Drabbles delving in Kou Seiya's point of view about how he went looking for love, only to find it and realised he had to let go.




Angels were never women with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Christian scriptures depicted them as perfect 'male' forms with no true gender. They were simply beings dedicated to appreciating true beauty and true love and protecting that vessel of light, till the time came when Paradise would be ready to claim them back.

'So, no,' thought Seiya, as his blue gaze watched Usagi limped toward the first base, her hands dragging a baseball bat almost as tall as she. 'You are no seraphim, Odango, for all that warm shine and innocent smiles. But I am an Archangel, one who protects with the sword and the shield.'

Usagi grimaced and narrowed her gaze, getting ready to hit that damned ball to home run.

"You are my goddess," Seiya whispered, eyes soft and full of love. "The maiden I now worship with all my heart. And I would take you to Paradise with me if you'll let me."

She looked up and saw Seiya staring at her intently. Usagi blushed under his gaze.

'Please let me take you…' his heart and soul begged, seeking redemption. 'And be my Eve.'


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