I don't own InuYasha or any other character here, just this little story.)

Made by: Akizu Miko

"Getting what's yours"

Kagome was traveling from her home in present day Tokyo to pay a visit to InuYasha and the close friends she had made through her journeys to obtain the Shikon no-tama. (A monk, demon slayer, a young fox demon and a cat demon).Since school was over for the summer break, she could visit them a lot more often and spend weeks at a time in Feudal Japan. The smell of lavender overflowed her nose.

"Guess I used too much condition this time." Kagome said in a sarcastic tone while touching the shards so carefully placed on her neck.

It was nearly full with maybe 15 shards to go. She zoned out a little and the well she had come out of so many times before in the last few years, somehow looked different. As if everything was given a softer tone. The air was crisp of summer scents and blossoms as she walked toward their make-shift house in the village. While walking slowly trying to take in everything so beautiful around her, she felt a presence. Nothing threatening, but something or someone was definitely there. She slowly turned around tightly shutting her eyes for a moment.

"Please be a bird" She whispered under her breath.

Opening her eyes with a gentle breeze coming from the east, she saw "him". The one who lay dormant for 50 years under that sacred tree. The one betrayed by his first love. The one whom Kagome loved with all her heart even though she knew he had feelings for "her" after all that she's done to try to kill InuYasha numerous times. She even tried to kill Kagome a few times, but for some reason it was always pushed to the side. As if it never happened. InuYasha looked so peaceful. He didn't seem angry that she'd been gone for almost 2 weeks due to her intense high school finals.

All she could do is murmur "I…InuYasha?" Looking gawky-eyed at him she suddenly dropped to sit on a close by rock.

"Hey Kagome...where have you been lately? I really...mi-" suddenly he stopped talking and had a slight blush over his face. As if he was going to say something too mushy for his arrogant stature. She stared at him for a second not knowing what to say.

"Hm...I've had a lot of tests. You see it's the end of my school year. I can come here allot more often and even stay twice as long as usual..." she said with a warm smile as her voice trailed off.

InuYashas mind was wandering too .He couldn't help but stare at the full bloomed flowers everywhere."...oh well that's good". He said in a hushed slightly worried tone.

Seeing his worried expression, Kagome immediately shot up, almost screaming. "I came here to be with you guys since schools out! What did I miss while I was gone that's made you so skittish?"

She stood and stared at him wide-eyed in all her beauty. "Kagome it's just..." his voice shaky and trailing off again.

"WHAT IS IT, TELL ME!" She screamed not caring who heard her.

"N-naraku...He's sure to kill me. Every demon imaginable is coming to the village. Not to harm anyone but to warn me." His voice became very nervous.

"Naraku has become 10 times stronger cause of help from stupid Sesshomaru but only for the time of one moonless night. I don't know how to ask you this but- ... can I stay with you, in your era?"

Totally in disbelief she couldn't help the tear slowly rushing down her cheek. This was the first time she had seen the hanyou worried besides when her life was in danger. "NOO! Don't cry!! Why are you crying!?"

InuYasha always hated when kagome cried. She didn't know why, but she suspected it was because he always wanted to see her happy.

"I...Inuyasha...What would ever make you doubt that I wouldn't let you stay with me?"

A calming look came over his face as he gently wiped a tear about to stroll off her face, making sure not to hurt her with his powerful claws.

'Was he going to say he missed me before? He was probably just trying to be nice so I would let him stay with me!'

These thoughts were overflowing her head. Yet still she couldn't help the urge to just leap into his arms just to reassure him everything was going to be alright. Before she knew it they were closer then they had ever been before as a twig snapped about 20 feet away. InuYasha let go and turned around ready to beat the creature that had disturbed them to a living pulp.