3.00 am, in bed

Okay, it's not that late is it?

Maybe it is, but it's not my fault I cant sleep! This always happens to me before the start of a new school year. I get butterflies, which is weird because the only other way I get butterflies is when I look at George Michael's abs. But that doesn't happen too much with me living at Hogwarts totally away from television.

Its funny how that happened, I couldn't imagine what my life would be like without it and now I don't even bother.

Oh my god!, school tomorrow!

And I made head girl, so even more pressure for me besides the N.E.W.T.s, how great is that?

Yeah not so much.

Although I cannot wait to see my friends again, I have written to Fiona, but meeting her in person will be so much better.

And I saw Anisha on holiday but unfortunately she just happened to be leaving the day we arrived, but I wrote to her as well.

Ugh! Need the loo now.

Be right back.



Anyhoo, there is one thing I am dreading tomorrow, meeting the Marauders, thankfully I've had a pretty Marauder free summer, except for when I went to Diagon Alley, I saw Peter, but he's okay in a boring, don't really care if he exists kind of way.

If James bloody Potter asks me out one more time this year, I swear down I will rag his gorgeous hair out!!

Erm… I didn't say gorgeous did I?

Cross that last bit out, I will rag his annoying, messy hair out.

That's better.

Anyway back to the point, James sodding Potter is and always will be a pain in the butt.

'Lily flower will you go out with me? Come on you know you're secretly in love with me!'

Absolutely not!

But nooooo, does he get the hint?


No with a capital N.



And then there's his sidekick Sirius Black, who totally has it in for me ever since the day I stood on the Gryffindor table in our fifth year yelling 'Sirius Black you ignorant fool! You think you're so it but this is what I think of you!!' and then of course I poured a glass of pumpkin juice over his head, but you'd think he would have gotten over it by now.


No with a capital N.


Silly bastard; can't stand his own life so he has to make mine a misery, but he can be funny at times.

I said at times.

The only Marauder I can stand is Remus Lupin, who is actually quite cool.

We study together and do prefect rounds, I bet he made head boy. He would be perfect for it.

Yay! I made head girl.

Oh Merlin! it's half three.

Better go sleep now.

It's school tomorrow.

See that was me yawning.

I'm off.

7.30 am

That idiot who I am forced to call a sister is not getting out of the toilet!! Stupid cow! She knows I've got to go Hogwarts today, but she has to bloody hog the toilet!

Oh thank god she's out.


Morning, about half seven

Yes! I am ready! And I don't mean to be bigheaded or anything but I look fanfreakingtastic! I swear I was flat last year, but my boobs are ginormous now, in a good way.

Hehe, so happy! Oh, mum's calling me now; she's going to drop me off to the station.

In the car

I went in the car, it was a long ride because ever since the whole me being a witch thing, we don't really have much to talk about, and dad's always working and I don't get to talk to him either. I guess in a way I'm upset that we're not as close, but I love being a witch.

It's my whole life now.

Mum pulled up the car.

'You don't have to go come all the way there if you don't want to,' I said.

'Don't be silly dear, get the trunk out I'll just park the car and come see you off,' said Mum.

I walked into the station with my trolley, feeling confident. Hey, what's not to be confident about?

I look gorgeous (again, sorry for the over-sized ego).

I'm head girl!

I'm going away for almost a year!

I get to see my friends!

Okay, here goes…

At the station

I ran through platform 9 ¾'s.

Here I am.

Deep breaths Lily don't panic like you did in your fourth year.

Woo hoo! I just saw Fiona.

Now Fiona Potter (You guessed it! She's actually related to James sodding Potter, they're cousins, oh how I feel for her) is what you call absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, she has dirty blonde hair that came down to her waist. She is about 5"6, the tallest out of the three of us. She has deep blue eyes and tanned skin. You'd think someone as good looking as her (and be related to James Potter) be extremely bigheaded (cough cough James Potter cough cough), but no, she is one of the nicest people ever.

'Fionaaaa!' I shouted.

'Lilyyyy! She shouted back.

Oh how I missed my friend who is as crazy as me.

We ran towards each other in a dramatic Romeo and Juliet kind of way and hugged each other.

'How have you been?' she asked.

'Good, I have missed you so much though! Where's Anisha?' I said.

'She's back there talking to the 'rents' said Fiona pointing towards Anisha who was talking to her parents.

Now Anisha is what you would call unique, she's from the Indian wizarding world, but she was brought up in England. She is really pretty; she's got long, dark hair, with really soulful brown eyes. She's also a great friend, and totally mentally retarded (hyper) like Fiona and me.

Of course none of them share my temper.

'Be right back Fiona darling, got to say goodbye to my mum,' I said.

After saying bye to mum, I walked up to Anisha and there was another round of screaming (Anishaaaa! Lilyyyy!) that sort of thing.

'Come on beautiful people let's get our trunks on the train,' I said to them.

I wonder where the Marauders are.

And no, I am not looking for James!

But I wouldn't mind seeing him right now.

Wait no! I didn't say that!

My mind is just a bit off today, with all the nervousness and such.

I do not want to see James Potter; oh there he is now, trying to get his trunk onto the train, oh, and there's his crew aka the Marauders.

I wonder if I should say hi.

Lily Evans what has gotten into you?

'Oh Merlin! You guys find a compartment, I dropped a bag,' I said to my friends, who nodded in reply.

Now where is that bag of mine?

Oh, found it.

Okay now how do I get this big fat trunk of mine onto the bloody train?

I bent down to get my bag. When I got back up my trunk was on the train. Now how did that happen?

I turned around to see who had helped me, to find myself staring into a pair of hazel eyes.


'Uh, thanks,' I muttered.

And yes! Shock and horror! Instead of saying something normal like 'Why no problem Evans, now as I did you a favour will you go out with me?' he said, 'No problem Lily.'


Potter just called me Lily instead of Evans or Lily flower, I should probably start talking to him or he'll think I've gone bonkers just staring into space like that.

Not that I care what he thinks of me.

'Are you okay Lily?' he asked me.

'Uh, yeah I'm just fine, peachy keen actually,' I said.

Peachy keen?

What the hell I wrong with me???

'Um, right, so you got head girl? I knew you would, congratulations,' he said.

'Thanks, Potter,' I said, getting on to the train.

'No problem Lily,' he said, and then he went off.

Right, so this world makes no sense.

James Potter was actually being okay to me, he actually called me Lily, and he did not ask me out.


In the compartment

I told Fiona and Anisha what had happened, to be honest they haven't been very helpful.

'Lily, I always told you he was a nice guy, somewhere deep down' said Fiona.

Thanks Fiona, big help you've been.

'Fiona honey you have to say that, he's your cousin and you grew up with him,' I said.

'So what? I still think he's an arrogant prat, that doesn't stop him from being an okay guy and all,' said Fiona.

'And he is fit,' piped up Anisha.

'Ew,' said Fiona and me together.

'Hey! You're just saying that because he's your cousin, and Lily you just have to be contrary,' said Anisha.

'Anisha what are we going to do with you?' said Fiona dramatically.

'And since when do you know the word contrary?' I said.

'Oi! I know big words as well, and aren't you supposed to give a meeting to the prefects or something?' said Anisha.

Oh Merlin!

Forgot about that.

'Got to go!' I said and dashed out of the compartment.

In the Head's compartment

'Sorry I'm late people, I forgot we had a meeting and then I was talking to my friends…' I said panting as I ran in the head's compartment.

'It's okay, we haven't started yet,' said a soft voice.



'Potter? What are you doing here?' I asked him.

'Erm… I'm head boy,' he replied.

James Potter? Head boy?

You have got to be kidding me.

I think I said that out loud.

'Excuse me?' he said.

'You made head boy?' I asked.

'Yeah, is that so hard to believe?' he said.

'Kind of, is this some Marauder prank? Because if it is, I am seriously not laughing,' I said sternly.

'I'm afraid not Lily,' piped up another voice.

Remus didn't make head boy?

James Potter did?

'Oh, erm, okay then,' I said.

'Here are your schedules, Moony hand them out will ya?' said Potter.

I went up to James. He didn't say anything, but just nodded at me.

What the hell??

No, 'Hey Evans, looking gorgeous as usual?'

No, 'Will you go out with me Evans?'

Oh Merlin.

What is wrong with the world today?

I glared at him. He gave me a quizzical look.

'What now?' he said.

'Nothing,' I said.

'Well then is there any reason why you're giving me dirty looks?' he asked.

'I am not giving you dirty looks!' I said furiously.

How dare he say that?

Okay maybe I was, but how the hell did he get head boy?

Its absurd!

'Really? I don't remember that being the permanent way of your face,' he said.

I glared at him even more.

I think Remus sensed the tension because he came over.

'Hey Lils, Prongs you coming?' he asked.

'Yeah,' he said, and before leaving he turned around to take a look at me and then left.


So Remus didn't make head boy, and instead that prat Potter did. I know Dumbledore's been known to do crazy things… I just didn't realise how crazy.

Back at the compartment

'James Potter got head boy! Potter got head boy!' I shouted.

'Yeah, I know,' said Fiona.

'You knew? You bloody knew and you never told me?' I demanded.

'Well, what was the point? You'd just worry yourself over the rest of the summer and shout anyway, and it's not like you could have done anything about it, yelling or no yelling, he's still going to be head boy,' said Fiona the smart ass.

I crossed my arms and sat down with a scowl on my face.

'Calm down Lily,' said Anisha. 'So what if he made head boy? Dumbledore probably thought that he would be a good one, or else he wouldn't have been made him head boy would he?'

Great, my two friends, the smart asses.

'So bloody what?' I said to her. 'I still have to share a dormitory with him!'

'And? Oho big dilemma,' said Fiona sarcastically.

Just then there was a knock on the door and Sirius Black and James Potter entered the compartment.

'My, my Lily flower, looking spectacular as usual, you too ladies,' said Sirius with a wink.

Fiona smirked a smirk that said 'Yeah right, in your dreams.'

Anisha smiled at him, that girl is too nice for her own good.

I glared at him, 'What do you want Black? We're in the middle of a conversation,' I said.

'Whatever, now come on Padfoot,' said James.

He ignored me!

How dare he?

I should be ignoring him! After what he did to me!

Okay fine, so it wasn't his fault he got made head boy.

But I'm still angry!

'We were just wondering if you ladies minded if we joined you in your compartment, maybe a game of Exploding Snap, or wizard chess perhaps?' said Black, ignoring his friend.

'Sure,' said Anisha.

Like I said, way too nice.

Fiona and me glared at her. She gave us a 'calm down fusspots,' look.

'Really?' said Black surprised.

'Fine,' said Fiona. 'But no pranks Black, because it will be the last you ever do.'

'Oh it someone's time of the month,' said Black knowingly to her.

Now if he had said that to me, I would have probably bat-bogey hexed him then and there.

But like I had said before, my friends didn't share my temper. Instead she calmly stood up and (YES! SHOCK AND HORROR!) kneed him in the privates.

He groaned in pain whilst all of us laughing our heads off, including James. He glared at us.

'Touchy, touchy,' he managed to get out as he moaned clutching his privates.

'Oh shut up Padfoot, you're just going to end up getting hit somewhere else,' said James. 'I'll go get Moony and Wormtail, you girls budge up so we all can fit in here.'

In the compartment with the Marauders

After several games of exploding snap, a couple of games of wizard chess, lots of junk of the trolley, I was knackered.

Peter was asleep snoring at the end, Remus was asleep as well, Fiona's head lolled around on Sirius' shoulder while they both slept, Anisha had gone to meet some of her friends from Ravenclaw.

It was just me and James awake, and he was sitting right across me.

Oh awkwardness, why must thee do this?

We kept glancing at each other but none of us said anything. I opened my mouth to say something but I closed it again, I mean what am I supposed to say?

He's been ignoring me for time now, I mean yeah we played exploding snap just then but all we said was things like 'Pass the cards' or 'I win/You lose' or the occasional ha ha.

For six years now, I have not sat in the same room with James Potter for less than ten minutes without him having something to say to me, usually something like 'Will you go out with me?'

I am so not used to him ignoring me.

Not that I care if he does or not.

'Galleon for your thoughts' said James.

Hah! I knew he'd finally crack!

Go me, go me, go me!

I should probably say something.

'They're not that interesting,' I said,

Aha, very nicely done Lily Evans.

He nodded, 'Yeah right, I'd love to know what goes on in that pretty head of yours,' he said.

You do not wanna know.

'You don't wanna know Potter, believe me' I said.

He grinned, 'Sure, so how come you found it so hard to believe that I got head boy?' he said.

Well because for the past seven years you have been an ignorant prick who thinks that rules are beneath him.

But I didn't say that.

Okay yeah I did.

'Well because for the past seven years you have been an ignorant prick who thinks that rules are beneath him,' I said.

'Ouch,' he said. 'I guess you're right though, I'm surprised myself that I got head boy!'

'Dumbledore has been known to do crazy things,' I said.

'True, but they usually turn out for the best,' said James.


'Yeah I guess you're right Potter,' I said.

'Potter? What's with you always calling me Potter?' he said.

I don't call you that in my head!

'Well you always call me Evans,' I said.

'Do I now Lily?' he said.


'Fine, James,' I said.

He grinned, 'Cool,' he said.



Did I just sigh?


Oh Merlin.

In the Great Hall, finally

Okay, so we're in the hall, on the Gryffindor table, and we're sitting next to the Marauders for the start of term feast.


Sirius and Fiona seem to be getting along, and Anisha just gets along with anybody.

And here's the weirdest part, James is ignoring me… again!

He's flirting with this sixth year.

Man whore.

I'll just talk to Remus, so in your face Potter!

'What's up Lily?' he asked.

'Nothing,' I said. 'Why?'

'Well… you've been glaring in that direction for a while now,' he said pointing towards James.

I gave Remus a push, 'No I was not! Anyway how's your summer been?'

'Okay, I spent half of it at Godric's hollow, James's house, and that's about it,' he said, 'Yours?'

'Same, I went on holiday to France, wasn't exactly fun though because my dad was working, mum and Petunia kept going shopping, so I basically just hung around the pool, on my own,' I said.

'Why didn't you go shopping? I thought girls loved doing that?' he said.

'Not this girl, and besides, Petunia wouldn't want me to come, you know what she's like,' I said.

He nodded knowingly, 'I know what it's like when people are afraid of you,' he said.

Poor guy, in our third year I found out he was a werewolf. I told him last year during prefect rounds that I knew, he expected me to walk away, but I'm not like that, being a werewolf is just a small part of him, the rest of it is a pretty nice guy.

Petunia mostly doesn't like me because she's scared of me, how pathetic.

'Things been hard for you?' I asked.

'Kind of, the guys are great about it though,' he said.

'They know?' I asked shocked.

'Course they do,' he said as if this was the most obvious thing ever.


'Evans pass the potatoes,' said James.

So we're back at last names are we Potter?

Well two can play at that game.

'Get them yourself Potter,' I said. Remus passed it to him.

I glared at Remus, 'You are way too nice Remus, sometimes I think you and Anisha would make a good couple,' I said.

SHOCK AND HORROR! Remus blushed, or maybe it was the trick of light.

'I'll take that as a compliment,' he said.


'Anyway, why do you have to be so mean to James?' he said.


But nooooo, I'm the mean one aren't I?

'So what if I am Remus?' I demanded. 'Incase you didn't notice he's not the nicest guy on earth either, I mean he turned my hair green last year! And you're telling me I'm mean?'

'Lily, incase you didn't notice the guy is crazy about you, turning your hair green is his way of saying I love your hair or something,' he said.

'He is not crazy about me,' I said.

Well not anymore anyway.

I think Remus knew I was thinking this, because he shut up.

Oh god, James Potter is not crazy about me anymore.

I should be celebrating, but why do I feel like shit instead?


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