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The family is supposed to be a haven in a heartless world. Christopher Lasch

"Louis, you got a letter," Gary handed over an official-looking envelope.

Louis took it, keeping one eye on the video game. If Romeo got shot, he'd win. Then he saw the letter, and started breaking out in a cold sweat.

It was from the state. He had gotten four other letters looking exactly like this, informing him that he'd be moved, once again, to another house. Please, no, let me stay. He didn't notice everyone staring at him as he opened the letter with shaking hands.

"What is it bro?" Romeo had seen the envelope. He wasn't stupid. He was still hoping that it didn't mean what he thought it meant.

Louis looked up from the letter, horror-struck. "My ― my dad's out of jail."

Romeo let out a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding. Louis wasn't leaving. Not yet at least. "That's cool."

"No it's not." Louis looked frightened, more so then when he had thought that the letter was sending him away. "It's not cool at all."

He sat down on a chair, looking at the letter and noticing that his hands were shaking. He wanted to make sure he'd read it right. He had. His dad was on parole. He was requesting to see him. He wouldn't let him.

"What's the matter, Louis?" Gary was next to him. The noise from the video game was gone a second before Romeo sat down across the table. "I didn't even know your father was in jail."

"Yeah, he was put in jail after he ― did some stuff to me and my mom. And now he wants to see me." He felt hot tears of anger and hatred flow down his cheeks. His hands were now shaking so violently it threatened to tear the paper in half.

Romeo shook his head. He was amazed that Louis had been living with them for over a year and he still knew so little about his past. "I'll tell dad. Don't worry Louis, he won't get within hundred yards of this house." The way Louis was acting scared him. A lot.

"Yeah. Yeah, okay." Louis sounded tired and disbelieving. "We'll try that." He looked out the window, half-expecting to see a man hiding there in the bushes.

Knowing his father, that was very possible.

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