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Summary: All these years everyone had it wrong. Only Itachi saw the horrible potential Sasuke had. Only he saw the murderous intent hidden deep within. And he knew bringing that rage to the surface would be the only way to know if Sasuke could redeem himself and the Uchiha clan. SasuSaku


Please be aware that this is up to date with manga 351. If you don't read the manga, you'll be seriously lost.

Feet propped up, arms crossed, the eldest Uchiha sat in deep thought. His haze-filled eyes stared at nothing as he contemplated the recent change in events.

The news of Orochimaru's defeat was not a surprise. The former sannin had it coming. He'd sealed his fate the moment he thought to aspire to the ranks of a power such as the sharingan.


News of Sasuke's new group troubled Itachi. Once again, his little brother had aligned himself with sinister forces in order to gain power. He'd handpicked Orochimaru's most devious and dangerous prisoners, using their freedom to gain him their loyalty.

That he was preparing for a final battle, Itachi had no doubt.

He closed his eyes momentarily. How long had it been now? How many years had passed since he'd taken the drastic step and murdered his family?

Too many years to think about.

He'd been the only one who'd seen it—the darkness that lay within all of those with Uchiha blood. Sure, they all knew the history. They'd all seen the truth hidden at the secret meeting place. But none of them were strong enough to see the reality behind it…or the power.

It was strong in him. But it was stronger within Sasuke. His younger brother harbored the chakra of Uchiha Madara, founder of their clan, and as close to a demon as any man could get. Even as an innocent child, the power had festered beneath Sasuke's personality. It was apparent in his drive to be the best; in his determination to be better than his brother.

It was what would kill them all in the end.

But Itachi had found a way around it.

He'd killed his clan. They would have died anyway once Sasuke's power got a hold of him for good, and Itachi's own darkness didn't hold remorse for the deed.

But by killing them, he'd brought his little brother's rage to the surface. He'd brought out that underlying power. He'd channeled it. Channeled it into hatred of himself.

It was the only way Itachi would know if Sasuke was strong enough to overcome the chakra within him.

He'd hoped that life in Konoha, friends in Konoha, would tame the power inside the younger Uchiha. If Sasuke could accept love and not hate, then the killing force within him would be repressed. He would have a chance at a normal life.

But he'd failed.

Sasuke had failed Itachi's test.

He'd left Konoha for power. He'd left with the intent to avenge his family. He couldn't see past his hate for his brother, and that, Itachi knew, was his fault. But there simply had been no other way around it. Nothing less drastic would have called forth Sasuke's power.

It had a strong hold over him now, and with it's tightening grip his chance of salvation slipped away.

Now Itachi would have to kill him.


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