One early May morning, Tom Hanson walked into the Jump Street Chapel ready to start another week of being a teenager in high school bustin' kids for position. As he walked in he had a weird feeling this week might be different.

Doug was sitting at his desk not saying a word or even saying hello. Tom walked up to him and saw that his mouth was swollen. "Doug, are you alright?" Tom ask as his friend looked up at him in pain.

"Ir cahet halk mah mouf horts!" Doug muffled but Tom couldn't understand him.

"Doug do you have marbles in your mouth? I told Dorothy that it wasn't a good idea for you to watch 'My Fair Lady'" Tom said shaking his head. "Spit out the marbles, you're going to shallow one." Tom said putting his hand in front of Doug's mouth as he wait for him to spit out the marbles.

"Ter nhot marbells" Doug said again with muffle.

"Doug just got his wisdom teeth pulled on Saturday." Harry said as he walked up behind Tom. "You know he was complaining the last three month. I finally convinced him to go see a dentist and he said that they needed to be pulled."

"Ooooh." Tom said, as his mouth remained round "Sorry, there pal. Why aren't you at home in bed?"

"Because he insists that he come in to work and finish the paper work he forgot to do last week because he was in pain." Fuller said coming up to his officers. "Tom, I have a message for you from a… Melissa Burbank. She said that she is an old friend and would like to meet up with you. Your mom told her where you work."

Tom looked at his captain. "Melissa Burbank? Did she say anything else?"

"Do I look like you secretary?" Fuller said a little annoyed. "I just have her number." He gave it to Tom and turned around mumbling to himself.

"Looks like Tom might have a date." Harry said with a smile as he looked at Doug who smiled as well.

"I don't even know…who she is?" Tom said looking down at her name on the piece of paper.

"Your mom said that you guys are friends." Harry said standing up and picking up the phone. "Call her." He said demanding. "If your not interested then I get first dibbs."

Tom looked at Harry with an evil look, then his face softened and he sigh. Harry with the smile on his face took the paper from Tom hands and dialed the number and handed Tom the phone.

"Hello?" was a voice from the other end of the phone. Tom wanted to hang up but Harry didn't let him.

"Hi. Melissa?" Tom said glaring at Harry then looked at Doug who was smiling.

"Yes?" The voice spoke softly.

"This is Tom. Tom Hanson. I was told that you called me." Tom said feeling stupid for taking to this girl he didn't know.

"Tommy! It is so good to hear from you. Do you remember me?" The voice was friendly.

"Should I?" Tom said as he closed his eyes tightly.

"No, probably not. You mother barely remember me. I moved away when we I was like seven or eight. I was just looking at old pictures and I thought it would be nice to, you know sit down for some coffee."

"You know what I don't…." He was going to decline but Harry and Doug were on their edge of their seats and shaking their head and waving their hand and mouthing 'NO! You are going'. "I don't think I have plans for lunch tomorrow.

"Great. You know where Skyros is?" She asked sweetly.

"Yeah, I've been there once or twice." Tom said smiling to himself.

"Meet me there at 1:30?" She said.

"Yeah.1: 30 it is." Tom said " See you tomorrow."

"See ya Tommy!" Then she hung up.

Tom looked at Harry and then to Doug and to Harry.

"It looks like Tom has a date tomorrow." Harry said elbowing Doug little.

"Don't you have work to do Harry." Tom said glaring at his friend.

"Yeah. Yeah." He said then went back to his desk.

Tom turned and looked at Doug who was giving him a goofy look. Tom shook his head "You know they should fix you teeth more often, Then I don't have to listen to all the comments you would make right now."

Doug took a pen and paper and wrote something down and then handed it to Tom. It read: 'You dog you.'

Hanson crumpled up the paper and threw it in Doug's face. "I have work to do." Then he went to his own desk.