Don't Let It Go To Your Head

By xXxFluffy-Pink-Socks

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I stood in front of the full-length mirror in the bathroom and stared at my reflection with a passive look. I'd gone for a casual look; a white shirt, black jeans and a black jacket. The jacket was actually Iggy's but he didn't seem too fussed about letting me borrow it. I hated to admit it but… I was feeling nervous. Of course, I wasn't showing it, I was just too used to keeping my emotions in tact but I could definitely feel the nerves inside of me.

There was a knock at the door and Max walked in. "I thought we could walk to the diner together," she said, stepping into the bathroom and closing the door behind her. I took in her appearance and realised, grudgingly, that she did look quite nice. Her blonde hair was up in a high ponytail and she also seemed to have gone for a casual look, except she was wearing a green, crumpled t-shirt and a pair of faded jeans.

"How did you know I was decent?" I asked, turning back to the mirror.

"I didn't," Max joked, winking. I held back a grin and instead rolled my eyes at her. "Isn't that Iggy's jacket?"

"Used to be. He doesn't want it. Said it didn't compliment his complexion or something like that."

"He's spending way too much time with Nudge."


There was an awkward pause, while I straightened my jacket, still examining my appearance, and Max shifted from foot to foot, wringing her hands nervously. "You look very dashing, by the way." It was Max who broke the silence. She's always the one to do so. It's just her way. Awkward silences and Max don't go.

"Dashing? Nice word."

"Ah, well, I do have a way with words, don't I?" Max smiled at me. She was always showed her emotions. She had enough openness for the both of us.

"Let's go then." I said, zipping my jacket up and walking past her into the hallway.

"God, how much aftershave have you got on?"

"Max, let's just go."

"Ok," She said, sounding a bit off with me. My suspicions were confirmed when I heard her mutter grumpily to herself, "Was only trying to make conversation…"

We both headed downstairs and into the living room. Angel was sitting by the fire, surrounded by an assortment of wax crayons, drawing what appeared to be a wonky drawing of Max. She kept glancing over at Iggy and Gazzy, who were playing on the x-box that Anne had brought home from work the week before. Iggy had memorised the courses within days and now he was the champion of the flock, even beating Nudge, who usually spent most of her life with her eyes glued to the TV, as she played on the games set. Nudge was currently sitting with Anne at the wooden table, chatting animatedly about her day at school.

"Do you like it?" Angel asked. Max had moved from my side and she was now peering over Angel's shoulder at the picture. She grinned when she realised who the drawing was of.

"I love it, sweetie," Max replied, kissing the top of a joyful Angel's head. She stroked the small girl's hair down and looked up at me, still smiling, "Have you seen this?"

"Yes. The likeness is extraordinary." I ducked out of the way of the cushion thrown by Max.

"Are you going out?" The Gasman asked, not moving his eyes from the woodland racecourse that his driver was now racing on.

"Yep, they're going to the diner," Anne said. She shuffled a pack of playing cards in her hands and began to deal them between three, the one left over pile assumingly for Angel.

"Why can't we come?" Angel asked, pouting at me.

"Because it's a date…" Iggy explained, smirking, as he turned away from the TV to grin at me.

"Dates. We're on separate dates." Max cut in. Her eagerness to get this point across was a bit offending (only slightly).

"Then why are you going to the same place?" Nudge said, "Won't that be a bit awkward?"

I purposely didn't look at Max, or Nudge, and instead glanced at my watch, faking surprise, "Woah. We better get going or we'll be late. It's almost quarter to six."

"No, it's not it's 5:30!" Angel shouted, quite clearly reading my mind, as I was the only flock member who owned a watch and there was no clock in the living room. I pretended not to hear and shoved Max out of the front door. If this was going to be awkward, which I was determined it wouldn't be, then it was best to get to the diner as quickly as possible and then go our separate ways. I didn't want Max, of all people, trying to come between Lissa and me.


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