He had always led the normal teenager life. He had good friends, a good family, good grades and a good school. But when you suddenly add in an unknown factor, everything changes. For better or for worse. Roxas x Axel.

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A blond sat in front of his computer and sipped on a cup of warm tea. It was tasteless, considering that it was only Chinese tea that his father brought over for him. He set the tea down gingerly on a wooden place mat and poised his delicate fingers over the keyboard, taking a deep breath before exhaling and beginning his work.

His task was to write, or in this case, type out a two thousand word essay for English homework, their creative writing assignment. It sounded like a lot but he loved creative writing. It was one of the things he was exceptionally good at, so he thoroughly enjoyed it.

He typed out the letters which formed the title of 'The Heart'. It was about a boy who suffered from amnesia, forgetting his family, his friends, his whole identity. The emotions he feels when he tries to remember who he was, but fails. The confusion, the anxiety and the heartache he experiences.

The blond finished a page of his work and saved it. Proof-reading once, then twice, before saving it again. He reached for his drawer and pulled out a small bag of gummi bears. He often eats something when he's working on his computer, it helps to stimulate his mind and give him energy to continue on.

Just as he reached out to grab his tea-cup, his mother walked in with a basket full of his clean and folded laundry.

"Roxas! How many times do I have to tell you not to drink in front of your computer?" she berated, setting down the basket by his bedside and placed her hands on her hips.

"Mum, you know I wouldn't spill." The blond replied as he took a sip from his cup.

"I know, but you must set an example for your brother."

"You know he's older than me right?" he answered as he moved his head to look at his mother.

"Of course honey, but even so. You know how energetic he gets." She sighed, remembering how a certain brunet accidentally spilled coke over his laptop and it froze and crashed. "If he sees you doing it, he'll probably follow."

"Alright mum, I won't do it again." He drank the rest of his Chinese tea and his mother came over and took the now empty cup from him.

"That's my baby Roxas." She bent over and gave a small kiss on his head. "Do your best."

"I will mum." He spoke as he watched his mother walk out of his room and closed the door with a soft click. He turned his head back to the computer and reached out for another gummi bear. Chewing it thoughtfully before continuing his work.

There was a boy, who claimed to know him, who claimed to be his friend but did everything a friend wasn't suppose to do. It was irritating, annoying even. But it was extraordinary. He felt different around this so-called friend, as though he could almost remember who he was supposed to be. But every time he got close to finding out, it slipped away, out of reach, away from his hold.

Roxas reached for another gummi bear and chewed it slowly as he read through his work again, correcting his mistakes, checking his grammar before saving it. He ran his fingers through his messy yet styled hair and sighed as he stared out his window. The sun was slowly setting in the horizon, giving a relaxing feeling.

Today was only Friday, and even though his homework wasn't due for another week he was already half way done. Their teacher was far too lenient at certain times and far too harsh on other occasions, but he always met the deadline for assignments and homework.

He took out another gummi bear and chewed on it, glancing over at the digital clock which read 18:46. It's almost dinner time, so he decided to save his work again and let his computer go on stand-by. He switched off the screen and walked out of his room and into the opposite room that belonged to his brother.

He knocked on the door twice and opened the door without waiting for an answer. Coming in to find his brother lying on his bed reading a comic book called, 'The day I hated most.'

"Hey Sora." The blond greeted him as he shuffled his way across the messy room to an empty seat in front of the study table.

The brunet suddenly laughed while hitting the pillow enthusiastically. "Hey Roxas." He greeted and wiped a tear away from his blue eyes.

"I'm assuming you haven't started your homework yet?" Roxas asked as he gently nudged a soccer ball around with his foot.

"Of course not. There's still the whole weekend to go." Sora spoke as he continued to read his comic.

"That's what you say all the time, but you always ask for my help on Sunday nights." The blond huffed and stared at the brunet.

"I won't do it this time. I promise!" he smiled as he made a peace sign while sticking his tongue out.

"We'll see, we'll see." Roxas smirked.

"Aww come on. Don't you believe me?" Sora sat up and stared at his brother with a slight pout.

"Of course I do, we'll just see if you really don't need my help this Sunday."

Sora huffed and folded his arms. "Oh you evil poo!"

Roxas laughed at his older brother, amused at the name calling. "You act like you're the younger one."

Sora soon joined in the laughter and they almost didn't hear the shout coming from downstairs.

"What did mum just say?" the brunet asked as he got up from his bed and proceeded to trip over the articles of clothing strewn over his bedroom floor. "Oh boogers! I gotta clean up this room soon."

"That's what you said last time too." He laughed again as he walked over to the door and followed Sora out.

"What did you say mum?" the brunet shouted down the stairs, receiving a shout in reply.

"Dinner's ready! Come and get it boys!"

"Alright mum!" Roxas shouted back and climbed down the stairs, with Sora in tow.

"Hey Roxas. Do you mind if I borrow your computer to write out our English homework later?" Sora asked as he followed his younger brother into the dinner room across the living room.

"Sure, just don't go and drink anything when you're using it."

Sora scowled at his brother. "Do you have to bring that up every time I ask if I could use your computer?"

"Yes brother." He smirked.

"Why?!" he pouted his lips at Roxas and received a laugh in reply.

"All the more fun to watch you pout dear brother."

"Oh you evil poopy."

As they sat down and joined their mother and father at the dinner table, they talked about their day at school. Occasionally laughing at each other for doing something stupid or another. It was then Roxas had another idea for another essay for creative writing.

"Thanks for dinner mum." Roxas spoke as he picked up his plate and gently placed it in the sink, ready to be washed.

"No problem, my little Roxas. Leave the dishes, I'll do it tonight. You just go on ahead and do your homework." His mother smiled at him as she turned back towards the other son. "Sora! Don't eat so fast."

"But this is so good!" Sora whined as he stuffed his mouth with more mashed potatoes.

"Eat slower dear."

"Ok, ok." Sora then started to eat a fraction a bit slower but still considered pretty fast.

Roxas laughed and walked towards the stairs. "Thanks mum."

"Don't eat so much junk food dear, I'll bring you up a healthy snack later ok?"

"Ok, thanks mum." The blond turned to walk up the stairs and proceeded inside him room. Closing his door with a click and then switching his computer back on from hibernation.

He opened a new document and quickly typed out the title, 'Lost at sea without you.' He stopped and thought for a moment of how to summarize the whole story without going into much detail. He didn't want to start a new project without finishing the previous one first. He nodded his head curtly and began typing again.

It was about two brothers, akin to each other. Drawn to the sea and the wide ocean. There was a sudden development of a struggle and one brother was separated from the other. They were both convinced that the other was either dead or killed, and both being afraid, they never ventured to seek out the truth. But in the end, after they both experienced much hardship, they found each other again and welcomed one another back with open arms.

Roxas quickly saved the document and closed it, not wanting to tempt himself from continuing the story without having first finished the other one. Just as he returned to his first project, Sora chose that moment to come into the room.

"Hey Roxas." The brunet came and sat down on the bed, reading a comic book that he took with him.

"Hey Sora. You need the computer now?" he asked as he began typing out again.

The boy was so close, so close he could almost touch it. But he was always just that much further away from it. And it frustrated the boy to no ends.

"Not yet, I can wait. I'll finish this book first."

"That's not a book. It's a comic." Roxas smiled as he continued typing.

The boy was starting to fall apart. Every time he got close, it just went one step further away. He grew stressful and he was about to throw his life away when his so-called friend came and stopped him. Like the time when he was so close to achieving something, it was gone the next.

"Oh well. Books and comics. What's the difference." It was a rhetorical question, but the blond replied regardless.

"A book doesn't have pictures in it."

"Some books do!"

"Kiddy books, but not real books."

"Aw you evil poo! You take the fun out of everything!"

"You put in too much fun in everything." He laughed at his brother and saved his work, proof reading and checking his grammar when the both of them fell into a comfortable silence.

'Don't just throw your life away just because things aren't going the way you want them to.'

He typed out the dialogues of his fictional characters, occasionally pausing mid way and thinking thoughtfully before continuing.

'I don't remember anything! Do you know what it feels like? It's tearing my heart apart! Everyday my heart breaks because I don't remember!'

Roxas could feel himself growing angry for some reason. As though he was feeling the emotions of the character he created.

'Little by little, my heart is dying…Another piece of me is fading away…'

He could feel himself growing frustrated, he could feel himself go through the emotions that his fictional character was going through. The feeling of being so lost and empty inside. It was...heart wrenching.

'I feel so empty inside…'


The blonds' head suddenly jerked up towards the brunet. "Yeah, what's up Sora."

"I've been yelling out your name for like a minute now." The brunet finished reading his comic and dumped it on the bed.

"Sorry, I got carried away." The blond apologized and saved his work.

"You seriously scared me there." A worried look still visible on Sora's face.

"Sorry, you know how I am when I write. I get so into it, I just lose myself."

"Yeah well, usually you'd hear me after two times of me calling out your name."

The blond laughed and scratched his head. "You want the computer now?"

"Nah, you seem like you're close to finishing it."

"Almost, but not quite."

"Alright then. I'll just read my other comic." The brunet picked up his discarded comic and walked out of the room.

Roxas sighed and returned to stare at the computer screen. He scrolled back up to the first page and proof-read the entire story, occasionally correcting his grammar and silly mistakes and saving his work.

He checked his word count and it was already over two thousand words. He wasn't sure if it was a good thing or not. He enjoyed writing it so much, he got too carried away, writing too much and it wasn't finished yet.

He knew the teacher liked to have hard working students, but the teacher said that if it looked more than the quota amount, the project wouldn't be accepted.

No matter how good it was.

Roxas was starting to panic. He didn't want to leave it as it is, and if he continued, it might reach over three thousand words.

He thought about it and weighed out his options. He could continue the essay and save it for future use, leave it and begin a new one, or stop where he is and hand it in.

Roxas considered the third option, and re-read the story to see if it had a good end or if it was too much of a cliff-hanger.

In the end, he concluded that it wouldn't be a good story if it was just left as it is, so he would have to continue it later, but for now he needed to think up of a new story.

He had already opened up a new document and then realized that he already had another story ready to be written out.

He smiled to himself as he closed the new document window and opened up his other creative writing essay.

Having his fingers poised and ready to type, his blue eyes moved over to the panel at the bottom of the screen listing out the various windows still opened. Momentarily he wondered if 'The Heart' would wait, a part of him was afraid that he would lose his muse and never finish the story, but another part of his wanted to start a new one.

'There's still a week to go. 'Lost at sea without you' can wait a few more days.' He thought to himself as he moved the mouse over to his first project and clicked on it. The blond was about to continue typing again when he heard a soft knock on the door. If it was Sora, the brunet would've come in without waiting. "Come in."

"Hello dear. How's your homework?" she came in holding onto a small plate of carrot and cucumber sticks for him.

"It's fine so far."

"That's good, that's good." She set down the snack for Roxas and gave a small peck on the blonds' head. "I'll go check on Sora."

"Alright. Thanks mum." He spoke as he reached out for a cucumber stick.

"No problem my little Roxy."

He bit into the cucumber stick and left it hanging in his mouth as he continued typing.

'The heart remembers, but the mind does not. That's why the body is confused because it doesn't know which one to listen to.'

'How can the body be confused when it's my heart that's hurting?'

He glanced over at the clock which blinked 20:32. He sighed and saved his work before typing out once again.

'Don't try so hard.'


'It'll come when you least expect it. Just wait for it.'

'But it's too hard. You can't expect me to just sit back and do nothing.'

'I don't expect you to do nothing. I expect you…to trust me.'

'To trust me…' his mind mulled over those words. He wasn't anticipating for that word to come up. His fingers just did most of the work, as though they were an independent part of the body and just typed out whatever it wanted without permission. Sometimes he didn't mind, but other times it scared him.

It was like playing the piano. After playing a certain piece over and over again, you'll find that you can just play it without thinking, play it off by memory.

He heard somebody come in and immediately assumed it was Sora.

"Hey Sora."

"Hey, about the computer…"

"Yeah?" he saved his work and proceeded to proof-read it once again.

"Mind if I use it next time? I mean, the assignment isn't due for another week, so I just thought I'd leave it till later or something." He spoke as he scratched his head.

"Sure, but it's better if you get it over and done with now."

"Yeah, I know. But nothing's coming to me."

"That's because you're not thinking about it."

"That's not true." He pouted and walked over to the study table and grabbed a carrot stick. "I am thinking about it."

"What did you come up with?"

"Err…it's about…a guy…?" he stared up at the ceiling, knowing that Roxas could tell he was lying if he looked directly into his eyes.

"And?" he prodded his brother to continue, wondering if he was just making it up now or whether he actually put some thought into it or not.

"Well it was about a guy, who's…trying to look for…his friends."

"Go on." He was making a mental note of what Sora said, knowing the brunet would probably forget given the chance once he's off the hook.

"So…this guy, travels from…from one world to another searching for them."

"Sounds good. Keep on going." He motioned for the brunet to continue on.

"Aww, do I have to?" he slouched over and let his arms hang.


"Ah man…" he folded his arms, staring up at the ceiling before speaking again. "One of his friends turned towards the darkness. So, err…the guy had to fight the bad guys to get his friend back."

"Ok, what about the other friend?"

"Err, the other friend. Was kidnapped but err went into a slight coma?"

"Cool. When do you plan on writing this out?"

"Write what out?"

Roxas sighed and shook his head. "The story."

"Oh, the story…I forgot what I said."

The blond sighed again and turned his head to the brunet. "I'll type out the summary for you, but you gotta do the rest on your own."

"Yay! Thanks Roxas." He jumped up in victory. "You're my life saver." He gave his younger brother a hug from behind and stared at the screen as Roxas typed out his summary.

"No problem Sora. Just make sure you finish it on time. Sounds like a good story."

"Really? I was just making it up as I go."

"Ah ha!" he swiveled around from his chair and pointed accusingly at the brunet. "So you didn't think about it till I asked you!"

Sora laughed nervously. "Well, you know me Roxas. I'm a procrastinator."

"As always." The blond rolled his eyes as he smiled but they eventually broke into laughter.

They both laughed at each other and continued about their comic-reading and essay-writing.

I plan on making another fiction named, you guessed it, 'The Heart' and there goes the summary part of it. Lol. Wish me luck that I actually do it though.

And there's actually another one too. Lol. And yeah, you get it.