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Chapter one

The dark hair girl stretched a little farther "there we go" the Christmas lights now hung neatly along the top of the tree. "What do you think kyou kun?" asked Tohru smiling softy at the result of her hard work.

"Yeah great" said kyou not even looking up from holding the step ladder, he had consented to help her after she had asked; giving him a hopeful look he couldn't refuse. However at the moment he was more pre-occupied with what that damn rat was up to. He had been acting differently lately, like not looking him in the eye and avoiding him more then usual.

"Oh thank you Kyou kun" Tohru replied not even notice the lack of enthusiasm in the boy's voice. She went back to the lights on their Christmas tree fixing small details here and there.

Curious garnet eyes had not left the silver haired boy a cross the room he had his head bent low over a small notebook, scratching on it intently with a pencil.

'Stupid Yuki, probably studying again' thought Kyou, he nose wrinkling at the idea of studying more then necessary. It seemed that he always writing in that notebook these days.

It was at that moment when kyou eyes were still fixed upon the top of the rats head that the silver haired boy decide to look up, garnet met violet, time stood still for a second as their gazes' locked, then Yuki blinked, blushed a bright red and bent his head allowing his bangs to cover his face from view and quickly closed the book on the table.

'What the hell was that about' thought kyou 'did he just blush at me?' he started to wonder what it was exactly that the rat had been writing in that book.

'Oh shit' now Yuki wasn't the type of person to use that kind of language, even inside head but he was so nervous 'what if he saw?' Yuki mentally worried. He took a deep calming breath and when he looked back up he had his static mask once again in place. He got stiffly up from the living room table he was kneeling at and putting the notebook in his pocket (AN/ yes it is that small) he walked across the room to the two other teens working at the tree.

"Honda san, what a great job, it looks almost as beautiful as you" Yuki stated in his quite voice.

Tohru beamed down at him, "really thank you so much Yuki kun", the boy gave her a small nod, while Kyou just glared daggers at the rat. When said rat noticed Kyou's heated stare another small blush crept onto his cheeks, he put his hands protectively on the notebook sticking slightly out of his pant's pocket and quickly turned around.

"Alright that's it" growled an frustrated Kyou at the end of his patience. "WHAT THE HELL IS IT, YA DAMN RAT, WHATS IN THAT BOOK" Kyou shouted letting go of the step ladder to make a snatch at the small object pecking out of the boy pants (AN/ the notebook you dirty minded people).

He never got the chance as a horrified and shocked looking Yuki aimed a kick at the advancing boys head, sending him flying back. Kyou flailing his arms in an attempted to gain some balance stumbled backward hitting the step latter behind him. A scream pierced the air as Tohru then lost her balance and started to fall.

Seeing this Yuki ran forward and stretched out his arms to catch her.


Tohru cracked an eye open to the silence wincing at the small pain in her back and realised that not only had Yuki transformed into a rat when she rapped her arms around him as he tried to save her but that Kyou too had taken his animal form and was now half trapped beneth her leg's.

"Oh may goodness, I am sssoooo sorry, I'm sorry" Tohru apologised upset.

"It's not yer damn fault," said Kyou a little more rudely then he intended. He was upset that, that goddamn rat had beat him again and then having a girl land on top of him, no matter how light she was (AN/ well he is in cat form).

"Sorry" Tohru repeated again, now starting to cry softy into her hands.

"Now look what you've done you stupid cat, you've made Miss Honda cry" said Yuki, his small eyes fixed angrily on the orange cat.

"ME… It's all your fault, you're the one who kicked me" yelled Kyou, now in a rage "give me that damn book…now" he demanded, squirming under Tohru.

Yuki's beady eyes went wide with something akin to horror. He turned to grab the small notebook from the pocket of his pants that now lay disregarded on the floor, he then made his way with it as fast as his small legs could manage out the door and up the stairs which wasn't very fast (AN/ yep still in rat form, evil laughter) fortunately for him Kyou was still struggling to get out from under the now wailing Tohru.

Shigure hearing the noise from his study where he was actually doing some work for once, walked into the living room to see an orange blare go by his feet and a very upset Tohru, kneeling in the middle of the floor.

Yuki got into his room and was turning to shut the door when Kyou came bursting through the closing space before the door swung shut. Yuki was now backing toward the barred exit trying to keep the book behind him at the same time.

Kyou made his way slowly towards the other boy (AN/ ha hmm, I mean rat), he now had the mouse between his front paws and as he began to raise one he…


All of a sudden he had a naked Yuki under him instead of a rat; 'OMG, OMG, OMG, is all that kept running through Kyou's head' he was stunned. The pale skinned boy underneath him was once again blushing (AN/ he seems to do this a lot in this fic), Yuki being the first to come out of his daze began to…


Kyou now found himself looking down at a very confused and still shocked Yuki. He had his arms on ether side of the boy's sliver head, their face mere itches apart and as his eyes met those deep violet pools, he was frozen. He could feel the boy's breath on his face; it smelt of strawberry's probably from the procky stick he was eating early. While these thoughts were running through his head, underneath him Yuki couldn't believe what was happening, he could'nt help but feel a wired sense of deja vu, he could feel Kyou's comfortable weight and warm skin against his own. He stared up into garnet orbs and felt his breathing hitch. OMG he was starting to get excited and could feel himself becoming hard 'please don't let him notice, please don't let him notice' he mentally repeated over and over but as Kyou sifted slightly he knew that he would defiantly have noticed the soft moan that escaped his mouth. If it was possible Kyou's eyes became even wider. He sif…

"Boys could you please explain what happened dow…" the rest of what Shigure was going to say as he was coming through the door was lost, as he looked upon the scene.

He blinked once, twice and then a perverted smile started to slowly spread across his face "better yet" he said just as slowly " why don't we talk about what's going on here".

That was enough to get the boys going, suddenly there was a mad scramble in which Yuki made to grab a pare of his jeans that lay near by, while Kyou snatched an old towel that hung over the back of a chair, pushing out the door and pass the still smiling Shigure, muttering loudly about stupid family cruses and perverted old men.

As he got to his room he slammed the door behind him, 'why is my heart beating so fast, he sat down on the bed to try and calm himself. He then lifted his hand and smile at the small white pieces of paper within his grasp. For in all the chaos he had managed to grab a few pages from the notebook on the floor.

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