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Chapter 1: The Different Child

It was long past dawn. The playground had since lost the sounds of happy children chasing around or their chatter as each swing, seesaw or slide was used; they were home now, home to be with their respective parents; to sit around for what would be a satisfying dinner as delicious aromas fill the loving households, children's innocence shielding them from the pains of adulthood; naiveté which make them cheery every day and just simple minds which had no planning for the future, just the thought of the moment of dinner and the smiling family members, that they were, indeed, fortunate to be born in that family.

He was different.

In the very same playground, which was witness to the aforementioned children, covered by the dull lights that were the dimming night, the only noise heard was creaking swings blown by ghostly gusts, hidden behind the ancient large sakura tree situated at the end of the park, was a young boy. He was in a little blue t-shirt and brown khaki pants, both given by his mother on his seventh birthday, with a mop of orange hair on his head. In his hands was a backpack, patterned with images of Felix the Cat and various others, all cats, since it was his favourite animal anyway. The leaves clouding him was like ghosts, hovering him in a kind of darkness that he was accustomed to for all the eight years he had lived in. Wind stung as they landed on the young boy's face, making tears falling unwillingly.

As much as he was different, a freak, unloved, uncared; he was still only nothing but a child.

He only wanted a little gesture of appreciation when he scored full marks in examinations; a happy smile when he come home from school (and a chance to go to school as well); and satisfied looks on his parents' faces at night when they go to sleep, contented that he had made their day for that particular day.

Young Sohma Kyo only wanted all of that; was it so hard to give?

Hugging his knapsack at the hidden corner of the playground; going unnoticed by the dwelling midnight creatures or the alcoholics coming to sleep at their 'heavenly lair', a young boy looked down to the brown sand and cried.

Kyo remembered the day very well, a memory forever etched in his mind for years to come; a scene that will never disappear from his head. It was the day when all the things he feared to happen finally struck, full blown without mercy, to his face.

It was a Monday. Kyo was asleep on his bed, dreaming of all sweet and happy things he had often dreamed of; he was sitting on a bicycle while sucking a lollipop, surrounded by kids his age; who were chatting about their favourite things and not fidgeting from him at all, in a land of rainbows where happiness lived forever. Each of his dream friends wore real smiles; genuine smiles; bidding him into their game of catch. Kyo was joyful too; he giggled silly while trying to touch anyone of his friends. It was blissful; so blissful Kyo would not want to believe it was just a dream. Orange eyes fluttered open; the sleeping figure on the bed was awakened by a call from downstairs.

"Kyo-chan, breakfast's ready!"

"Yes, okaa-san!" Kyo cried, rubbing sleep filled eyes as he headed to the bathroom. He was not different from any other children; he brushes his teeth; he folds his blanket after waking up in the morning; he dresses himself neatly and he was very polite mannered whenever he meets anyone. In fact, if no one had even cared that he was the cursed Cat of the Zodiac, Kyo would definitely had been a model child.

Moments later, Kyo came down from the stairs and sat opposite his mother, who was pouring milk for his cereal, something he loved very much. Actually, Kyo would have skipped the cereal to drink the milk, but he was a good kid. He would not want his mother's face to turn bitter with sorrow just because he did not want to eat cereal. Therefore, Kyo plunged his spoon into the big bowl and begun munching in a satisfied face.

His mother looked at him silently.

If it was anything to get her full unrequited love, he would have obliged. Anything to make her smile at him without fakeness, to let her be happy without restrictions. Any other expression other than fear written all out in her face or disgust that she had given birth to this rubbish named Sohma Kyo. Another glance other than hatred for making her beloved husband, his father, leaving them to fend for themselves long time ago.

Anything other than this dialogue; which she is going to speak now.

"Kyo-chan, why are you a cat instead of a rat?"

"Huh?" Being an eight year old; Kyo was still not entirely perceptive to adult's speeches or the tones underlined in them; but he can tell his mother was in another state of mental distress. He bit his lip, not knowing what reply will make please her.

"Why are you a CAT instead of a RAT? Why must you be the freak of the zodiac?! Why must I be your mother? Why?!" Trembling, her mother stood up and swiped everything off the table; including Kyo's half eaten cereal. She looked at the mess she made with eyes with black lines from nights of insomnia; face pale. Kyo stood rooted on his chair; gulping his saliva, not knowing how to react as his mother's emotions and actions were changing dangerously. They had seen a psychiatrist a week before; the kind doctor had said that the cause of her ailment is due to unbearable stress and inability to control her own emotions.

Where's her medicines? Kyo's head thought frantically as he screened the room. The doctor had advised him; he must be a good boy to take care of his mother; to help her heal. Clearly, he was the reason she was freaking out at this moment. The woman looked at Kyo in an insane expression, as if knowing what he was thinking.

"I threw the medicines into the toilet bowl this morning; you think those medicines of hell can help me? With you here NOTHING can help me!"

"Okaa-san…" Kyo murmured; finally realizing what was happening and ran to his mother, holding her arm tight. "Please calm down! We'll get you to the doctor straight away, all right?"

"No doctor can heal ME when YOU are here!" Her mother shrieked as she ran into another room.

That was the last time he saw her alive.

I'm think its rather different from the anime's version (I haven't read the manga on this scene), but please tell me whether I should expand it or not. Arigato!

Okaa-san -Mother