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The sound of exploding mortar shells and the rattle of gunfire kicked up the sand and split the surf as another platoon of American soldiers charged from the boat, firing at the Japanese troops charging out of the jungle in a hail of gunfire. Behind them, in bursts of flame and smoke, the Naval Destroyer blasted away at the same soldiers.

"Down!" A commander shouted, pulling the nearest man to the ground with him as a grenade sailed over their heads, coming to rest in the sand behind them before exploding in a burst of smoke and shrapnel.

The Japanese soldiers scattered before a rain of bullets, tree bark splitting apart and clouds of dust filling the gaps between the foliage.

A tense moment passed…

Then the soldiers came running from the trees, casting panicked looks behind them as they screamed and shouted in Japanese.

"Fire!" One of the American soldiers yelled. At his word, a hail of gunfire met the Japanese soldiers, cutting through them like a thousand daggers as their bodies fell to the ground. But then, as the gunfire ceased, there was something else… it sounded like a thunder racing towards them, shaking the Earth…

"They weren't charging," an American commander whispered quietly. "They… they were running."

Suddenly, the jungle seemed to explode before a mass of dull-grey scales and muscle as the Godzillasaurus tore out onto the beach, bellowing into the air.

"Jesus…" The commander gasped, before regaining his wits and shouting "Fire! Fire!"

Even through the storm of bullets, the Godzillasaurus lashed out, snatching soldiers between its jaws or crushing them underfoot in a hellish frenzy of savage snarls. Its territory had been invaded. That was all it knew, and it was all it needed to know. It would strike back, as its instincts demanded.

"My God…" The Captain of the ship stuttered as he watched the saurian tear into his men.

A few more Japanese soldiers burst out, freezing and watching in terrified, amazed silence as the dinosaur- a real, living flesh-and-blood dinosaur- tore through the ranks of the American forces.

Then came the even louder sounds of the ship's guns flaring to life, and the shell collided with the side of the creature's head in a shower of burning flesh. The Godzillasaurus bellowed in pain as it fell sideways to the ground, further projectiles slamming mercilessly into its chest and stomach.

The bombardment ceased, the creature now lying on the ground, groaning miserably.

Finally, it rose, staggering back towards the jungle as its entire right side was consumed in burning pain, shrinking back into the trees.

At last, overcome with dizziness and agony, it fell.

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