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Chapter 14

Kyou eased the door shut yet again and let out a low sigh. He had checked Yuki's room countless times throughout the night and the fallowing day only to find it empty. The rat had not returned. The panicked redhead had soon given up and opted of a more active strategy, which was much more his style (Kyou was not a sit and wait kind of guy) searching all the places he felt at Yuki might go. But each one was as empty as the other and so dejectedly he had made his way back to Shigure's house with little more than vague hope to find the rat returned. Hoping ain't getting.

Again he replayed their last conversation over in his mind again, claiming onto the roof and flopping down on the cool tiles he breathed in the charged, darkening air, a sign a storm was on the way. The distracted youth paid it no mind as he wondered at how that last conversation had gone so wrong so fast, how he had been unable to get the words out to explain. He should've thought faster, he should have told Yuki about the bet before and now, now it was to late 'I'm such an idiot' the cat scorned, he felt lost unsure what to do.

The patter of cold rain on his face made him look up at the darkening sky, how long had he been sitting there. Realising how late it was getting, soon the family would be gathering in the main house. And suddenly as if to accompany the thunder the now rumbled threateningly through the sky a thought hit him like lighten and he wasn't lost anymore ' the cruse, it has to be broken' Kyou thought triumphantly springing up from his position on the roof ' first I'll free Yuki and the rest of us from the cruse then maybe I can find Yuki and explain to him…well first things first!' his tanned face lit with up with a smile that made his eye come alive, he had a plan, a direction. He wasn't lost anymore.


There was a good reason Kyou hadn't found the fugitive rat, for he had ended up in the very last place the redheaded boy would think to look, the main house, he had snuck in as the light faded form the sky, even in his state of upheaval he was careful not to run into anyone in the long empty corridors of the mansion. He navigated the passages quickly the book forgotten but still in the white fingered grip of one hand while the other pressed tightly against his chest, trying to smother the pain there. Not asthma, something darker, something far more agonising. Betrayal?

He found the room he was looking for and without bothering knock, slid the door open and looked quickly around noting the owner had not returned from dinner yet, which wasn't really surprising as Akito liked to eat dinner later in the day and didn't care who he was unconvincing by doing so.

It wasn't really a conscious decision that had lead Yuki to Haru's room, more a lack of anywhere else to go and he did trust the cow Sohma after all. But the thought of being in the house made his skin craw and his head buzz and if he sat down and thought about that for a minute he would realise the for once the buzzing was not caused by fear but by anger, pure blistering anger at Akito. And if he sat down and thought about it Yuki would be happy that Akito no longer held any fear for him, no longer had any sway over him. But Yuki wasn't interested in thinking about these things; he was trying not to think at all.

The pale youth folded himself into the corner of the room and tiring to keep his mind numb, he didn't want to think about what had just happened he was sick of getting hurt, 'it's your own fault, did you really expect it would be any different this time!' he curled closer in on himself, hand still press to his thin chest, he couldn't discern the feeling there, it was like an emptiness and yet more than that, almost a painful yarning, in he need to identify the pain he imagined it must be somewhat like someone who has had and arm or a leg removed and yet still wakes screaming to the phantom pain in a limb that no longer exist. But he wasn't missing an arm or a leg.

Distantly he noted a bubbling, that momentarily accompanied his phantom tugging, as he thought about his explanations. It wasn't until this bubbling moved up though the young Sohma's throat to bust forth from his mouth in a half chuckle half sob that Yuki realise that he was laughing (a little hysterically) with no sign of being able to stop.

It was this scene that Haru came upon as he walked into the room. Throwing a quick glance over his board shoulder to make sure no one else heard the strange deformed laugh he slid the door shut with and barely audible click hoping to startle Yuki out of making that twisted sound.

But Yuki hadn't noticed, he didn't even feel the tears running down his pale cheeks. It was only when Haru had tried to take the book from his now slack fingers that Yuki realised he was there. He stop laughing as his fingers grew firm on the book again and he looked up into Haru's concerned face and burst in to sobs instead and threw himself in to his friends arms.

Haru was in shock as he held tightly to the small body against his chest, his grip contracting of its own accord as if to keep the sliver haired teen from completely flying apart. He had never, NEVER seen the rat so wholly not in control of his emotions. Carefully as if handling something that might break apart at anytime, he hefted the other boy into his arms and lifted him over to the bed to lay him down into the clean crisp sheets. Moving to the other side of the bed he sat up against the headboard and put a gentle hand on the crying boy's, still heaving back.

It was along time till the rat cried himself to exhaustion, and Haru who had dutifully kept silent, a comforting presence, waited for the boy to settle down enough to talk. But though he was curious as to the reason for such a episode especially from the normally stone-like Yuki, (what could have happen?) he knew the questions would have to wait as he heard the rats exhausted snores.


Yuki's head buzzed dully, like noise muted by fog leaving him feeling disorientated as he fought of conciseness, not sure why he was doing so, only certain at he didn't want to return to reality. As he lazily sifted an arm to bock out the light of the new day, he suddenly felt he chest exposed and it was with a pain filled gasp that the empty feeling there, that Yuki remembered the happenings for the pervious day.

"Finally awake it see" Haru leant against the frame that parted the room from its on-suit, dressed in richly coloured, traditional robes as it was his year to dance at the new years feast. "Do you want to talk about it?" the bi-coloured haired boy asked not looking hopeful.

The rat Sohma seriously considered ignoring the rebel's question to instead curl back into the sheets in attempts to overly bright world. However what he did do was to look at the youth standing a little distance from him with a level yet somewhat dull gaze and say, "What I Really want is a shower!"


After his shower the pale teen's mind felt a little clearer, though the numbness in his chest stayed in place. He walked over to the bed, not bothering to use the towel that was draped over his head to dry hair, he just let the tick cloth absorb the water from his dripping sliver strands.

" Look Yuki are we going to talk about this, you know I don't want to pry…though I can see that your walls are back up, so it would do me any good even if I tried" here Haru sighed and the frown between his eyebrows tightened. " Its late people are starting to gather downstairs for the fest, you need to get changed- humm, Did you say something?"

In a voice at was barley above a whisper but held more weight than if he had shouted it at the up of his lungs, he repeated, " I'm not going!"

"What do you mean your not going, you have to go!" Haru dismissed

Yuki pulled to now damp towel off his head and as it pooled in a heap at his side, the pale fingers of his other stretched out to stroke the worn cover to the book he had left there. "Haru" the smaller boy looked more to meet the other slowly widen eyes "I'm not going!"

"But Yuki…Akito-" the new panic in the younger boys eyes was obvious.

"I DON'T CARE WHAT AKITO THINKS!" The violet-eyed Sohma all but shouted, still surprised at this new (if not wise) disregard when it came to the head of the family.

The now distraught Haru tired a few more time to convince his older cousin to reconsider but his pleas fell on deaf ears, Yuki paid him no attention as he sat by the window looking to onto the extensive grounds, his hands ideally playing with the cover of the book in his hands, every once-and-awhile letting the page edges run past his soft fingertips as he flicked the pages from one end to the other.

A knock on the door interrupted Haru's vain attempts to get the stubborn teen to change his mind and the boy gave up and hurried to the door, not wanting however had knocked to come in and see Yuki here. With one last look at the boy by the window opened the door to be greeted by and excited Momiji and slipped out shutting the door firmly behind him.

Yuki didn't notice.


Kyou arrived that the main house with Shigure and Tohru in tow. When they had asked Where Yuki was, he had derailed them with a story, about Yuki having wanted to get here early and so had left before them. Shigure's eye had narrowed in thought as it had been doing more and more often lately, when the two boys in together in his presence.

But none of that matters to Kyou as he rounded the corner into the main reception, with it's light gold walls and wide glided mirrors giving it an appearance of being much larger than it actually was. Trying to form some plan as to how he was going to meet the other two conditions, the cat reasoned out that he had already gotten Yuki to submit (if not intentionally or for that matter in the conventional since). Now he just had to somehow gain the respect of the family and get their acceptance, and face up to the monster that he was. Kyou didn't like to think about how he was going to do that.

In faintest hopes that it might be so easy he turned his thoughts inward, as he drifted though the large, well lit room. And in his head, thinking it as loud and as clearly as could, his eye squeezing shut in concentration he thought 'ok monster, it's me…Kyou. Humm yeah well, I know what you are and …I'm, ok with that?' one eye quirked open as he peeked about trying to ascertain if anything had changed, any sign that another of the conditions had been met. Though as the still squinting boy thought of these he couldn't remember feeling anything different when they met the first condition, except for the obvious, it was sex after all.

The redhead give up with a sigh, he was sure he wasn't in the right track, 'where hell is that smart ass when you need him?' he thought despairingly as he tried without much success to wreck his brain for an answer. ' Why did he have to run away before I could explain', "stupid rat!"

" I don't think stupid is quite the right word" a familiar gruff voice said from behind the startled cat.

"What! Oh Haru…what do ya mean, isn't the right word?" Kyou asked confused, as he took in the sight of the robed teen, remembering that it was his year to dance.

"Oh just that idiocy has never been Yuki's problem, he's more frustrating and stubborn" the cow Shoma's mouth was set in a grim smile. "I mean, I tried everything to get him to come down-"

Kyou didn't feel his jaw go slack at the other's words and so had to struggle with it a moment before he could get the words across " what do ya mean! Yuki's upstairs?" the tanned youth finally managed, disbelievingly.

"Sure, came late last night…he was really messed up." The frown on younger boy's face was pain now. "Didn't talk about it at all tough" he finished with a sigh.

"HEY where you going?" but the redhead didn't answer, he was already making his way through the crowd.


Yuki look away from the window to his lap, his eyes widening slightly in surprise. At some point during his musing the book had opened at the page with the conditions. As he stared down at the old style kanji his vision bleared faintly till two salty tears slip from his eyes and onto the cracking parchment. As his vision cleared, violet orbs focused on the symbol that translate as 'submit.'

Now that he had time to think about it calmly Yuki realised that it wouldn't make any sense for Akito to want Yuki to submit to Kyou, so close to actually breaking the cruse! Wouldn't Akito want the opposite?

He tried to remember what Kyou had said the terms of the bet were 'something about Kyou having to beat him or best him? At the time he hadn't really been in the mood for listening clearly now he wished he had. If Akito aimed to have Kyou fight him than maybe the 'submit' in the cruse was a different kind.

His fingers traced the last sentence again, the same annoyance cropping back up as he read it. 'It still seemed to end in the middle-' and that's when he noticed it. There was no full stop.

The rat pulsed thumped in his ears as he flipped the page back and forth as he had done countless times in the last few days, however this time he was looking for something specific and not finding it. 'How odd that they would make such an error, especially with it being handwritten' Yuki knew that in the past the scribes who's job it was to copy the books were meticulous, and very proud in their work and would often start a job over, if even the smallest error was made.

It was then that Yuki become aware of the scarcely frayed corner.

With care Yuki paled back what was indeed another page which had quite clearly been deliberately glued together, as the rat worked on separating the two pages without harming the text he reasoned that Akito must have glued them to together or gotten someone else to!

His eyes widen at what he saw.


Kyou slowed his frantic pace somewhat; to stop himself from drawing too much attention as exited the main reception room. Hurrying along the corridors, he tried to remember where Haru's room was he hadn't even stopped to ask for directions in his hast to get to Yuki!

'I think it was just off the main set of stairs, left or right?' he tried to recall. The second floor was divided in to two wings one that housed the family members in residence and the other wing was kept private for Akito personal use.

He reached the stairwell and as he claimed the step two at a time he could tell which was which. The two wings had entirely different atmospheres, the right was dark and forbearing and the air was somewhat steal while the left was fresh and had a lived-in quality. Confidence rising, his strides became longer and he started checking rooms for any sign of the rat.

He had only got to the fourth one along, when a pair cold, strong hands gabbed him from behind, squeezing painfully on his upper arms. He was turned forcibly by these hands, which he saw belonged to Kureno (the Sohma possessed by the spirit of the rooster) to face a set of dark manic eyes, which gleamed like harden jewels. Akito's smile was feral and his voice held an insanely triumphant quality as he said, "bet's over, you lose."


When Kyou came around a short time later, he found himself surrounded in darkness, he wince and put his finger to a sharp pain at the back of his head as he lifted himself from the cold iron floor. He could faintly hear a muted voice, as if someone was talking a long way off. Confused and disorientated he stumbled upright and bought his hand close to his face, the darkness obscured the sight of the blood soaked his fingers. Head spinning he reached out automatically to steady himself. The hand that wasn't covered in blood closed around something thin and cold, a metal bar. Peering through the shadows at his surroundings for the first time since waking he saw that he was encased in a large cage!

The cat's breathing quickened in panic, coming in harsh pants as he remembered what had taken place before he was knocked out. His head which was still ringing started to throb and that when he noticed that the mumbled voice he had been hearing was getting clearer as if the speaker was getting closer.

He recognised Akito's crazed squeal of a laugh before he continued specking as if he was making a speech to an army to large crowed. He shuttered against the cold or the voice? He didn't know probably both. He could just start to make out words, he listened hard his body pressed against the side of the cage a hand on a ice cold bar at either side of his head.

"… and so as a family we need to honour our name and fallow the traditions that have been set down so many go those such as the dance we just witnessed. It is part of our long esteemed heritage." Akito's heady drawl became louder and seemingly more excited as his speech continued, filling the cat Sohma with a sickening dread that churned his stomach.

" And now for another of our indispensable traditions!" the head of the Sohma family announced, his confident voice held a giddy quality in it. Suddenly the cage in which he stood, lunched forward causing the bewildered boy stager and fall. The cage then started into a steady craw as if being drawn or push by something. Ahead of him a piercing light split the wall of darkness as double doors were drawn apart to make way for the steel cage at was rocking slightly as it approached them and the light beyond.

" As is the age old tradition the cat upon his 18 birthday will be imprisoned in a cage and kept within the recesses of this house." Akito's eye blazed with fanatic joy. As Kyou cage was pulled from the darkness, the kneeling boys covered his eye from the harsh light of the banquet hall. "This creature's time is up and I must fulfil my duty as head of the family and dispose of it once and for all, as is right."

Akito had made his way over to the caged teen, his white teeth grinning madly in his sickly pale face. Kyou's stomach dropped and he felt the bile rise up in his throat. Out of the corner of his eye he could make out a crowd of faces some more familiar than others but all equally horrified.

"STOP!" the shout rang clear from the back of the hall, amplified by the vaulted ceilings.

Both Akito's and Kyou's heads snapped from their previously locked gaze to look in the direction of shouter.

Yuki ripped through the crowd and threw himself passed Akito, at the cage that held the beaten Kyou captive. "Kyou, god Kyou! Are you right? What happened?" the rat wailed anxiously as he gripped the shocked redhead's hand. " I'm sorry, I was so stupid…I'm sorry!"

Before imprisoned boy even got a chance to explain, before he even got a word for comfort out, Akito growling in rage, grabbed Yuki's shoulders flinging him from the cage. His sickly thin hand, camped around the rat's forearm, he face was livid. The head of the family pulled the stunned Yuki to him, gripping the boy's shoulders with both hands; his nails digging into the soft flesh there, causing Yuki to gasp in pain vaguely aware of Kyou shouting in the background.

"What are you doing Yuki-kun?" the young master thundered, shaking the boy in his hands hard. " Why are you apologising to that creature, what do you care for him?" and then realisation seem to hit his enraged face as it washed over with icy calm " I see… I did think that it was a bad idea to let the two for you live in the same house. But I was assured …"that this point his eye flickered out to the crowd for a moment "ah well I can see that I been mislead… so what Yuki-kun, do you think yourself friends with this repulsive thing now?" he pulled the cringing teen closer still till they were pressed together and whisper in the boy's pale ear "don't you know that you belong only to me."

Akito wild grin slipped as he took in the boy in his arms, cold eyes not seeing the fear there that he was accustomed to. " I will never belong to you!" the boy's even colder voice said Akito was taken aback his hands losing their ruthless grip. However the ill Sohma recovered quickly.

"Well did your precious friend tell you about our bet?" The triumph in his voice could not be disguised.

" Yes I know about the bet" Yuki cold smile was smug. Part of his head was screaming at him for being so reckless, this was Akito! god knows what he could do to him and yet he couldn't make himself feel anything but anger for the person who grip was suddenly painful again.

Yuki could see the mad panic of one who's not in control enter the sick youths eyes. Just as he was sure at Akito had perceived something changed in his own violet orbs. Yuki's hard smile widened.

Akito shrieked as if burned, his eye filled with pure fury. He tossed Yuki toward an engraved pillar that framed the doors though which the cage had been pulled and Yuki briefly heard a familiar warm voice yell his name before a blinding white pain sliced up his back, he slumped to the floor, fighting to keep conscious.

Kyou struggled against the bars that held him captive " Yuki, Yuki are you alright?" he called again the other boy was fighting to right himself, but from within his cage Kyou could see that it wasn't going to do any good. Akito was already making his way towards the rat again a malicious glint in his eyes. In vain the imprisoned cat wrestle with at steel bars, his white knuckled, death grip not so much as marking the bars within his grasp. The redhead growled in frustration.

His gaze flickered out into the crowd horror-struck faces ' why the hells aren't they doin' anything?' he screamed mentally, the feeling of helplessness washing over him. As if drawn by a magnet, his eyes slid back the scene that had so captured the entire Sohma family's attention.

Akito had wrenched Yuki up by shirtfront the soft martial ripping audibly in the hushed strangled, almost silence. The only other sounds, coming form the struggles in the front of the hall (both in and out of the cage.) " Put him down! Don't hurt him!" Kyou demanded from his jail.

" How sweet" Akito spat, not relinquishing his hold on the dazed rat. "What? do you think your friends?" Akito mocked. " Does he know you, know what a revolving monster you are?" the young master seethed, shaking in his anger.

Yuki had regained his senses enough to say in a harsh whisper "you're the only monster here… and you know it!" Akito eyes shot widen in astonishment, he teeth that were bared in a fierce snarl, grated together in his fury. He turned and hurled the off-guard teen hard against the cage, his small frame smashing against the cold bars.

Now it was Kyou turn to rush to the other, he pulled Yuki's slack body against the hard metal rods of the cage, trying to assess the damage done to his lover. " Yuki, Yuki open you're eyes… look at me, damn it!" Kyou pleaded, stroking dark sliver stands from the boy's pale face, a dark burse blossomed across his left cheekbone, spreading fast.

"K-kyou?" dusty eyelashes flicker opened and violet orbs cleared till they focus on the boy above, Yuki smiled weakly, his fingers reaching out to caress the tanned, somewhat blooded skin of the cats face. His hand never made contact as his wrist seized in and agonising grip. And suddenly he was seeing Kyou face smashed against the side of the cage.

"Why, why him?" Akito fumed eyes uncultivated. " He's a dirty, stinky, worthless cat…a foul creature!" Akito screamed, " it doesn't have feelings, it doesn't deserve them!" he roared pulling so roughly on then rat's arm that he was in danger of dislocating it. Shall I show so you his true self, shall I show you what a revolting monster he really is… humm?" The head of the Sohma family's eyes were crazed, foam forming at the corner of his mouth. He clutched the redhead left arm, squeezing so hard the bones snapped, Kyou shrieked in pain as the insane head of family pulled off the simple black and white beaded bracelet.

"NO!" Kyou howled but it was too late. Yuki watched as the redhead groan, his lean body folding in on itself, rat thrashed about try to free himself, he could see Kyou starting to tremble, then shake violently and suddenly it was the boys true form in front of him. Long, dangerously strong limbs, sharp, treating claws and fangs. It was the body of a killer of a monster!

Behind him the rat was aware of the collective gasps from the rest of the gathered Sohma family. The creature, Kyou lashed about in his cage, and Yuki could feel rumble of his fierce growls through the floorboards. "K-kyou?" Yuki voice cracked.

The thing in the cage cracked its head around at the sound of the boy's voice; large mauve eyes stared down on him through the bars, its rough skin still heaving with its panting breath.

Yuki searched those eyes, looking for the boy he knew so well, hesitantly his small hand stretched out towards the transformed cat. As his hand reached beyond the barrier of steel rods, the animal grunted and sifted nervously as if not wanting to be touch yet not able to pull itself away, it let out frustrated grumble that was shockingly familiar to the startled rat. 'It is you!' he thought, relief wash over like a thick blanket.

"Kyou" he said again this time with confidence. His hand came to rest gently on Kyou abnormally large and muscled forearm. He could feel Kyou quiver under his touch. "Are you ok, did he hurt you?" The young rat inquired.

His answer came in the form of a low hum from deep within the others throat, the cat dipped his large head slowly, cautiously as if not wanting to frighten the sliver haired Sohma. He nuzzled the others fragile hand carefully in reassurance, his great eyes burning intensely, trying to convey, what even word could not express. And Yuki wondered how had not recognised the boy he knew, even in this strange body, he was right there in every movement and every look. His pigheaded, warm and somewhat clumsy, cat. His Kyou.

A soft smile had not even broken over his face when Akito, momentarily forgotten shrieked close behind them causing them to jump apart in surprise.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING, can't you SEE that he's a monster!" he shock with anger, incomprehension clear in his mad eyes. "Don't see what a vile repulsive creature he is, just look at him, LOOK!"

" I am!" Yuki straighten to his full height and turned to face the seething head of family. "And the only thing that is discussing is how he has been treated, caged of a curse all of us have to endure" his arm flew out to indicted the rest of the family. " No, as I said before, you're the only monster here and it is YOU who should be in that cage.

"Why you little-" Akito made a desperate grab for the defiant rat, his hand closing around the boys throat chocking him. He dark eyes gleamed and his voice ripped through the silent room.

Kyou seeing his lover in danger trashed around in his cage, slamming himself again and again against the cold hard bars. He could see Yuki struggling against Akito god like strength and failing, his attempts becoming weaker and weaker by the second and still not one of the family move to help, so strong was their fear for the insane head of the family.

Rage engulfed the transformed Sohma, his huge hands gripped the bars of his jail and with a groaning creak, he twisted the mental rods apart though they bit into the rough flesh of his palms. He roared with the effort and suddenly the bar weren't bending but shattering across the floor, but Kyou moved faster than even the pieces of flying mental. And seized Akito ripping him away from the immobile rat.

"What- get your discussing claws of me, you vulgar beast" Akito bellowed throwing Kyou from him hard.

The cat barely focused his eye before the deranged young man was slamming him into the nearest wall, backhanding him with extraordinary strength across the face, Kyou managed to break the others hold to stumble to the right blood spilling from his mouth.

" Running away, you foul animal?" Akito gloated; a wild grin plastered his sickly face. "Why don't you get back in your cage and leave Yuki to me" he boasted.

Kyou warped chest heaved breathlessly. Panting his whipped the blood from his mouth a growl rumbling in his chest to building till it was a fierce snarl. And he faced the master of the Sohma Family, standing his ground, somewhere he could hear sound of shocked gasped and cries of protest as the cat took another unsteady step towards the waiting madman.

Kyou advanced slowly till he was eight feet away then feinted left and rushed him. Akito blocked easily and landed a heavy punch in the boy's gut, the boy chocked on his breath as it whooshed out of him. He flung his elbow up blindly, hitting Akito's face squarely.

Still winded he took the opportunity to send a ferocious kick at the young masters side, sending him across the floor in an undignified heap. 'At least this form has some advantages' Kyou admitted to himself flittingly.

He was snapped out of his inner musing as Akito let out a vicious howl and charge the transformed teen, knocking him to the floor and pinning him there with a brutal strength. He crashing his fist's into Kyou's beaten face repeatedly, laughing hysterically all the time. Kyou's insides shuddered at the sound. The head of the Sohma family had finality snapped, foam dripped for his madly grinning mouth. He kept pounding the cats face, his fist red with the other's blood but still the cat Sohma fought (if weakly) back never giving up.

Pain overwhelmed the redhead the blackness the was spreading in his inner vision was calling him to just give in and rest but something keep him throwing his weak futile punches. A picture of Yuki fighting it's own battle with the blackness in his mind. The cat was vaguely aware of voices nearby and yet a long way off, they were shouting in protested but he paid no attention, the image of Yuki was fading, fraying at the edges to become unclear. The blackness was winning.


Yuki woke to a stabbing pain that encompassed his neck, groaning as events before he passed out came back. Quickly his head wincing at the pain doing so caused. He looked over to where Akito, on top of a bloody and beaten Kyou, was mercilessly pounding him. But the rat was more astounded to see that by his side stood a number of the other zodiacs members. Haru in his formal dress, Kargura and even Tohru, all for them in uproar.

He struggled to understand what they were doing; they seemed to be trying to pull Akito of the crushed teen that lay beneath him. They help Kyou fighting with him, for him. Yuki could here the Zodiac's shouting at Akito, pleading with him to stop, but it appeared the crazed head of family couldn't be dissuaded.

Yuki knees weak started to make his way over to the small crowd, which was now gathering by the remains of the shattered cage. The others had together managed to restrain the insane master of the Zodiac and asYuki made it to their side, they started to pull their deranged leader off the cat, though he struggled and threatened. However Yuki only noticed this in passing, all of his attention fell on the broken body of his lover.

Yuki looked down horrified at the sight that met his eyes. The body there was strange once more of it did not move, it was no longer familiar, not even a breath stared the twisted chest. The large eyes were now dull, this was not his Kyou. This wasn't anything.

The rat chocked on a splintering sob, tears fell freely from his deathly pale face as his head shook in denial. The now quivering boy's knees crumbled beneath him, he trembling hands reached out to smooth the rough skin and cooling as the life left it.

"no…no, NO!" the devastated boy yelled, shaking Kyou's form frantically. "No! You can't die, do you hear me you son of a bitch, I wont let you…I" the rat's voice broke as more sobs tore up his throat and he fell over the still body of his lover.

" You see, you can't die, because I love you!" the distraught boy whispered in a convincing tone, as if trying to convince himself as well that it was true.


Yuki sat there in shock, his eyes starting to feel uncomfortably dry, as he hadn't blinked in a while.

As the pages came loose, he greedily drank in the text he could see there translating the words quite quickly thanks to the weeks of practice. He read ''and so the prophecy will be fulfilled and the curse broken upon the completion of the third and most essential condition, for it is fated that the unworthy one must…meet the honoured rat before the entirety of the cursed Sohma clan, and make his rivals submit to him by giving his heart freely before all. For if it should ever come to pass that the unworthy one should truly love and be loved by the rat and all enmity gone, then the curse would be forever broken.'

Yuki dropped the book and ran.

*End of flashback*

" I l-love you, so get up Kyou" his voice shook, tear making with blood. " I love you!" the rat wailed loudly. Hands on his shoulders tried to pulled the grief-shaken boy away, and Yuki caught a glimpse of Ayame's brightly coloured clothes and heard him say softy "Yuki come away" but the deviated teen shook his brother off roughly and one again hurled himself on Kyou's chest. His head ringing with the pain.

Trough his water-clogged eye's the battered body on which he weep appeared to glow softly white, he that made no sense to his grief-befuddled mind, and it was then that he noticed the ringing in ears had increased to a bone shaking hum, shocked from his morning the rat whipped his eye clear to see the Kyou was in fact glowing steadily brighter and brighter.

Thinking he had gone crazy the rat turned to see what the others made of this, only to see that they to were glowing each in a different shade. The distracted youth watched in awe as the vibrant green light that surrounded his brother started to gather and the centre of his chest. Ayame looked as shocked as everyone else and the green light coiled into the shape of an elegant serpent and sprang forth. And he was not the only one, suddenly all of the zodiac possessed Sohma's started releasing their animal counter-parts in a blinding display to coloured light, little Kisa gasped and clutched at her chest as if her soul might slip away as the rusty orange orb over her heart shaped itself into a playful tiger cub and bounded across the room.

The hall was abruptly full of shining animals soaring about, a glowing aspect of a dog chasing a shimmering yellow rabbit through the air just before him. Each of the iridescent zodiac's scampered and loped through the air towards a gleaming sphere of light, in the centre of the high ceiling, that pulsed pure energy. In order following the ox they disappeared into it one by one.

Then the humming that vibrated his own bones, seemed to gather at his chest, his heart was beating wildly as if it might break free from his ribs at any moment. Looking down he saw a bright violet globe of light there, he blinked just as it formed a small proud rat and leapt free, his reaction was lost to amazement. He watched transfixed as the shining rat moved behind him to were Kyou still lay in his true form, its own white radiance increasing every second until till Yuki could not even look directly at the blindingly hot, white light.

Squinting his eyes, he watched mesmerized as a golden cat strolled out of the light and up to the smaller rat, bending to nuzzle the little creature's head. Yuki's gaze followed the pair, as they leaped up into the charged air together and made their way slowly to the shining sphere at the centre of the roof, neither racing, neither changeling, together they disappeared into the light.

A stunned Yuki blinked spots from his eyes, a pained groan sounded behind him. Whipping around he caught sight of a familiar and very welcomed Kyou. Astonished the boy yelped with joy and jumped the seemingly recovered teen.

"Ouch, damn it Yuki, watch it will ya!" A very bruised and sore Kyou complained. "Hey does this mean you forgive me?" the redhead's grin was crooked.

" I could kill you, do you know that?" pale youth threatened half-heartedly.

"Oh shut up" and if to reinforce this, Kyou slammed their mouths together. Their kiss was deep and passionate and not a little needy. When they finally broke apart, they rested their foreheads together and just enjoy the closeness of the other. It was over.

All around them the rest of the family was buzzing, what had happened and how? There was going to be a lot of questions but of now, the cruse was broken and they had each other, all in all it looked to be the start of a very good year!


As the two boys lay curled together in bed many hours later, though it felt like days, Yuki thought back over the aftermath of the day. There had been questions. And it was to Yuki and Kyou's surprise that Hatori step in to answer them, they were a little busy trying to pry Tohru off them (it was weird not to change straight into an animal in a puff off smoke when the girl crushed them in a hug).

When Hatori had finished telling the rest of the family what had just taken place and confirmed that they were indeed free of the cruse once and for all, he went on to explain that the rat and the cat were not always enemy but originally partners and soul mates.

This news of course had stunned the boy as well that the rest of the family and Hatori was asked (forced) to liberate. Yuki stroked his hand over the plains of Kyou chiselled chest, circling the numerous burses there. He replayed the conversation that had fallowed.

"It was only a misunderstanding that had started the whole feud, and after the cruse was in place the family members who were possessed by those two sprites never seen eye to eye, they never had any reason to, what with each generations head of head forcibly try to keep them apart" Hatori explained patiently. " And so you see, the cat and the rat's hated grew with each new generation and the cruse became stronger."

"But wait, if you new this why didn't you just tell us before!" Yuki agued, Kyou (mouth still hanging open) hadn't recovered form his shock enough to manage speech let alone questions.

"You can't force love Yuki-chan you should know that" Hatori remonstrated "It had to be given freely!" he affirmed "And after I had discovered the way to break the curse, I still wasn't sure if you two would be able to pull it off, the hatred between you seemed to well ingrained." Hatori shook his head, letting a rare smile slip onto his face "How was I to know that it was just sexual tension!" he chuckled at the boys' red faces "It wasn't till Kyou and you open the door that day, looking half dressed and fairly rumbled that I thought we might actually have a chance and of course after that I was there helping you every step of the way." He added.

"What the hell are you talkin' about doc, we came to you twice for help and all you give us were some chicken scratch notes" Kyou finally able demanded.

"Kyou your petty but not to bright, who lead you to the room with the book and who translated it enough so you'd understand what it was worth, I'm just glad that Yuki was the other part of the team, or we'd still have the makings of a zoo here" Hatori joked (which was weird enough on it's own with out the smile that accompanied it).

" You did gave us those clues and you did just happen to have the notes we were looking for in your drawer ready for us that day we came to your office. As well as pointing out the old kanji that was on your wall when I was in for a check up, so that I know to come to you for help!" Yuki worked through the lose ends.

"Very good Yuki-chan, and not to mention the risk of performing those memory charms on Akito when ever he began to grow suspicious for the two of you".

"So where all three of the conditions met?" Kyou asked confused, slinging his arm around Yuki's shoulders, heedless of the confounded looks they were receiving from the rest of the family. Guess it was strange for the inspecting family to see the two of them together like this, use to them fighting as they were.

The doctor nodded in answer to the redhead's question "Yes, obviously Yuki here declared his feelings" the sliver-haired Sohma blushed beetroot. "And I am guessing that at some point during your fight with Akito-san that you finally accepted your true foam." Hatori looked at Kyou for confirmation, which he received in the foam of a nod. "right, other condition was met when the family finally stepped in and dragged Akito-san off you. Though I suspect that most of the family already felt respect for you, the cat's life is not an easy one, Kyou"

Kyou just nodded once more.

Hatori then sighed. The humour that had lit his face earlier, suddenly died as he walked through the crowd that had gathered around the three, curious to hear the explanations.

The doctor of the Sohma family had then made his way over to Akito who lay motionless on the polished floor a little ways, away. Yuki sighed at the memory and snuggle closer to Kyou's warmth. The head of the formally cursed family had died, slipped away while everyone was distracted with their animal counter lighting up and taking off.

Hatori had said the Akito had always been weak in health and that it was only the power he drew from the cruse that had keep him going as long as he had. The violet-eyed boy could still remember the look on the young master's face. It was peaceful, a slight smile graced his pale, still face and for once he didn't look tormented. He seemed somehow much younger, innocent. Yuki smiled sadly he'd never forget that face. They had held a small ceremony on the grounds of the main house where Akito had live all his life and buried him in the family plot near the river so that his spirit would have access to the water for his journey. Yuki sighed again.

"What's wrong with ya?" Kyou asked brusquely, though Yuki could hear the familiar anxious undertone.

"Oh nothing just thinking" the violet eyed teen replied.

"How many times do I have to tell ya to stop doing that, thinking dangerous" Kyou smirked, throwing his tanned arm around the smaller boy.

"Ha, only when you're the one doing it!" the former rat scoffed.

"You can try to sound mean, but I know you don't mean. Cause ya did the whole sleeping beauty thing and broke the cruse with your love" the redheads grin was truly cheesy.

"Humm, more like beauty and the beast if you ask me" Yuki smiled back smugly.

"Aww, I don't you're a beast… your not that ugly!" his voice was sweetly mocking.

"I hate you" Yuki huffed.

"No, you love me" the taller boy corrected, nuzzling the other's pale neck suggestively.

"Are you kidding me…again?" Yuki question as he felt the other boy's arousal harden against his hip.

"What I can't resist you" garnet eyes danced.

"Uh-huh sure! Fine… but the time I'm topping" Yuki sat up.

Humour and love shone in the redheaded eyes. He chuckled merrily before flipping them both back over, till he had his lover trapped beneath him. "In your dreams!"

The End


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