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AN: I know that I should be working on 'Watchtower' and I actually have the next chapter all written out. I'm just ironing out all the details. So for now I'm here to present another Chloe/Oliver fic for your reading pleasure. This is a what-if story, what if Chloe met Oliver before Lois. Set during Season 6's 'Wither'. I'm going to try and incorporate the plotlines from the actual show, but giving it the Chlollie twist. Now, on with the story...

When Ollie met Chloe

Chapter 1

And so they meet

Oliver Queen knocked on the door. There was no answer. He knocked again. Still no answer. He peered through the glass window. It seemed like no one was home.

Oliver, by virtue of being, was not a patient man. He disliked waiting. But more importantly he disliked being stood up. Granted Senator Kent was well within her rights to refuse a meeting with him, but he actually thought that he had similar ideals with the government official. Thus the setup for a meet and greet was arranged months prior. Only now it would seem that the senator was MIA.

"No one's home." an amused voice broke through his inner ramblings as he continued to peer through the window.

He turned around and found himself looking at a petite blonde woman. Probably a few years younger than him. "Your presence contradicts your statement." Oliver smirked at her. This may be the infamous Lois Lane that his assistant kept ranting about.

"Yeah well I don't live here so I stand by my assertion." she smiled at him in return.

Oliver walked over to where she was. "I was suppose to meet Senator Kent." he allowed his eyes to survey the woman who incited such an honest reaction from his typically self-possessed employee. She was wearing a black all-star converse, a pair of dark blue jeans and a bright red hoodie. She didn't seem like the type of person who would be working for a senator. Her outfit was too casual.

"Was she expecting you?" she tilted her head slightly and looked at him speculatively.

Oliver raised a brow at her question. "Of course she is. I wouldn't just barge into the home of a state senator without so much as an invitation. I was told I would be met by her assistant actually." he reciprocated her speculative look.

Her brows furrowed. "Oh of course. You're from Queen Industries. Lois told me to let you in." she nodded and then marched to the door, opened the knob without hesitation.

His expression became completely blank as he realized that no, it was not Lois Lane that he was talking to. Unless of course Lois had the habit of referring herself in the third person.

She opened the door wider and looked at him expectantly. He had no choice but to enter the kitchen. The unknown woman closed the door behind him with such flourish and asked if he would like something to drink. He settled for a cup of coffee, his answer seemed to please the blonde, she smiled widely as she took out two cups from the cupboard and poured the coffee.

"I thought you said you didn't live here. You seem to know where everything is." he commented offhandedly as she brought him the cup, along with the sugar and crème, he supposed she was expecting him to make his own cup.

She glanced at him and then she shrugged. Obviously she was not going to say anything in reply.

They were both sipping their respective beverage quietly.

"Oliver Queen!" the blonde blurted out loudly.

Oliver almost choked on his drink. He shot her an annoyed look. Clearly manners were unheard of by the blonde one.

"You're Oliver Queen. I knew you looked familiar!" she grinned triumphantly.

"I believe I've been severely handicapped. You know who I am but I still don't have a name to match such an attractive face." he gave her a charming smile.

She seemed to find his action completely amusing since she tried to stifle a giggle. "Does that usually work?"

"Does what work?" his smile disappeared at her expression.

"That charming act of yours. I suppose the second you smile like that women would typically go gaga over you." she smirked at him.

"Typically." he returned her smirk, completely entertained by this blonde creature.

"Then again couple your good looks with your reputation and your immense wealth, they really don't stand a chance do they?" she gave him a conspiratorial smile.

"No, they usually don't." he nodded admittedly. "I still have yet to procure a name out of you."

She looked thoughtful for a second before she shaking her head at him, "No, I don't think I would oblige you, after all you with your great wealth and influence could very well discover it on your own." her smiled became impertinent.

Before Oliver could muster a response the door to the kitchen opened and enter Senator Kent.

"Lois, is that Oliver Queen's-" Martha Kent seemed surprise to find the blonde billionaire lounging in her kitchen, sharing a cup of coffee with the unidentified blonde.

"Hi Mrs. Kent!" the blonde one greeted her with such enthusiasm. "Lois is on a fact finding mission so she asked me to wait for Mr. Queen until you got back. And now that you're back I'm off." she got up from her chair and walked over to the sink where she proceeded to wash her cup.

"Well I appreciate your being here-"

"No problem Mrs. Kent. I was in the neighborhood anyway." she obviously cut off the senator just before her name was blurted out. "Bye Mrs. Kent, bye Mr. Queen." she waved at them and walked out of the door.

Oliver couldn't fight off the smile that her exit brought to his face. She was still too stubborn to let him know her name. He was both entertained and charmed by the blonde one. And extremely motivated to find out who she was.