide-awake. And he knew I was."

Meredith: "What? Did you say it back?"

Cristina: "I gave up my apartment. Isn't that prove enough?"

Meredith: "I don't know. Is it? I mean, for him?"

Cristina: "I hope so" Izzie arrives and Cristina makes a face to Meredith which clearly said 'don't say a word'. Meredith gives her the slightest nod.

Izzie: "Hey what are you 2 talking about?" We better make something up before she goes all 'You're always there and I'm here, poor me, oh no, give a knife.' Cristina thinks shifting uncomfortably in her chair averting her eyes from Izzie.

Meredith: "I was just telling Cristina that I have this patient who came into the ER this morning with a GSW to the chest and she was wearing the same earrings I had when I was 3 years old. Isn't it odd?" So there's an upside to having a self-absorbed best friend after all. Go figure. Cristina realizes.

Izzie: "Seriously? But were they like the exact same ones you had?"

Meredith: "Well not the exact same. Mine were made of gold; the girl's were silver. And mine were shorter. Maybe they didn't have the same shape but I'm telling you, the rest? Exact same."

Izzie: "Wow, freaky."

Meredith: "I know."

Cristina: "Ok we need a new subject. Stat." Izzie looks around searching something.

Izzie: "Where's George?"

Cristina: "He's probably asking that same question to himself right now"

Izzie: "Why do you have to be so mean?"

Cristina: "Maybe for the same reason you have to ask stupid questions." She smirks at Izzie who makes a face before looking for George again.

Izzie: "There he is. George!" She yells waving her hands. George looks at Izzie and starts walking towards their table almost falling once or twice stumbling with... the air probably.

George: "Guys where have you been? I've been looking everywhere for you."

Cristina: "Seriously?" Everybody turn their heads to look at Cristina and ask in unison "What?"

Cristina: "Nothing" She says biting a carrot and shaking her head not believing they agree to do this every single time George finds their table.

Meredith: "George you wanna hear the freakiest thing ever?"

Cristina: "Oh God, please kill me now."

Meredith: "This morning I was down in the pit when suddenly..." Alex arrives at the table interrupting Meredith.

Alex: "This food tastes awful"

Cristina: "For once I think I'm slightly glad to see you"

Meredith: "Hello Alex, trying to talk here." She says obviously annoyed.

Alex: "So Yang you're finally ready to show me some love?"

Cristina: "Please Alex, don't be gross, can't you see I'm eating?"

Izzie: "Pig"

Alex: "Why are you so cranky?" He asks looking at Izzie now "Can't heart patient deliver?"

Izzie: "Look you piece of skunk, Denny..." Cristina interrupts Izzie because she really can't handle another conversation about Denny. Izzie is being obsessing about him the whole week at their lunch break.

Cristina: "Hey, hey, hey Meredith is trying to tell us something. You'll get your chance to cut each other's throat when she's finished talking about her patient. Ok?"

Meredith: "Thank you. And suddenly this girl comes into the ER with like blood in her..." Meredith's pager goes off. "Damn it. Gotta go."

A/N: So 2 chapters in one day because, one, I really felt like writing and, two, I wanted to show you that there's no real continuity from one another. Please R&R. Thank you.