A/N – My first story about one of my favorite TV Shows, Prince of Bel-Air! Just a 'normal' day on the Banks Residence…

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Will: Yo' Carlton I told you already…

Carlton: Oh come on will, please explain it to me. You weren't clear!

They get into the house; Carlton apparently is begging Will to tell him something. How to get a girl maybe? Anyway, Will starts to make a sandwich while Carlton follows him around.

Aunt Viviane: Hey kids! How was your day at school?

Will: It was good Aunt Viv', how are you?

Carlton: Hi Mom…

A.V: Aw Carlton honey what's the matter?

Carlton: Will won't tell me why can't I go out with him and Jazz tomorrow night and score some honeys…

A.V: I'm sure Will has a very good reason…

Will: Yeah, cuz we want them to come towards us, not away from us!

Carlton: I'm not a woman repeler!

Will: When was the last time you was in a room with a girl that wasn't more than 5meters away from you??!

Carlton: That's not fair, you know we're in an all boys school!

Will: Hey I'm on the same school as you and last night I was in bed with 5-

Aunt Viv' started to glare at Will

Will: …with 5 pictures of pretty girls … on my nightstand…

Carlton: Well thanks a lot Will…

Goes away with his head down.

A.V: Now do you need to be so mean to your cousin?

Will: Now come on Aunt Viv'… You know Carlton is impossible around girls!

A.V: But you have to give your cousin a chance…

She leaves the room leaving Will to his thoughts (that's a funny one.)

Will: To take Carlton, not have girls but be nice to your cousin… To not take Carlton, have girls and not come back home until 6 a.m. ….? Well…I guess I gotta do what I gotta do.



------Next Morning-----

Ashley: Hilary, I need you to help me.

Hilary: Say no more Ash! What is it?? You need fashion advice??

Ashley: No…I need you to help me with my room. I told Mom I was going to clean it but I totally forgot! You have to help me!

Hilary: What? I'm not cleaning your room…Go ask Geoffrey!

Ashley: -moans- Geoffrey! Can you help me clean my room?

Geoffrey: Why Ms. Ashley, I cleaned it this morning!

Ashley: I know… But I need to clean it again…

Geoffrey: Oh well… I'm not but a humble servant, I'll get right to it.

Ashley: Thanks!

Will: Yo G' what up?? Hey did you clean my lucky drawers??

G' : Yes Master William, they are in your bedroom.

He leaves the room and goes clean Ashley's room.

Will: Hey any of you wanna come and help me wax my ride??

Ashley: Oh sorry Will, can't… I have to ahm…go…see if it's raining!!

Hilary: I just don't want to…

Carlton comes in.

Will: Hey Carlton wanna come help me with my ride?

Carlton: No, I'm probably too much of a loser to do that…

Will: Come on you're not still mad at yesterday are you…??

Carlton: Yes I am Will! You never let me do anything with you and your friends! I'd let you hang out with my friends!

Will: That's ok you can have your hand puppet all to yourself…

Carlton: Don't be saying that about Binky!!!!

Hilary: Your hand puppet creeps me out Carlton...

Carlton: Why?? Because I'm too old to enjoy the pleasures I once had as a child?? We are never too old to remember our past times! All our best memories come from when we were small!

Will: Yeah and because Carlton is STILL small, he has Binky.

Hilary: It's not because of that… It's because it has those horrible clothes on it. Poor guy should wear something a little more fashion…

Carlton: Fine, you can all make fun of me… I'm leaving!

Will: Tell Binky I said hi!!

Uncle Philipp: Kids, come here!! I have something important to tell you!

Will: You're going on a diet?????

Unce Phil: …

Hilary: You're going to win more money daddy???!!!

Uncle Phil: …No, no diet and no more money…

Carlton: Did you meet President Bush and he told you I can be the next President???

Uncle Phil: No son I did not meet President Bush thank God…

Ashley: Are you going to buy me a poney???

Geoffrey: Am I getting a raise sir??

Aunt Viv': Are you buying me a new car??

Jazz: Am I allowed to be in here without you throwing me out???

Jazz: AAAAAAAAAHHH –gets thrown out of the house-

Uncle Philipp: Will you please make me finish?? These news are important but for me!

Will: You' sayin' we finally have a Pizza Hut on the garage???

Uncle Phil': NO! The big news is…

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