Final Fantasy VII

The Return Of The Cetra

AN: This story takes place 5 months after Advent Children. And sometimes in this story, some of the Final Fantasy characters will seem OOC and that because it's to get the story to go along and to have some humor to it.

Declaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy or anything that involves it. I do own my OC Tori.


Chapter 1

A Man Named Cloud And The Ride Of Her Life

Tori woke up for the first weekend of summer vacation, which happened to be Monday.

She was a 16 year old with dirty blonde hair was wavy and came down passed her waist. Her skin was pale and on her face she had blue eyes.

Tori went to get dressed in her clothes. She chose to wear her blue jeans with a sleeveless shirt that was navy blue which her 18 year old sister, Ashleigh gave her and wore her light blue jacket to cover her bare arms. She then put on her brown tennis shoes.

When she was finished getting dressed, Tori did her morning routine and had breakfast downstairs. When she was done, she went back upstairs and sat in front of her TV.

Tori turned on her Xbox so that it rejected the disk slot and placed in her favorite movie called 'Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children' so she could watch it for what seem like the hundredth time in her life.

Of course she never played the video game of Final Fantasy VII since she didn't have a PS or a PS2, but to make up for it, she would go on the Internet for information on the game and the things that happened during game play. (AN: True fact about my life, I don't have a PS or a PS2.) The movie took place 2 years after the game.

Whenever she watched the movie, Toru would always make fun of Vincent because he didn't have a phone. At one point of the movie when he said, "Where can I buy a phone?" she would always say, "At Verizon Wireless!" And Tori also called Cid the 'Adam Saintlier wannabe' since he kind of looked like the actor himself. It was then that Tori's mom came into her room an then started to talk to her 16-year-old daughter.

"Tori, I need to take Jackie to her audition and watch her. I need you to stay here and take care of the house." Said Mom. "It will only take an hour for the audition to finish and I'll be back as soon as I can."

"So, basically it'll be 7:30 by the time the audition ends?" Stated Tori.

"That's right." Said Mom. "I'll leave you in charge of the house until then. Bye"

"Bye Mom." Said Tori.

It was then that Mom left. Tori was now home alone, since Ashleigh was at her friends house to spend the night and her dad was at work, and now her mom and her little sister were going to an audition.

Tori continued to watch her movie. 30 minutes later she was at the part where Cloud's fighting with Sephiroth. Tori always like this part of the movie because of the action and that it had the song called 'One Winged Angel' which she called the remix because the original song was an orchestra-like version while the movie's version was like a mixture of both orchestra and heavy metal.

When the movie ended Tori went downstairs to get something to eat. When she got down the stairs she went into the kitchen and started searching the refrigerator for a snack. She pulled out a cheese stick and started to eat it from the wrapper.

It was right when she finished eating that she heard the doorbell ring. Tori's heard shot up at the sound of the doorbell and with a looked of surprise on her face.

"I wonder who that could be." Thought Tori. "Why would anyone come here at this time of day? I just hope it isn't one of Jackie's friends coming to torture me again." (AN: Another true fact about myself. My little sister's friends do come over every day.)

It was strange that the person wasn't ringing the doorbell again or knocking on the door for an answer, which told Tori that it definitely wasn't one of Jackie's friends. Tori walked over to the entrance hall and towards the door. When she opened the door, Tori was surprised to see a tall young man waiting outside patiently.

This man was at the height of 5'9 and looked to be at 23 years of age. He had spiky blonde hair, wearing a pair of sunglasses, which made it hard to tell what his eye color was and on his left ear was a silver earring, and on his hands he wore black leather gloves.

He wore a navy blue sweater that had a zipper instead of buttons that was a little open and on his right side of the shirt was sleeveless whit the other side had a long black sleeve that was like that of a Harry Potter robe with a metal shoulder pad that had what looked like a silver lion head with a hoop in it which had a black belt to hold something like a thing that held a sword to the man's back and he wore black pants and on his feet were black boots. Like the left side of the man's shirt, he had a half of a HP robe that was like a skirt that was black which was held up by the chest belt and (which was connected to) the belt around his waist.

The man was thin and his chest, arms and body were muscular. Somehow, this man looked familiar to Tori.

Tori looked behind the man and saw parked in the driveway was a weird looking motorcycle that was huge, which she determined belonged to the man in front of her. She returned her attention to the man who was looking down on her.

"Can I help you, Sir?" Asked Tori.

"Is this the Stam Residence?" Asked the man, who (Tori noted) had a familiar voice.

"Yeah." Replied Tori. "Are you looking for one of my parents?"

"Yes, you could say that."

"I'm sorry to tell you, Sir, but no one besides me is around the house at the time." Stated Tori. "My mom will be back in an hour so I'll allow you to come inside to wait for her. Would you like to come in?"

"Yes." Replied the man.

Tori moved out of the way so the familiar looking man could come inside the house. She then went to the kitchen. When she got there, the man sat down in a chair at the table in the kitchen and looked at Tori.

"Would you like something to drink?" Asked Tori.

"Yes please." Replied the man.

"Does a soda sound okay to you?"


Tori then went into the refrigerator and got out a Coke for the man. She walked back over to the man and gave him the cold can of soda and went to get a glass of water from the fridge. She then sat down in the chair on the opposite side of where the man sat.

"How much hair spray do you use to keep you hair spiky?" Asked Tori.

"I don't use hair spray." Said the man, while opening the can of soda. "It's naturally like this."

"So his hair's naturally like that." Thought Tori.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you my name. My name is Victoria, but everyone calls me Tori for short. And you are…?"

It was after taking a sip from his soda that the man answered.

"Name's Cloud."

"His name's Cloud, as in 'Cloud Strife'? That can't be right. Cloud is a made up person from Final Fantasy VII." Thought Tori.

"You must be joking." Said Tori.

"What do you mean 'I'm joking'?" Asked Cloud.

"You can't be serious about your name. You can't be 'Cloud Strife' can you?" Stated Tori.

"That's exactly who I am."

"I don't think you get it 'Cloud.'" Said Tori, emphasizing the name 'Cloud'. "Cloud Strife is a fictional character from a video game called Final Fantasy VII and in a movie which takes place two years after the came called Final Fantast VII: Advent Children."

"What can I do to prove to you that I am Cloud Strife?" Asked Cloud.

"Um… Why do you cover up your left arm like that? I have an idea it's not for style now, it is?"

"I had it covered up because I had geostigma o my left arm. But since I don't have it anymore, I wear it just for style."

Tori then thought of another thing to ask, his eyes.

"Can I take off you sunglasses? I want to see if your eyes are really as they had portrayed them in the movie."

It was then that Cloud nodded yes to Tori.

Tori then walked over to Cloud and placed her hands on the sides of the sunglasses to pull them away from his face. She pulled the glasses away from his eyes slowly as if she were hesitant on doing so. When she had fully removed the sunglasses, Tori gave out a soft gasp.

What she saw weren't normal blue eyes, for they were as blue as the sky and appeared to look a little darker.

"No way." Said Tori in disbelief. "Your really are Cloud Strife."

Tori then sat down in her chair and looked at her hands.

"I'm sorry for not trusting you, Cloud." Said Tori.

"It's okay." Said Cloud. "I didn't expect you to believe me at first."

It was then that Tori looked up at Cloud with a confused look on her face.

"What do you mean by that?" Asked Tori.

"Exactly what I said." Replied Cloud.

"Then you're not here to see my parents, are you?" Asked Tori. "There's a different reason why you're here, is there?"

Cloud nodded yes to Tori, and then spoke.

"There's a reason why I came here, and it wasn't to see your parents."

"So…why did you come?" Asked Tori.

It was then that Tori saw Cloud tense at her question, like just saying what she said brought back a memory from long ago. I took a couple of seconds for Cloud to relax.

"It's because I have to get you out of here fast." Answered Cloud. "Soon it will no longer be safe for you here."

Tori's eyes widened at this reply from Cloud.

"No longer safe? Why? What going on?"

"It's because Sephiroth's after you I have to take you back with me to my world in order to keep you safe." Replied Cloud. "We must hurry if we're to get there before he finds out that you live here."

"Why's Sephiroth after me?"

"There's no time to explain." Replied Cloud, while putting on his sunglasses. "I'll tell you once we're back at Tifa's bar. Follow me."

Tori didn't press Cloud further into telling her why and followed him outside and into the driveway to get on his huge motorcycle. The seat was so big that it could fit two people comfortably. Cloud got on his motorcycle first and Tori got on second behind his seat.

"Tori hold on to me and don't let go, no matter what happens." Said Cloud. "I'm going to go fast and the last thing I need is for you to fall out and kill yourself."

Tori then started to blush, but held her arms around Cloud's waist. This blushing got worse when she did this.

Cloud put his motorcycle in reverse and moved out of the driveway to get going. When he backed out, he made his vehicle go forward and with incredible speed they were driving fast. Tori yelped in fright when the motorcycle went fast and closed her eyes. As Cloud made sharp turns, Tori thought she was going to fall of and was scared that she actually would.

She was now wondering if he was going past the speed limit. Tori opened her eyes and looked over Cloud's shoulder and saw that the speed they were going read 200 on the speed monitor!

"Cloud, are you insane?!" Cried Tori. "You're going 200 miles per hour for crying out loud!"

"I have to unless you want Sephiroth to find us faster!"

"If we live through this Cloud, remind me to slay you!"

It was then that Tori felt Cloud tense again, but this time she knew that it couldn't be by what she said this time.

"Whatever you do, don't look back or up!"

Curiosity got the better of her and Tori looked back up to see that they were being chased by monster. She then looked up at the sky behind them and saw a person with one black angel wing on his right side and had long silver hair. Tori knew right away who it was and paled. It was Sephiroth.

Tori then turn back to face forward and buried her face in Cloud's back.

"I'm sorry, Cloud." Said Tori "I looked back."

"It's okay. Sephiroth now know that I have got you! We need to get to the portal!"

Tori then closed her eyes shut tightly. She admitted to herself that she was scared out of her mind.

Just then Tori felt something hit her left arm and a burning pain spread through her body starting from her left arm, causing her to cry out in pain. Tori looked at her arm and saw a burn mark on it. She then buried her face in Cloud back again.

Everything then started to sound distant and she could hear Cloud's voice echoing through her ears.

"We're almost to the portal, Tori. Hang on!"

Every sound around her started to get more distant as time passed. The sound of the motorcycle was getting more distant to the point that it sounded like it was miles away from her. Just then every sound that was loud and near her disappeared from her hearing and everything went dark.


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