Daddy Dearest

By: Sparky the Wonder Weasel

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(After parachuting onto his aunt's farm with his dad's gift) Here you go, Mom. Dad left it at home so, uhh... the mosquitoes wouldn't get it!

Jack: That's right! (Whispering to Danny) Good boy, you're getting a raise in your allowance for this.

Danny: I have an allowance?

Chapter 1

Jack Fenton had been sulking down in the basement lab for nearly a hour. His mind wondered as he lazily assembled a new invention.


"Hey Danny!" Jack yelled as he slapped his son playfully on back, but sill caused the boy to stubble forward.

"Hi dad." Danny answered as he scanned his father, searching for any weapons that might pose a threat. He sighed with relief when he didn't see anything.

"How about we head down to the fair Danny? What'd ya say?" Jack wanted to spend more time with Danny, maybe even make a Danny action figure to complete his collection.

A look of panic, mixed with horror flashed across the halfa's face. He did love his dad, but being seen in public with a man in an orange day glo jumpsuit wasn't something that any teenager enjoyed doing. "Well dad…I was…going to go with…Tucker and Sam. Yeah, with Tucker and Sam." Danny lied, well half lied anyway. He was going to hang out with Tucker and Sam, but they were going to go on patrol.

"Oh" Jack's face fell, he really wanted to go with Danny. He remembered how Danny loved to go to the fair when he was little. He would hold onto Jack for dear life when they went on roller coasters. "Well then, have fun Danny, and keep your cell phone on." Jack then gave Danny a fifty dollar bill, warning him not to spend it all on food.

Danny starred at his father, seeing that he had upset him some way, but then shrugged it off and took the money. He said 'thank you' and 'bye' and then he was out the door.

End Flashback

Jack had brought himself down to the lab to try and cheer himself up. Usually he got really excited about creating something that could kick ghost butt, but the moment he really didn't care. He had the feeling that he and Danny were drifting apart, just like Maddie had. But Jack would never be invited to a father/son science seminar, that was a given.

After an hour of placing some odds and ends onto the weapon, Jack realized he had completed it.

A smile crept across his face.

Jack dashed up the stairs, which was surprising due to his massive size, with his newly created weapon in hand.

"Jack dear, where are you going?" Maddie asked as she saw her husband rush by her. She was in the kitchen trying to come up with some new cookie recipes. So far she had created a double fudge, ranch dressing cookie. Jack would be so happy when she was done. She knew he was depressed, and was surprised to see him once again happy.

"Look at this Maddie!" Jack's voice boomed as he waved his new invention over his head. "It's the Fenton Spook-be-Gone 5000. It will tear a ghost apart molecule by molecule!"

Maddie raised an eyebrow. The Fenton Spook-be-what? I think I should come up with the names of these inventions from now on...But Maddie never voiced her opinion, she just smiled at Jack. "That's nice dear."

"I'm going to get Danny, and take him out for a ghost hunt! Maybe we'll run into the ghost boy!" Jack gave his wife a kiss on the cheek and he was out the door, heading for Amity Park's fifteenth annual town fair. It didn't take him long, even though the fair was on the other side of Amity Park, they way Jack was driving the Fenton Family Ghost Assault Vehicle he got there in three minutes flat.

Jack parked the vehicle, also known as the RV, and headed for the ticket booth. But before he got there he saw a flash of white, black, and green out of the corner of his eye. "Ghost!" He yelled at the top of his lungs as he dashed towards the ghostly battle taking place.

Jack easily identified one of the spooks who was engaged in the battle, but the other one he was drawing a blank. The first ghost was defiantly Danny Phantom, and the other one looked like a robot, a robot with flaming green hair.

He stood there dazed for a few minutes, soaking up the fight. It was quite funny hearing the two ghosts fight. Jack had to admit, Phantom did have some pretty good 'Witty Banter'. When Jack finally came back to reality, he knew what he had to do; he needed to catch these ghosts and win the respect of not only the town, but also his son.

Even though Danny had told him that he was proud of him, Jack could still see that Danny was embarrassed that he was his father. But catching these ghosts would change all that. Jack was sure of it.

Out of nowhere he whipped out the Fenton Spook-be-Gone 5000 and aimed it at the quailing spectors in front of him. "Eat hot Fenton Spook-be-Gone spooks!" He yelled as he took aim for them.

Jack fired in mid run, but tripped over a rock and then he was introduced to the pavement. Jack isn't the best aim, but every now and then everyone gets lucky. When Jack tripped his blast was sent on the correct path, and indeed hit its intended target.

Skulker saw the blast coming and barely got out of the way. Danny, however, wasn't so lucky.

Jack squealed like a little school girl as he saw Phantom being engulfed in the green blast. Jack's smile slowly turned into one of shock as he watched what his new invention was doing to the ghost boy.

Danny felt like he was on fire. He screamed out in agony. Soon the world around Danny was changing. Was it just him, or did the world seem to be growing? Oh man, is my dad shrinking me again!?!

As Danny shrunk, his memories started to fade; Freshman year, junior high, grade school, all gone in a blink of an eye.

Soon the world stopped growing. Danny looked at his gloved hands making ecto-energy course at his finger tips and smiled. He knew he was a superhero, and by golly was he proud of it.

Jack looked at the small boy who now stood, or floated, in Phantom's wake. He looked like a three year old. Jack looked at his newly created weapon. "That wasn't supposed to happen." Jack mumbled. Phantom heard this and his smile grew upon seeing the orange clad man standing a few yards away from him.

He quickly ran up to the man and attached himself to his leg. "Can we go to the fair now Daddy!?!" The little ghost pleaded.

Jack starred at the miniature version of Danny Phantom that was clinging to his leg, Jack did want to go to the fair…wait a second…"Did you just call me 'Daddy'?"

Skulker grinned. This was a very productive fight after all. My employer will be quite pleased to hear that Danny Phantom has now been turned into a toddler. He let out an evil crackle as he took off into the sky, leaving a very hyper Danny Phantom and a very confused Jack Fenton behind.
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