I do not own Darkwing Duck as much as I want to.

My thanks to Patricia de Lioncourt for allowing me to use 'Where his Loyalty's at' as inspiration for my piece.

I am English and will be using words this side of the Atlantic rather than their American counterparts. This is to avoid any confusion if I were to swap between the two due to ignorance on my part. Therefore, for example, it will be football instead of soccer ball. I will try not to use any overly English expressions.

He who watches

The sun reflecting off the windows of the houses in the street was giving Gosalyn Mallard a headache.

"Geesh, why did I have to forget my sunglasses; they sure would be helping now." She screwed up her eyes instead, squinting against the harsh sunlight. She frowned; for a minute it had looked like there was a pair of eyes peering out through the bushes at her. When she looked again the eyes had gone so she shrugged and continued on her way to 537 Avian Way where her father was waiting for her.

He watched her pause and glance towards him. Quickly he withdrew; it wouldn't suit him if he was spotted by her. That would mean that he would have to keep his distance and take more care not to be spotted as he really didn't like explaining himself to anyone especially not her father. Seeing her move on he pressed himself into the bush again and followed her with his cold blue eyes. As Gosalyn turned into Avian Way these softened for a split instant and he shook his head to remove the image of red curls from his mind. He growled deep in his throat and scowled not wishing the memory of her to intrude upon the job his was pulling. He turned away and walked in the opposite direction; towards his motorbike. Climbing on he quickly revved her up and shot away.

"Dad I'm home," yelled Gosalyn as soon as she had shut the door behind her. "What's for tea? I'm starving."

"Gosalyn it's only four o' clock. You can't possibly be hungry now," Drake replied as he came into the hallway from the lounge where he had been quietly dozing before Gosalyn had woken him with her raucous shout.

"Daad it was baseball this afternoon. We thrashed the other team and now I need food. Speaking of which if it is four, how come you're still in your dressing gown? "

"I was asleep, tea won't be ready for another hour young lady, can't you wait?"

"Hey, I'm a teenager; I'm supposed to have a bottomless pit for a stomach." She tried to sneak into the kitchen to raid the biscuit tin but got stopped by Drake.

"What do you think you are doing Missy?"

"Er, getting a biscuit," she replied in mock innocence. Drake sighed and made his way over to the phone.

"Gos what pizza would you like?"


"Well as I haven't even started making your tea yet I'm ordering in. What pizza would you like?"

Gosalyn opened her mouth wide but was stopped by her father before she could even begin to spout out the lengthy list of her favourite pizza toppings.

"No Gosalyn you cannot have cookie dough with pineapple; try for something remotely digestible."

"Oh Daad. Okay, okay I'll have chicken supreme, geesh."

Drake smirked and finished giving their orders.

"Okay see you in ten minutes. Thank you."

"Umm Dad?"

"Yes Gos."

"Have you ever felt as though you were being followed before?"

"Me? What person alive could stalk the Masked Mallard without him noticing and subtlety turning the tables on the sneaking thief before capturing the overly curious perpetrator to outstanding applause from the grateful citizens from this fair and wondrous city?"

"So is that a yes or a no Dad?"

"Weren't you listening? That was a no. Why do you want to know anyway?"

Gosalyn bit her lip and looked at the floor.

"No reason," she said, looking at him in the eye again.

"Gos, if you're being followed?"

"Dad no one was following me, okay?"

"Okay," he replied looking at her suspiciously. At that moment the doorbell rang.

"Saved by the bell," muttered Gosalyn as Drake went to answer it and pay for their pizzas.

My thanks to all who have read this. I haven't seen Darkwing on television for over ten years though the internet is remedying that problem. Therefore I realise that some of my characterisations may be out sometimes though I will try to be as faithful to the cartoons as I can. Please let me know if I can improve anything or if I have got any facts wrong. Thankyou.