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Chapter 4: The Reminiscence

Kyo stood at the same bus stop, waiting for Kyoko's arrival. Being wiser than his peers are, he knew what Kyoko's distressed voice tone sounded like; her husband had died. He looked at the passing by cars, feeling that human lives are so fragile. Having a life shrouded by deaths is not something to be proud of, but he knew she needed a friend, and he guessed he had to take that role, to comfort her.

When Kyoko arrived half an hour late, face pale with eye rings, she looked more like one of those fishes that Kyo's mom always bought home to cook. She sat on the seats, taking deep breaths as much as she could, and Kyo let her. He knew she would talk to him when she was ready.

"Kyo, I'm so sorry, I had to take Tohru to the day care before I can some here."

"It's all right." Kyo mumbled. True, he knew that Kyoko's daughter hold greater importance than he did, but he felt somewhat happy that she had still taken some time out to come and meet him.

Ever since that day at the park, Kyo and Kyoko and bonded a firm friendship. To him, she was like the surrogate mother he never had; to her, he was the son she could only wish to have. Somehow, no secrets are hidden from one another, and he had his fair shares of the stories Tohru was told as a child. Smiling slightly once Kyoko had focused her attention on him, Kyo went to pull her up.

"Where are we going today?"

"I want to see Honda-san's grave." If anyone else had said about it to Kyoko, she would probably go wild and hit them, but this was Kyo, and she trusted Kyo as much as she trusted her deceased husband. She nodded and they walked around a few more streets when they reached a temple. Kyo followed Kyoko as she led him to a white tablet amongst all the other tablets, looking inconspicuous as ever, and an empty tablet besides.

"I bought this for myself; I want to be beside him after I died."

Nodding in understanding, Kyo knelted down and touched the inscriptions on the grave.

"You love him a lot?"

"He was the one that rebuild my life for me; sure I do."

"You miss him?"


"If you miss him, just cry out. It's normal to cry; it doesn't show you're weak, it's a sign you're brave for daring to let your feelings show." Kyo spoke, remembering the words of Kazuma, whom he was living with now. Kazuma was, to him, a gentle man, and he loved his mentor, who taught him martial arts and how to read and write, a brilliant philosopher too, something which Kyo liked a lot, since his mom (before her demise) had always said how wise Kazuma was, and how he was able to solve everything.

True, the bracelet on his wrist now was also Kazuma's gift.

Kyoko finally let her tears drop, she bawled like a big baby in front of the grave, not letting the tears stop. Kyo stood silently by her side, waiting for her to stop.

"I will let you meet my daughter soon." Kyoko murmured as she and Kyo returned to the bus stop. "She really is the cutest, most innocent girl in the world."

"I would love to meet her."

"Great! Then I'll make it a date!" Kyoko giggled a little; Kyo could only smirk, as his cheeks were blaring red. Regaining composure, she bent down and kissed his cheek, careful not to hug him. "After all, Tohru said she love the cat the most in the twelve zodiacs."

"I…" Too red to say anything, he could only wave back as Kyoko waved and went up her bus, which had just arrived.

Unknown to both of them, it would be their last meeting.

Kyo sat alone at the roof, looking at the skies. It had been years since Kyoko's death, and although he had not say it to Tohru; he had to agree with Kyoko that Tohru indeed was a cute person, though somewhat eccentric and had on many occasions, made him sweat drop with her antics.


Smiling slightly, he looked into the sky. Many things had happened until then, and he was now a teenager. Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes and felt the sun shining on him.

"Kyo-kun, lunch's ready!"

"Yes, yes…" Kyo murmured as he climbed down the roof, letting his memories drift away in place for happier ones.

There was no need to care for the future, what matters most is now.

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