Daddy Dearest

By: Sparky the Wonder Weasel

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Chapter Six

Jack: So while we're waiting for the fish to bite what do you say we um reads (Father/Son Relationships for Stupids) do a little Father/Son bonding, spend some quality time getting to know each other better.

Danny: Are you reading that out of a book?

Back in Amity Park Jazz, Sam, and Tucker were in the Fenton's living room trying to come up with a plan to rescue Jack and Danny.

"We could take the Spector Speeder into the Ghost Zone and try to find them?" Tucker suggested.

"That's a great idea Tucker, except Mrs. Fenton is down in the lab." Same replied sarcastically.

"Chill, it was just a suggestion." Tucker scoffed as he flopped down on the couch. "If you have any idea, I'm all ears."

"Well, we could…uh." Sam mumbled as she tried to come up with a plan.

"That's what I thought." Tucker smirked.

There conversation was interrupted as Mrs. Fenton walked into the room. "Oh hi kids! Back so soon? Where are Jack and Danny?"

"They…are…bonding?" Tucker offered. A pleased smirk spread across her face when she bought it. Some people are to easy.

"That's great, but I figured you kids would be out all day since its so nice out." Maddie said as she gazed out the window.

"Well mom a ghost showed up and everyone scattered. So we figured just to come back here." It wasn't a complete lie, and Danny always said you should sprinkle your lies with some truth to make then more believable. "And Danny Phantom showed up took care of the ghost." Jazz quickly supplied when she saw that look in her mother's eyes.

"Oh, well would you like some cookies? Fresh from the oven." Maddie started to direct the trio to the kitchen.

"Actually mom, we were going…" Jazz started but was interrupted by her mother.

"Nonsense Jazz. Enjoy them while you can. When Jack comes home they will disappear before your eyes." She wandered over to the fridge and retrieved a carton of milk to go with the cookies.

Tucker rolled his eyes. "Well we already seen him disappear once today."

That comment got him an elbow in the stomach courtesy of Sam. "What are we going to do?" She whispered.

"Don't worry guys, I'll think of something." I hope so. Jazz thought as her mom placed a hot plate of cookies in front of them.

Vlad breathed a sign of relief that he didn't know he was holding as an irate Jack Fenton faded from his view. He knew that once Daniel had transformed that Jack would have figured it out. He may call Jack a buffoon but he knew that Jack wasn't a complete idiot. But he never thought he would have put it together so fast.

Vlad looked down at the unconscious boy who shifted in his arms. An evil smile grew across his face as he flew through his portal into his lab. Even though Maddie wasn't here, and Jack was still alive, he had finally won. Daniel was his.

With some effort the Box Ghost picked Jack up off the rock by grabbing him under the arms. He grunted as he flew higher into sky. "Might I suggest you go on a diet!"

"I'm just big boned!" Jack shouted, offended by the ghosts suggestion. And you're one to talk, looks like you were a bit chunky when you were alive.

After five minutes of quietly flying through the Ghost Zone Jack whined "Are we there yet?"

The Box Ghost sighed, "No. I, the Box Ghost, have to fly some more. Beware!"

"Beware of what?" Jack asked curiously.

"Me! The Box Ghost, all should fear me and my cardboard doom!" The ghost wailed.

"Ok, ok, calm down. I was just interested that's all." Jack tried to settle the ghost down, he didn't want him to accidently drop him. He gulped as he glanced down.

Awkward silence fell between the two as they continued there flight.

"There it is…" The Box Ghost trailed off as he slowed down in front of a giant purple football.

Jack just blinked as he took in the sight. "Don't most ghost's lairs have doors?"

"Plasmius isn't like most ghosts." The Box Ghost said as he set Jack down on the thin ledge just to the side of the football.

"Well, I guess I should thank you for the ride." Jack grunted as he pushed the football out of the way to reveal a swirling green portal. Whoa, this looks just like the Fenton Portal!

"As long as I get my beautiful boxes it was worth it!" He shouted. "I, the Box Ghost will show up to claim my prize tomorrow. And uh, good luck with Plasmius Ghost boy's father!."

"It's Jack."

"Jack, I like that name. I will name a box after you!" Jack gave him a quizzical look. And with on final beware the Box Ghost disappeared.

Jack turned to stare at the swirling vortex in front of him wondering what would be awaiting him on the other side. Clutching his ecto-weapon he gulped and stepped through the portal. He had to get his son back. Daddy's coming Danny, just hold on.

Jack was amazed at what he saw. He was in a lab that looked eerily similar to his own. Except this one was pristine. No ectoplasm on the walls, no weapons in various forms of completion and nothing seemed out of place. "Spooky" He whispered as he gazed around the lab. Rooms this clean always gave him the creeps. That's why he always felt out of place on the rare occasions he was invited into the museum that the Manson's called a home.

Since the ghost did not appear to be in the lab at the moment Jack put his weapon away. Maybe I can find a better weapon around here. He thought as he started to rummage through the many draws and cupboards adorning the nearest wall.

Tweezers, flashlight, pencils, paper, a Green Bay Packers mug, pictures of Maddie, cheese…wait a second. Pictures of Maddie?! Sure enough Jack was holding a stack of pictures of his wife. They were all candid shots, one of her shopping, one of her gardening, but the one that sent shivers down his spine was the one of her washing the dishes. That photo was taken from inside their house.

What the Hell does this ghost want? Jack fumed, the pictures crumbling in his fist. Calm down Jacko you can deal with that later. Just find a weapon, then go find Danny.

Opening up one of the cupboards Jack found an ecto-gun that looked suspiciously like the Fenton Ghost Bazooka. After inspecting it for a few seconds he decided that it didn't just look like his weapon but it was an exact carbon copy except instead of his super cool FentonWorks logo this one had the name Plasmius plastered on its side.

So not only has this ghost taken pictures of my wife from inside our house and kidnap my son, he also stole my inventions! Jack was livid. Enough was enough. "It's time to take this ghoul down once and for all."

Walking towards the only visible exit his grip tightened on his new found weapon. His resolve faulted for a second as he stared up at the darkened stairwell. Even though he was a ghost hunter Jack couldn't help but be scared. "This is it Jack, time to get your son back." Will one more burst of confidence, he headed up the stairs, not knowing what would greet him at the top.

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