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The woman sensed she had displeased him, insulted him in a way no one had ever been capable of doing before. Slowly and immodestly she began to pull up her gown.

She was so tired of Destiny.

He noted not a scratch marred the fine smooth skin. His eyes hooded, he stared but pretended boredom. He's been through this path before and knew it led only to pain.

Let him look, she thought. Eyes closed, she hid the bitter smile that flitted from her lips. It was not like she was giving him an eyeful of something he had not really seen before.

Once, long ago, he used to be a woman himself. And she had to admit with spite that he had been a beautiful woman. Almost before she had begun, she dropped the pretext. No seduction would happen that night after all. Woman or man, he possessed still that damning honor.

It was thrilling victory then when she felt a strong leg flung across her slender thigh.

He lost. Freely he admitted to defeat.

Honor be damned.

"You were not like this before," he murmured as his slender fingers entwined itself on the golden tresses, tugging it so that her neck was bared to his lips. Fancy filled his thoughts now, spurred by a golden goddess he was fool to love.

Still, he tried, told himself the woman before him now was all illusion. She was the opposite side of the moon that was kept always hidden from mortal view.

But a man in love could not afford to be so picky. He would take what was offered even if it was Serenity and not Usagi. Because his heart knew, they were one and the same.

He roughly turned her to him, so they stared deeply into each others eyes. "Too untouchable. Why are you always thus? Always the goddess," he kissed her inches away from her lips. "Always the child, never the woman." He held her small face between his two hands. "Never mine," he finished hoarsely, hating his weakness, needing her even as he ridiculed himself for caring.

She blinked, dizzied by the emotions circling the midnight blue gaze. For a moment she imagined she was looking at someone else's eyes.


In a way, they were almost like twins. So many things about them were similar. She used to be lulled by this interesting detail. Her naiveté lulled her to use him as substitute.

Destiny's stand in when the original was momentarily out of reach.

But the kiss that was placed on her lips held a hint of playfulness that would have been foreign had it been the other one's lips doing the deed, and the touch that skimmed her heated skin was rougher. It was hand that knew of swords and labour, and not of roses and sceptres.

A knight's hand and not a king's.

Her knight still, she thought with wonder. She knew, with certainty she knew, that had not changed. "But you are mine. Mine, forever," she sighed into his lips as he claimed hers for another kiss.

He pulled back, pleased to see the cerulean orbs hazy with desire. "Yes, Princess," he assented. Always to him she would be a princess, never the queen. "Yours. Always yours."

That night, two souls that should never have met shared the forbidden and found it sweeter than any fated truth.


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