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Uncle Phil: The big news is…I'm quitting my job!

-All gasp-

Hilary: What??? Daddy you can't do that!!!! How are you going to give me money??

Ashley: No daddy, how are you going to buy me a poney??

Geoffrey: There goes my raise!...

Aunt Viv': And what about my car??

Will: No pizza hut?

Carlton: I can't be President with a poor father!...Think of the shame!!

Uncle Phil: Will you all shut up??... I'm quitting my job because I found something that's better for me to do… Something where I can use my strength in!

Will: Summo wrestlin'?

Uncle Phil: MENTAL Strenght Will!

Aunt Viv': Honey what will you be doing??

Uncle Phil: I'm going to become…Superior Court Judge!

-All cheer-

Hilary: But that means more money Daddy!!! Woooo I'm going to go and do some shopping right now!

Aunt Viv': That's wonderful! How did you get that job??

Uncle Phil: Well I talked to some people and they all thought I'm the right man to sit and do justice!

Will: I think they all just want u to sit on the bench instead of sitting on them' criminals…

Uncle Phil: One more joke Will and you're grounded!

Carlton: Dad I think it's wonderful! Now, as a superior court judge, will you have connections with important people?

Uncle Phil: Yes Carlton if I meet Bush I'll introduce you to him…

Carlton: Oh great dad thanks!! I'm gonna go and tell Binky!!

Will: No I think it's cool ur new job and all Uncle Phil'! Congratulations!

Uncle Phil: You're still grounded for coming home at 6a.m.

Will: Damn it!

-leaves the room with Ashley, Leaving Aunt Viv' and Uncle Phil alone-

Aunt Viv': Well I like it… What do you say me and Mr. Judge jump to the Jacuzzi?...

-looks seductively at him-

Uncle Phil: I say court dismissed!!!

-he picks her up and go off to the Jacuzzi-

------Next Morning------

Will: Hey yo hey judge!!! And how are you today??

Uncle Phil: What do you want Will? Don't ruin this for me I had a perfect night…

Will: Yeah I know my room is next to yours. Anyway I just wanted to tell you …I need your help.

Uncle Phil: What did you do this time????

Will: No chill' out Uncle Phil. I didn't do anything; it was this dude that did it to me…

Uncle Phil: What happened?

Will: well you see, me and my posse a few nights ago were really hittin' it on! And then, she's all like 'oh baby come to crib' and I mean I can't resist them humps you know what I'm sayin'? …

Uncle Phil: he he Word!

Will: Well then, things went on and I left her house a bit late, wasn't gonna stop that in the middle was I?

Uncle Phil: So let's say…you came back like…6a.m?

Will: How did you know??? Wow you're the most intelligent man there is Uncle Phil! Anyway, dis guy, dis … lawyer…he grounded me! Now you, as a superior court judge, can you do anything about it?

Uncle Phil: Of course I can Will.

Will: Oh great thanks Uncle Phil!

Uncle Phil: You're grounded for two weeks!

Will: What??? I got a Lakers Game this Saturday Night!!

Uncle Phil: Well you should have thought of that before you messed with your posse's humps and MY curfew…

-crowd wooooos-

Will: Bxxxxx Well you… I… I'm gonna… Do nothing before your big vein pops out.

Hilary –that comes right in- : Daddy can I borrow £500?

Will: Not now Hilary, the big vein in his forehead is about to explode.

Hilary: Oh it's when his eye starts twitching that the problem begins.

-Uncle Phil's eye starts twitching-

Will : Ruuuuuuuuuuun

Hilary: Not too fast I have my Prada shoes on!!!


Ashley: Geoffrey, can you help me with my homework?

Geoffrey: Of course Ms Ashley, what are you studying??

Ashley: Immigration.

Geoffrey: I'm sorry, mine never came through…

Carlton: Good morning everyone!!

Will: Why so glum chum'?

Carlton: Well it's a good day for me!

Will: What Binky been telling you jokes all night? Said he woooooved u?

Carlton: No and please stop making fun of my hand puppet.

Ashley: Well he has a point there… I'm younger than you and I don't have a hand puppet…

Carlton: You have no friends either!

Will: If she has more than one, she has more than you do…

Aunt Viv': Kids stop fighting and let's watch the television! Your father is going to be on it! They're interviewing him.

-They all sit on the sofa-

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