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With every step Axel took closer to Roxas' house, he felt his palms accumulate sweat. He felt his body shake with adrenaline. He felt his mind buzz with the possible questions that might be shot at him. He felt himself growing more and more worried about what the blonds' mother would think about him.

'Would she say yes?'

'Do I look ok?'

'Am I good enough?'

Axel felt his heart skip a beat as Roxas withdrew his keys from his pocket and stuck it into the lock of the door.

He held his breath as Roxas opened the door to the house and stepped inside, calling out to his mother and taking off his bag and letting it sit on the stairs.

His mother called back with a cheerful voice, "Roxas, welcome home." She looked up from her cook book magazine and smiled at the said person. "Hello, Roxas' friend." She laughed a little and waved at the red head.

"Hey mum." His smile faltered as he stopped mid-way into the living room, "There's…" he paused, a small bit of hesitation filling his heart, "There's something I need to tell you." He shuffled his weight from one foot to another, the dread and anxiety building up in his chest. His determination was shot down the drain when he remembered the subject and topic at hand.

She immediately stood up from her seat and walked over to her son, "What is it Roxas? Is there something wrong?" She bent down slightly, reached for the blonds' face with both hands and looked at him. "Are you hurt? Do you feel sick?"

"Nothing's wrong mum…not yet at least." He avoided her eyes, the guilt of liking somebody of the same sex slowly eating away at him.

"What is it Roxas? You're worrying me." She furrowed her eyebrows in worry.

He reached up and held onto her hands, slowly lowering them back down, "Maybe…you should sit down?" He suggested, worried for his mother who might actually fall over backwards and faint.

She looked at he son with worry and fear in her blue eyes but slowly, she complied and sat back down at the dining table.

"I um…" his words were suddenly stuck in his throat and he couldn't bear to look at his mother as the words he wanted to say passed his mind, "The thing is…I'm…" he couldn't force his voice to work with him anymore.

'I can't do this, I can't do this.' He furrowed his eyebrows in slight aggravation before he drew in a breath and held it. The red head finally walked up and stood by him after looming around the entrance of the house.

'No wait, I can do this.' He repeated in his head to give himself more courage, 'I can do this.' It took a while before he swallowed his nerves, sighed out slowly and quietly then inched his own hand towards Axel's and held onto it firmly. The red head squeezed his hand in reassurance.

'This is the part where actions are better than words.' Roxas thought to himself as he finally brought his own blues eyes up to meet his mother's.

She widened her eyes slightly and watched as her son held onto the red head's hand, looking from one boy to another. As she closed her eyes, she covered her mouth with one hand.

Roxas immediately felt his whole world crumble down again and felt that this was a horrible idea. She wasn't ready to know yet. She's still getting over the divorce.

He was just about to let go of Axel's hand and run over to her, maybe tell her it was a belated April Fools ' Day joke or something until she lowered her hand back down and smiled.

She looked at him with kind blue eyes of understanding, "As long as you're happy Roxas, I don't mind."

He felt his words get stuck in his throat as his eyes widened in shock. "You…don't mind?" He managed to mutter out.

"Of course not dear. We're in a world full of constant change."

Roxas smiled in relief and almost laughed.

After a short moment of silence where the acceptance had finally sunken into his mind, did he speak, "Mum?"

"Yes dear?" She felt relieved now. Her son wasn't dying or in trouble. It was just a matter of the heart.

He let go of Axel's hand and walked towards his mother and reached out for a hug. "Thank you…" he muttered out as he let out a sigh of mixed relief and happiness.

Axel couldn't help but smile. He couldn't help but feel so much better now that their relationship is approved of. He couldn't help but wonder if he'll have to start calling Roxas' mother 'Ma' or 'Mum' now. He almost laughed out loud but managed to hold it back.

The first person Roxas told was Sora who told Riku and Kairi, who told Namine. The blonde girl merely giggled as though she had expected it to happen all along.

After that, Roxas told Hayner, Pence and Olette.

Pence and Olette seemed ok by the situation and offered their support. Hayner looked pissed because his best friend turned gay for someone else.

The dirty haired blond looked as though he was cheated out of something.

Hayner scoffed, folded his arms and avoided eye contact, "Whatever, you weren't my type anyway."

Roxas laughed his head off, as did Pence and Olette.

The first person or people Axel told were his group of friends, and they all replied with either, 'Good on ya.' or 'About time.'

There was a snort here, a roll of the eyes there, a look of disbelief somewhere else. Something like that.

The only person who seemed ecstatic about it was Demyx. Good ol' Demyx.

But then again, he was ecstatic about almost every piece of good news that you throw at him.

Roxas and Axel couldn't bear to be apart now that they were officially together.

Well, it was more like Axel couldn't bear to leave Roxas alone. So whenever the blond was gonna go off and spend time with his own group of friends, the red head insisted that he follow.

"Hayner's not gonna like you." Roxas spoke as he tried to bat away the hand that tried to sneak around his waist. "Wait, scratch that, he doesn't like you."

"Well…it's about time he gets use to me. 'Cause I ain't gonna let you out of my sight."

"I'm sure you have an ulterior motive somewhere in that head of yours." He spoke as he walked down the corridors of the school towards the cafeteria where his friends hang out most of the time.

Axel laughed as he followed the blond, "You're right. You might fall in love with that emo-hater."

"I never knew you were so possessive." He rolled his eyes.

"I like to keep what's mine close to me."

Roxas scoffed and pushed through the double doors that led into the main part of the school for social activities. He spotted his friends sitting at a table.

Some waved, some smirked, some giggled. One of them scowled. Roxas tried not to laugh as he sat down next to his brother and the red head sat down right next to him across a certain dirty haired blond.

They all carried out a normal conversation. Talking about book reports here, assignments there, what to do in the weekend, what new games are coming out, the new ice cream parlor that opened up two streets away from their school.

Midway through their interval break, a certain group of people came up to them with sneers and smirks and a look of indifference.

"Oh man, the world is turning gay." The beanie wearing boy smirked as he folded his arms and regarded the group.

Hayner glared daggers at the other boy.

"I've always thought that Roxas was the most normal of the bunch," he shrugged, "Guess I was wrong huh? Turns out you're gay too."

Axel scowled and almost stood up so he could beat the crap out of the smaller blond when somebody got to him before he was half way to standing up.

"Shut the fuck up Seifer," the dirty haired blond stood up and immediately grabbed the collar of the other boy's jacket and dragged him away.

Ria and Fuu was about to follow when Seifer threw them a look that told them to stay away. They shrugged and obediently stayed behind.

Once they were out of ear shot, Hayner let go of the blonds' collar and watched as the other boy straightened his clothes out, "You're gay yourself, so what the fuck are you on about?"

"Geez Hayner, do you have to be so blunt?" he scowled as he shot the other a glare.

"I'm a blunt guy." He shrugged as he looked away, making sure that nobody was close though to hear and making sure nobody followed them.

"Yeah, blunt guy with a sharp tongue." He smirked.

"Only you would know." He blushed as he folded his arms.

Seifer let out a chuckle, "So, after school. Arcade?"

"Sure, I'll kick your ass in Tekken Tag."

"As if you could ever beat me." He smirked as he walked away and motioned for Fuu and Rai to follow. "See ya."

"Whatever." He scowled and walked back to his own friends who regarded him suspiciously.

"What was that about?" Sora quirked up an eyebrow and smirked at Hayner.

"It was about time I told him to buzz off and leave us alone." He lied as he sat down with a huff.

"You were being awfully friendly towards him though." The brunette girl giggled behind her hand, "If I didn't know any better, I'd say that you guys were a couple."

The dirty haired blond boy blushed, "Don't-Don't say stupid things like that Olette."

"Did you just stutter?" the headband wearing boy grinned.

"Of course not, your ears are playing tricks on you." He scoffed as he turned away from the group.

"I guess you were right when you said I wasn't your type." Roxas laughed while Hayner tried to fight the blush that adorned his cheeks.

"Damn right I'm right." He retorted with a huff.

The bell to signal the end of interval sounded and they stood up to head to their next class.

"Hayner." Roxas called out before the said person disappeared from view. He turned back to the red head before walking over to the said person, "Wait for me for a sec ok?" Axel nodded and stuck his hands into his pockets.

Once the blond walked up to the other boy, he raised a hand in a small wave, "Sup."

"Hey, I just wanna say I'm happy for you." Roxas tried not to laugh when he took in the slight blush across the other boy's cheeks.

"Yeah, well…" he looked away and scratched his cheek, "I'm happy for you too."


"If, you know," he shrugged, "If that emo ever makes you sad or whatever…Just tell me about it and me and Seifer can beat him up for you." He offered all the while avoiding the blonds' blue eyes.

Roxas laughed, "Ok, I'll keep that in mind."

Hayner brought his thumb up to his nose and brushed it, "Yeah, see you later." He gave a small wave and walked towards his next class.

The blond waved at the other and a hand drooped over his shoulder, "What did he say?"

"He said he'll wait for me forever and ever." He smirked as he started walking to their third period class.

"What?! I thought he's got a thing for that Seifer guy." He cried out in shock, keeping a firmer grip on the blonds' shoulder.

Roxas turned his head to Axel and looked at him blankly, "I was joking you idiot." He spoke with a quirk of the eyebrow.

"Oh," he laughed, "Yeah well, I'm a cute idiot right?"

The blond snorted, "Yeah sure, whatever you wanna think."

"Hey come on Roxy, admit it."

"No, now get your hand away from my shoulder." He spoke as he brushed the hand away.

They went to the music room during lunch time for their music session. Axel and Demyx paired up for an acoustic guitar piece.

Demyx sang in a slightly higher pitch and in a different melody and tune. But he synced his voice perfectly to Axel's.

"I was born to tell you I love you,
Isn't that a song already?
I get a B in originality." Axel couldn't help but smile as he sang while Roxas laughed.

"And it's true I can't go on without you,
Your smile makes me see clearer,
If you could only see in the mirror what I see."

They had to change a particular word in the lyrics for it to fit. But apart from that, the whole song was perfect.

When the song ended, the red head managed to steal a kiss from the blond before they continued on for another piece.

Roxas' cheeks were colored a pretty pink and the dirty haired blond couldn't help but giggle behind his hand.

On first period Friday morning during P.E class while they were getting change, Axel gave Roxas a light smack on the butt, which made the blond jump up and yell out in shock.

The red head laughed while Roxas gave him a half hearted glare and the other male students stared at them.

On Saturday, after eating a round of sea salt ice cream in celebration of their eleventh week anniversary of friendship, they went over to Axel's house and spent the whole day watching nothing but Disney movies. They threw in The Nightmare before Christmas into the mix as well.

"So, have you found your favorite Disney movie yet?" Axel asked on the way back to Roxas' house.

"Treasure planet was cool. But I think the Nightmare before Christmas is the best. I never knew it was a Disney movie."

"Me neither. I've always thought it was by Tim Burton." He chuckled as he turned the corner down into Roxas' street.

"Well, he is the guy who made it though." He reasoned with a slight shrug. "Touchstone made it first, then Disney came in with better graphics and animation."

"Yeah." He pulled a stopped in front of the blonds' house and pulled the clutch for the brakes. "So, what're we doing tomorrow?"

"What do you wanna do?"

"I dunno," he shrugged as he stared at the red head.

"Oh, I'll buy you another guitar tomorrow."

Roxas felt his lips turn up into a smile, "You don't have to."

"I want to." He was about to lean down for a kiss when he spotted a certain brunet boy smirking and smiling at them from the front door. "We've got company." He grinned and he waved at the other boy.

"Err…" he turned around and spotted Sora, "Oh, ok." He laughed and reached for the door, "I'll see you tomorrow right?"

"Of course." He grinned as the blond got out of the car, waved, closed the door then walked over to his giggling brother.

The next few days passed by normally, with the exception of a kiss here and there.

Come Wednesday though, Axel had been keeping his distance with the blond. Nobody really had any idea why.

Axel didn't come see him first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee in hand, he kept to himself during classes, he stayed with his own group of friends during interval and didn't follow Roxas when he said he was gonna go hang out with Sora and the others for interval break.

When lunch time came and as soon as they reached to the spot under the tree, Axel immediately darted off towards the dirty haired blond and engaged him in conversation and left the blond by his lonesome.

Roxas was starting to wonder if it was something he did today, or yesterday, or the day before yesterday. But every time he thought back, he couldn't really find anything wrong.

In fact, everything between them was fine up until today.

So…did the red head suddenly fall out of love with him?

Roxas couldn't help but feel a slight twinge of hurt from his heart.

"Hey." He walked up to the red head who was in the middle of telling something funny to Demyx. "I'll go see Sora for a bit ok?"

"Yeah, yeah, sure. Don't have to come up and tell me though." He laughed, not even looking in his direction.

"Right." He replied and walked off. His shoulders heavy with burden and his steps weighed down.

He sat down with a huff on the cafeteria bench next to his friends who immediately stopped their conversations.

"Hey Roxas, it's rare for you to hang out with us during lunch." Sora pointed out as he drank his chocolate milk from the carton.

"Yeah, well…" he trailed off, not quite in the mood to talk.

He should've gone to the library instead.

"Is there something going on with you and Axel?" the brunette girl asked as she furrowed her eyebrows in worry.

"Heck if I knew." He shrugged and decided to get up. "I remembered that I left something behind under the tree. See you guys later." He waved and walked away towards a different location than what he had stated.

They watched in worry as Roxas walked away from them. They couldn't help but wonder if the blond and the red head got into an argument.

The red head appeared some minutes later with a grin on his face. "Hey guys, have you seen Roxy?"

They glowered at him and he took a step back when he felt their aura of anger.

"He went back to pick something up from under the tree." Sora spoke offhandedly as he viciously tore into his ham and cheese sandwich.

"Really? Are you sure? I didn't see him on the way here so I figured that he was with you guys." He reasoned as he started looking around for a certain blond.

"Did you guys get into a fight?" a sandy haired blond boy spoke with a glare.

"Fight? Me and Roxy? No." he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion as he stared at the group. "Why?"

"He seemed rather depressed." The brunette girl brought up as she changed her expression from anger to worry.

"Oh." Axel strayed his eyes away, looking somewhat ashamed, "I'll go find him." He moved away and was about to run out of the cafeteria when someone called out to him.

"Try the library!" Sora offered as he stood up from the bench.

"Try that spot behind the science building, nobody ever goes there." Hayner suggested with a slight scowl.

"Yeah," the brunet agreed, "Me and Roxas use to hang around there for a while."

"Ok," he gave them a thumbs up, "Thanks a bunch!" he grinned as he ran as fast as his legs could carry towards the library.

Once he got inside, he tried to control his breathing pattern as he looked around the place while trying to catch his breath. There was no blond hair in sight but he went around the library at least twice before deeming that the blond was indeed not there.

He let out a huff as he ran towards the science building, stormed out the double doors, almost knocking somebody over at the same time and ran onto the grassy area.

He spotted the blond sitting down on the ledge, leaning back on the wall with his eyes closed.

The red head furrowed his eyebrows and took in a deep breath before walking over towards the blond.

He gently kicked his shoes and the blond opened his eyes.

Roxas sat forward immediately and looked up at the red head, his heart feeling a mixture of joy and betrayal.

"Hey." The blond greeted as normally as possible.

"I've been looking for you."

There it was again, that twinge of slight hurt and happiness. "Oh, what for?" his heart hurt to ask that question.

"Do you know what day it is today?"

Roxas furrowed his eyebrows, "It's Thursday." he replied curtly.

"Yes. And?" he expected the blond to continue.

"What?" he snapped a little.

"Come on Roxy, use that head of yours." The red head tapped his forehead as he smirked.

The blond scoffed and looked away, 'Thursday, what's so special about-' he slowly widened his eyes in realization.

"Yeah, finally figured it out huh?" he smiled as he sat by the blond and rummaged around his book bag for something.

The blond watched the red head with mixed feelings of guilt and interest.

"Here," he handed the blond a box, "Happy one week anniversary."

"That's…" he stared at the box that Axel held out, "That's not a ring is it?" he recoiled slightly.

The thought of commitment scared the crap out of him.

Axel laughed and shoved the box towards the blond, "Open it and you'll find out."

Roxas swallowed as he looked at the dark blue velvet box in his hands. He felt his eye twitch.

'Maybe there's nothing inside,' He tried to convince himself, 'Yeah, maybe he's just joking and he's trying to scare me…yeah.' He sucked in a breath and held it and he slowly moved to open the box.

The blond relaxed his features as he stared at the contents of the box.

Suddenly, he felt stupid for ever doubting Axel.

Inside was a pair of silver earrings, the exact same shape and size of the tattoos on the red head's face.

"Do you like it?"

Roxas tore his eyes away and looked up at the red head who seemed hopeful then looked back down at the gift, "Yeah, I like it."

"Good," he let out a noise of relief, "For a second there, I thought you hated it." he laughed as he leaned back on the wall.

"I didn't get you anything though." He suddenly felt ashamed.

"As long as you're with me, I don't need anything else." He smiled as he leaned closer to the blond until their noses touch. "You're all I need to live and breathe." He whispered softly as he reached up with one hand and traced the bottom of Roxas' jaw.

The blond smiled, "Did you get that from a song?"

Axel let out a soft chuckle, "Yeah, something like that."

After school as soon as they dropped some things off and picked something up, they decided to hang around the city center. They walked around, looked through shops, and grabbed a bite to eat at some Japanese joint. Sushi was getting over-rated.

Not to mention expensive.

They stayed at the city for a while, and it wasn't because Roxas wanted to look around for something to give to the red head, of course not.

He was more subtle than that. Or at least, that's what he wanted to think.

Just as they came out of a shop and walked towards another, Axel spotted somebody he hadn't expected to see.

He quickly tried to enter another shop before the other noticed. But unfortunately for him, the other did. He cursed his luck.

"Hey Axel." He greeted the red head as he strolled up towards the two, his silver chain jingling with each step he took.

The said person rolled his eyes, "What is it Jess." He asked rhetorically.

He was the last person he'd expect to see. But he couldn't help but wonder, why suddenly after over 4 months of absence, did he started seeing him all over the place again?

Roxas recognized the other boy as the one that was in the sketchbook. He felt a little intimidated by him.

"Nothing-Oh hey! I know this kid." He pointed to the blond beside the red head.

"No you don't. You've only seen him in my sketchbooks which by the way you had no right looking through." Axel retorted.

"Yeah well, you just left it lying around and shit." He waved the comment off, "Anyways, what's up with the both of you hm?" he asked curiously, eyeing them with a hint of predatory.

"Boyfriend." Roxas cut in before Axel had any say in it, not liking the look that the other boy was giving Axel. 'And why does he look like Zexion?'

The red head quirked up an eyebrow at the blond as he smirked, "Heh, what he said." He shrugged as he placed an arm on Roxas' shoulder.

Jesse widened his eyes in absolute shock and stared at the red head, stared at the blond, then back to the red head again, "Boyfriend? But he's a midget!!" he cried out in shock.

Axel snorted, "Yeah, but he's my midget. Got it memorized?"

Despite the blatant insult, Roxas still couldn't help but feel that warm, fuzzy feeling inside him.

"You see this?" the red head pointed at the red earring that he wore, "It's an earring. And you see this?" he pointed to the other earring that Roxas wore, "It's the other half of the earring. You get where I'm going with this?"

"Hey, it's your loss." Jesse raised his hands in mock defeat, "You don't know what you're missing out on."

"I know, I have everything I need and ever want right here." He smiled down at Roxas.

The other boy made a gagging noise, "Man, I never knew you were this sappy. That's so fucking retarded." He scoffed as he rolled his eyes.

"So get lost then." Axel retorted.

"Fine then, I will." the boy rolled his eyes as he walked past them in the opposite direction of where Axel and Roxas were going.

Only after the other boy was way out of ear shot, did Axel let out a chuckle. "So….After a week, you finally admit that I'm your boyfriend huh?" he smirked at the blond.

"Shut up…" he retorted in embarrassment and gave the red head a light shove and walked away without him. Before Roxas even past a shop, he turned back to the red head, "Are you coming or what?"

"Coming Roxy." He grinned as he took his place by the blond and strolled along the footpath. "By the way," he swung an arm across the blonds' shoulder, "That was the perfect one week anniversary present." He grinned.

"Ok great, I don't have to buy anything for you then." He looked almost relieved.

"You were gonna get something for me?" he asked with a hint of hope and curiosity in his voice.

"Yeah, but since you said that was the perfect gift, I doubt I'll find anything better than that." he smirked as he turned to regard the red head.

"I take it back," he smiled sheepishly, "What were you gonna get me?"

"Dunno." He shrugged, "All the good ideas flew out the window when you said that I already gave you the perfect gift." He waved his hand at the comment.

"Come on Roxy, you're keeping me on the edge here." He laughed as he followed the blond into a shop, hopeful that he'll get something from the blond.

At the end of the day, Roxas surprised him with a keychain of sorts.

"It's called a chakram, whatever that is." He offered as he watched the red head ogle at the gift. "Stop looking at it as though it's the best thing you've ever got." He scoffed as he rolled his eyes.

"But it's the best thing I've ever got." He reasoned with a grin.

"No it's not, you're making me feel bad." He looked away in embarrassment.

"If that's the case, why don't you buy me something else then?" he smirked as he took out his car keys and stuck the keychain on.

"In your dreams."

Axel whined, but he only whined for the sake of whining.

On Saturday, after Axel picked up the blond, he insisted that he put on a blindfold.

"What are you planning?" the blond quirked up an eyebrow in suspicion.

"It's a surprise." He spoke in a sing song voice as he spun the blond around and placed the black cloth over Roxas' eyes.

The blond didn't complain although he did grumble a bit.

"This is just an excuse for you to hold my hand isn't it?" the blond spoke as he tried not to trip over on the ground which he couldn't see.

"Oh, maybe half." He smirked as he walked closer to the car and opened the door for the blond to get into.

Roxas sighed as he slowly got in the car and let Axel put the seatbelt on for him.

It took about ten minutes before they reached their destination, but even then, Axel told him to sit in the car while he got everything ready.

"You're not gonna ditch me and then lock me in the car and then commit a homicide by making me plunge into the ocean are you?" he asked suspiciously.

"Why…of course not…" he spoke in a shady voice and smirked as he closed the door.

Roxas let out another sigh and heard the boot of the car being opened and after a minute later, the boot was closed again and the car wobbled up and down slightly.

The blond sat in the car and waited patiently for about five minutes with the blindfold still on. After five more minutes of waiting, he was about to rip the blindfold off when the door opened and startled him.

"Ok, it's ready."

"What's ready?" he asked and felt the red head lean over him for the seatbelt.

"You'll see soon enough." He chuckled as he took Roxas' hand and led him out of the car.

"Axel." He warned as he heard the door being closed behind him and the car being locked.

"Trust me, ok?" he spoke as he carefully led the blond away from the car towards an unknown location. The blond noticed they stepped off the gravelly part onto a grassy area.

Roxas sighed again and then squeezed Axel's hand the further they progressed along, "Yeah, ok."

They stopped within a minute and the red head moved behind the blond to take off the blindfold.

It took a while for Roxas' eyes to adjust to the brightness of the sun, but when he did, he wondered if they got to the right place.

"Surprise." The red head stood in front of him, "Happy twelfth week anniversary." He grinned, proud of himself.

Roxas frowned then turned to the red head, "Don't you normally do these kinds of things on other types of anniversaries? Not friendship anniversaries?"

"Well yeah, but you know," Axel shrugged, "Our other anniversary is on a Thursday. We can't do anything nice after school." He reasoned as he stepped back and took his shoes off before stepping onto the red and white checkered table cloth weighed down on the corners with rocks.

The blond couldn't help but smile at that weird logic. "Ok, then, whatever you say." He followed the red head and took off his shoes as well. "So, did you make all this?" he asked as he sat by the red head who was rummaging around one of the food baskets that he brought along.

"Yup, took me the whole of yesterday after school and this morning too." He grinned as he offered an egg sandwich wrapped in plastic film to the blond.

"Thanks." He smiled as he took the sandwich, "But you didn't have to go so far you know?"

"I want to."

Roxas smiled as he shook his head. "You and your wants. What about what I want?" he asked rhetorically as he unwrapped the plastic cover from the sandwich and took a bite out of it, "Good stuffs by the way."

"Thanks." He grinned as he started eating his tuna sandwich, "What do you wanna do after?"

The blond chewed thoughtfully before he swallowed, "Wanna go ice skating?"

The red head laughed before he finally answered, "I'm up for it."

"Roxas, Sora. Nice to see that your grades are finally picking up again." Their English teacher Ms. Gainsborough smiled at them as she spoke. "Everything is ok now I assume?"

The blond stared at the brunet and smiled before turning back to the teacher, "More than ok."

"That's great!" she clapped her hands together happily and noticed someone standing by the door, "Oh right, forgotten all about lunch time, run along now." She gently pushed them towards the door. "Good job on your assignment by the way, highest score in the class yet." She smiled as she waved them off.

"See you tomorrow." They waved as they walked by their group of friends who nudged them for answers.

"What did she say?"

"Did you guys get in trouble?"

"Is it detention?"

The red head got in between the brothers and their worried friends, "Oi, oi. Give them a breather ok?" he sighed out before he peered at the blond, "So…are you getting held back a year?" he asked casually.

Some cried out in disbelief, and a few laughed at the red head.

As their friends laughed along with each other, the blond turned to his brother and smiled, "Everything is more than ok, right Sora?"

"Everything is a-ok, Roxas."

Somewhere along the way to the cafeteria, Namine joined them.

"Hello step-brothers." She waved as she walked along side them.

"Oh no! It's the horrible step-sister!" Sora cried out jokingly.

The blonde girl pouted as he put her hands on her waist, "That is so mean Sora. What have I ever done to you?"

"Nothing yet." He grinned, "But we're watching you." He warned as he pointed at her.

"Oh, I'm so scared." She spoke sarcastically as she hugged herself.

"It's so weird how we're gonna be related now huh?" the brunet spoke to his brother.

Roxas shuddered, "I almost went out with my step-sister."

They laughed at him.

They eventually found an empty table to sit at and when they did, they started talking about anything and everything. About school, about the weekends, about assignments and upcoming end of year exams. A few of them cringed at the words.

Everything is normal now. Or as normal as they can be.

"I gotta say Roxy, this has been the best year I've ever had. What do you think?" he asked as he swung an arm over the blonds' shoulder.

The said person took a moment to think back and compare himself from the beginning of the year, till now.

He smiled, "There have been a lot of changes, that's all I can say."

"Change is a good thing." He spoke as he pulled the blond a little closer.

"Only some."

It all started with the acceptance of change and the trading of music.

I'll revamp the whole story next time when I have a better idea of what's really going on. Because right now? I'm in the shitz with it all. Lols. Yeah, I have colorful language don't I?

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