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"Dare Accepted"

The scene of my previous encounter with Steve, my former best friend when I was human, whom I had tried to save from dying because of a spider bite from a spider I had stolen from a place called Cirque Du Freak, played through my mind over and over again. The spider's owner was the Vampire who had blooded me, Mr. Larten Crepsley. He had become my mentor, my father figure, my best friend, and Steve had killed him. I sat in my room at Debbie Hemlock and Alice Burgess's recruitment house. Debbie had been my girlfriend when I first became a Half-Vampire, I met her when Mr. Crepsley, Evra, a friend of mine and a snake-boy, and I went to where Mr. Crepsley grew up. I kept running into her coincidentally, and liked her even more each time I saw her. Alice Burgess, on the other hand, was previously a Police Chief who was going to arrest Mr. Crepsley, our other friend Vancha March, a Vampire Prince, and another friend of ours, Harkat Mulds, a little person. A little person is the soul of an unknown person that has been put in the body of the stitched up remains of themselves; the air on earth is toxic to them so they have to breathe through a mask that goes over their mouth. Anyways, back to Alice, Vancha took her hostage so he could get away quickly by flitting, running at superhuman speed, while I stayed with Mr. Crepsley who had twisted his ankle when we jumped from the building we were being pursued in, and Harkat. Alice thought that we were the bad guys, but then she fought with us in the Cavern of Retribution, which was really made of the sewage tunnels underneath the city where Mr. Crepsley lived, and realized that there was a whole new definition to the word evil. We fought against the Vampaneze, the brothers of the Vampires who broke away from our clan because they believed it was right to kill the victim of their need to drink blood, which Vampires think is wrong by the way. The Vampaneze are ruled by the Lord of the Vampaneze, Steve Leonard, my former best friend who had turned crazy with hatred and wanted to kill me because he thought I had taken his place with the Vampires, but the fact was, I only became a Vampire to save his life, Mr. Crepsley would only give me the antidote for the spider bite if I became his assistant, and besides, Mr. Crepsley said he wouldn't change Steve because he had evil in his blood. Steve was crazy, killing anyone and everyone that stood in his way of killing me. It was ironic though, because I had won, I killed him, and now, the only thing I had to fear, was myself.

My name is Darren Shan, Lord of the Shadows, and Vampire Prince.

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