Emma wore her comfy grey pants and a white tank top. She slid into bed and turned to lie on her stomach getting comfortable in her blankets. It was good to be home...but not good to be lonely. But she could feel him.

"I know your here" she mumbles from her pillow in the dark room, the view went near the window where Jay stood inside her room.

Jay straightened up, his heart jumped. He didn't know she relised he was there. He was just watching her sleep...like every night. He had to make sure she was okay. "Why won't you talk to me?" he blurts out.

Emma snickers, her back still to him laying in her bed "Guess" was all she says.

Jay huffs going closer to the bed "Why are you riding me?" he snaps, first he hates being played with, he hates being confused over a teenage girl and now he hates that she's mad at him.

"Why are you here?" she finally turns and sits up on her bed.

Jay opened his mouth, closed it...thought about it and opened it "I'm watching your back" he wanted her safe so that was true, no lie. But he was also here just to see her, what? He was in love alright?

"Don't you mean my neck?" she taunts bitterly and glared, he swallowed hard while glaring back. That hit him hard...good, now he knew what pain she was in. Emma got out of bed and went to her dresser getting a bottle of water.

Jay followed her over there "I'd never hurt you and you know that" he confirms with a stern look and Emma turns, he stared down at the blonde goddess who put hands out shrugging.

"Do I?" she asks looking around trying not to look at him or else she cried, her eyes were already tearing up. Emma shook her head "Cause it's a little too late to be saying that when it's already been done. But don't worry. I moved on" as she said that he cringed. She went around him "To the living..." she taunts again.

Jay's heart fell and turned, he grabbed her to turn her to him "And look where it got you" he snapped back refering to Connor and Emma's mouth fell. He actually just said that?! Even Jay was a little surprized about his out burst but if this is the way Emma wanted it? So be it.

"Do you know how bad I felt when you just left me alone?!" she exclaims, her tears now showing and he softens. He felt so horrible.

"I'm a vampire Emma" he said and she saddens.

"So that makes you so scared to be with me?" she says quietly and his blue eyes fell into her browns sinking deeper and deeper... "I don't get if your a vampire, even if your some poor guy on the streets.." Emma said.

Jay let out a sigh of relief. She was too good to be true. He rested his forehead on hers, slipping his hands in with hers "This could get out of control" he says softly, ready to kiss her as he lift her chin.

Emma closed her eyes with him moving in "Isn't that the way it's suppose to be?" she whispered against his lips and he softly pressed his on hers and it grew passionate, kissing until breathless to just do it against and fall on the bed.

Emma wrapped her arms around his neck and he held her tighter and tighter. Being involved with a vampire was great and all, specailly if its Jay, but it takes a lot of nerve. She'd have to be causious and many other things...this world wasn't a save place. Oh...and it's just the beginning for them...

Espashally for her.

From far off an old enemy of Jay's that was a girl watched the two in Emma's household. Jay's girl was a pretty little thing, noticed the stranger...a body of a goddess and hair of the sunlight. The stranger girl smirks and her eyes flashed gold, she turned and saw the full moon, hollowing to it. It was just the start.

if I was beautiful like you

oh the things i would do

those nice of blast

will be calling out murder

and i'd laugh

getting away with it too

if i was beautiful like you

i would walk throught the rain

with the raindrops

but that will never be

no that will never be

cause im not beautiful like you

im beautiful like me

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