Author: Milady Dragon

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Chapter Forty-One

Peter was gone, taking Alex and Chronos with him.

Allison stared at the place where they'd been standing, before jaunting back to wherever it was that the Time Guardian would be imprisoning the Randomer and his"son". She felt hollow; events had taken so much out of her, and she couldn't even be bothered with wondering what would happen next.

So she stood there, in Alex's basement, not really caring that she wasn't alone until she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned; Agent Booth stood there, looking sympathetic. "You okay?" he asked gently.

Allison sighed. "Yes…no….maybe, I don't know."

"Let's get out of here."

Booth used his hand on her shoulder to guide her from the house, Brennan walking on the other side of Allison. It was strange…the world hadn't changed at all, it was just the same as when she'd jaunted into the house in the first place. But Allison felt that things should be different, that it should all be in mourning over her loss.

But time kept to its path.

She took the back seat of Booth's rental car, not speaking. There was nothing to say. But she could see him casting glances back in her direction in the rear view mirror, and it warmed her a little that he was concerned for her, even after what she'd done to him.

"He might not be, you know," she finally spoke.

"What?" Booth was confused.

"Your son," Allison clarified. "He might not be a Tomorrow Person. There hasn't been a break-out in years."

"Doesn't matter," he answered. "Parker is my son. I'd love him no matter what he was."

"You're a good man, Agent Booth. The world needs more like you."

"Yes," Brennan agreed. "It does."

Allison saw the look that passed between the two partners, and was suddenly and strangely glad that there were such people around.

And then….time changed….

Greg House had a headache.

He didn't know what suddenly caused the flare-up of pain behind his eyes, all he knew was that it was close to migraine level and he had to screw his eyes shut against the suddenly bright light. In fact, it was so bad it actually blocked out the ever present pain in his leg…which was saying something.

"You okay?"

He heard Cameron's voice like it was miles away. House bit back a moan, wanting to deny that anything was wrong, not wanting to seem weak to her…but nothing came out.

They'd been in his office, and Cameron had been explaining that she'd sensed a new break-out – a young man named Jeremy Sanders, who was in the early stages of becoming a Tomorrow Person. She'd told him that Jeremy seemed like a nice kid, but was having problems with the side-effects of the break-out. House had been listening intently; anything that had to do with the TP interested him, and he was glad that Cameron could share this with him.

And then the pain had started. Almost like something was trying to burst out of his skull.

Cool fingers touched his temples, and a wave of peace washed through him. The agony seemed to subside enough for him to open his eyes and look up at her. "Thanks."

"Not a problem," she answered, smiling. "You get migraines often? I could actually feel the pain rolling off you."

"Not really, no." He didn't want to think about her experiencing what he did. Which was strange, because he couldn't quite pinpoint the moment when he started actually caring about that sort of thing. "What are you doing?"

Her fingers continued to stroke his head, and it was all he could do not to lean into her touch. God, he was such a sap…in more ways than one. "I'm using a bit of my energy to try to dispel the pain. I'm not really all that great at it, John is much better at it than I am…"

"No way is he touching me," House growled. "That would be icky, and it would ruin my reputation with the ladies."

"Well, we can't have that…can we?" Cameron rolled her eyes.

Suddenly, another burst of pain flared up, and House screwed his eyes shut against it. He heard Cameron gasp as well, from her contact with his head.

And suddenly, House knew.

He remembered everything.

The Incinerator Killer.

Time traveling.

The Guardians.


The alternate timeline.


"What the –" Cameron gasped, jerking her fingers away from his skull as if she'd been shocked. "What was that?"

House opened his mouth to reply, but movement from outside his office caught his eye. A young woman stood there. She had brunette hair and blue eyes, and was dressed in clothes that looked out of place…out of time.

And she was smiling.

It was her.


She was back.

House blinked, and she was gone.

"Did you see her?" he demanded, trying to come up out of his chair before the pain in his head told him to stay put.

"See who? House, what the hell is going on?"

He glanced up at her, suddenly seeing her as a blonde. No, that was just wrong…and he screwed his eyes shut on that vision.

Then he grimaced. "You are not going to believe this…"

"You shouldn't be here."

Sanye smiled. "I couldn't resist."

Peter glared at her. "We don't need any more paradoxes wandering around."

"Please…me being here is hardly going to cause that."

The elder Guardian simply stared, giving her one of those thousand-year stares.

She sighed. "I had to see them. Had to see if they were back to normal."

Peter lost his sternness. "I suppose I can understand that. But it was dangerous, Sanye."

"I know. And I won't do it again." She hoped she didn't see her crossing her fingers behind her back. "At least we were able to repair so much of the timeline."

Peter nodded. "Enough to get you back, at least."

"I didn't realize you missed me."

"I didn't really….I couldn't remember you once the timeline was corrupted."

"I thought so. Shall we go, then?"

"Indeed. This entire affair has tired me out. I'll be ready to get home, and stay there for a while."

And the two Guardians disappeared, forward into the mists of Time.