Tom sat there in the middle of the empty restaurant. The only other costumer was a man sitting in the corner close to the kitchen. Tom didn't like the look of the man; it was as if he was spying on him. This was ignored when his attention was brought to the door. This tall woman walking through the door, her long black wavy hair flowed behind her. Sunglasses covered her eyes, until she swept them revealing sea green eyes. She smiled when she saw Tom sitting there staring at her.

"Tom, Tom Hanson!!" The woman said with excitement.

Tom pull himself together, he stood up like a t gentleman and pulled out a chair. "Melissa!"

"It's been so long Tommy. How have you been?" Melissa asked as soon as they first sat down.

"Good, I guess. You know being a cop. Arresting people. There really nothin more to my life then that." Tom said trying not to look anywhere but this womans face.

"That is so interesting. I never thought that you would turn out to be a cop. But then your dad was one so I guess the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree." She smiled at him.

Tom ran his fingers in his hair and looked away as he laughed nervously. "Yeah, I guess."

They sat in silence for a while when Melissa finally spoke again. "You don't remember me do you Tom?"

"No.I really don't and I am sorry. We went to school together?" Tom asked.

"It's alright if you don't remember me Tom. It has been a while. Me on the other hand have a way to go of a memory. I remember almost every moment since i was two. I remember one time there was a big thunder storm and I walked two blocks and snuck into your room just to feel safe."

"Really, you remember that?" Tom smiled.

"Yeah, I do. You know our time that we spent together may have been short lived, and I wish we had more time together. That's when I moved her and found out that you still live here. I want to get in touch again. And here I am." Melissa smiled at Tom for the tenth time.

The waitress came by to take their order "How can I help you today?""

"Can I have the Chicken Creaser salad, with a lemon slice? And green tea." Melissa said a smile still on her face.

"Sure." The waitress said writing down the order, "and you?" She said turning to Tom.

"I will have the Cheese Burger, with a side of mashed potatoes, and coffee."

"Great." She said finishing writing the order. "I'll be back with your drinks."

Tom nodding his head and looked back at Melissa, "So you know that I'm and undercover officer and I know nothing about you."

"Well, I went to collage and now I'm working as a social worker for underprivileged kids." She said as the waitress brought their drinks.

"So I arrest the teens and then you try to get them back on their feet. That's what I call a group effort." Tom had a cricked grin, as he sipped his coffee.

"Something like that, we already have so much in common." She grinned at Tom as she crossed her legs and grazed Tom's knee with her shoes.

Tom chuckled nervously "Melissa. What is...?" Tom was interrupted by the waitress.

"Tom Hanson?" Tom nodded his head. "There is a phone call for you."

"Can you take a message?" Tom asked not wanting to leave Melissa alone.

"She said it was urgent. She said she was your mother."

"Will you excuse me? I got to take this." Tom said with a remorseful face. Mellissa nodded her head in understanding.

Tom stood up and followed the waitress to the phone line. Then he nodded his head to her to thank her.

"Hello." Tom said harshly.

"Tommy," There was a loud sob on the other side of the phone.

"What's wrong mom? Stop crying and tell me what's wrong?" Tom said in a sweet voice wanting to know what was wrong with his mother.

"Someone broke in to the house. It is a complete mess. So many things are missing. I need you to come right away." She said really quickly, Tom didn't understand what she said.

"Mom, slow down. What happened to the house?"

"Someone broke in." She took a breath. "The place is a disaster." Then she started balling again.

"Mom calm down. Mom," Tom said trying to quiet her down. "I will be right there. Okay. Just don't do anything until I get there!

After Tom hung up the phone he went into the dinning room and sat back down. "I'm going to have to cut this short, my mother had an incident that I have to attend to. Can I make a rain check?"

Melissa nodded her head "If you got to go, you got to go. I will call you later."

"Thanks." Tom smiled then gave her money to pay for the meal.

Tom walked into his mother's house and saw that everything was torn apart. He Saw his mother sitting on the couch as the officer where talking to each other.

Margaret looked up with her red eyes then quickly got up and went to her soon to embrace him. "I went out this morning for coffee with some friends and came home to a wreak."

"It's okay mom. I'll take care of it." Tom said kissing her on the cheek. Then he went to the officer in charge.

"Sergeant, what can out can you tell me?"

"All your father things are missing; badges, medals, personals, files. From what mother told me. And some things that belonged to you."

"Do you know who could have done this?" Tom asked looked over his shoulder o glance at his mother.

"Yeah, we found a note. It looks like your father had an enemy who is seeking revenge. Most likely it will be someone your father had busted in the past and has just got out and it seeking vengeance. We have some boys downtown looking through the files"

Tom ran his hand through his hair. He was dumbstruck. "Wow. What do you recommend we do."

"Don't trust anyone you come in contact with."