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The Thing

Chapter One: Real Live Emotions

They call me 'The Thing', I don't know why, but I don't mind it, it is better than 'the car.' I remember the day that Chief Charlie Swan came to the reservation to get me from the Black's. I was really happy when he decided to get me for his daughter. I don't like Jacob at all. All he does is complain about how his father won't let him get a new car, and how he has to use me. Well you know what I say to you Jacob Black? Screw you! I get Bella, and you don't! If I had a tongue this would be when I would stick it out, but being as I'm a truck, the only thing I could stick out would be my fan belt, and that wouldn't be good.

Charlie had me at the house for about two weeks prior to Bella's arrival, or homecoming, as he would say when he passed me.

"Just think, two weeks and Bella is returning home. I hope she likes you, you are to be the foundation to our relationship. I really missed her, she is my only child, and I don't want to lose her again," Charlie said to me.

I wanted to tell him that I wouldn't let him down, but again, I'm a truck, and I can't talk.

Finally the day came, Chief Swan left in the cruiser-- being as I'm a surprise, he couldn't take me-- to the airport to pick her up. I was really excited. I couldn't wait to meet my new owner. I really did hope she liked me. I also had a feeling that my rust, might not be to her liking. This scared me very much. I wasn't a very self conscious truck, but after hearing what Charlie told me, had me worrying just a little bit. What if she was like those girls on the reservation who only like the new and shiny cars? What if she was a 'mini van' kind of girl? What if she already had her own car? All of these question were bring my mood down. I couldn't think those kind of thoughts, no matter what, I had to stay positive. She would like me.

And she did.

"Wow dad! I really do love it!" she told Charlie as they pulled up next to me.

I ever so slightly stood a little taller with pride, she did like me. I couldn't wait until she took me to school, hopefully, she wouldn't be embarrassed of me there.

Finally Monday morning rolled on by, and Bella came out of the house, and turned me on. I couldn't wait until we hit that parking lot. I mean all of those new young cars think they are pretty hot. But wait until they saw Isabella Marie Swan, they would be shocked to see this cute girl in my vintage self. I mean vintage was the new 'new' in the fashion world. Why not in the car world as well. I mean if those ugly leggings could be in fashion, then I would most definitely be the coolest car in the lot. Jump back pretty hot now huh?

I remember when Bella's school day ended, she came straight to me and started me up. I couldn't wait until she started to drive me around. Luckily she didn't try to push me to go to fast. I may be vintage, but vintage still means old, and I get tired out way to easily. So the nice slow drives between the house, and the school were pleasant and nice.

Until that fatal winter day.

Charlie had gotten up extra early to put snow chains on my tires, a very loving gesture on his part for Bella, and a very nice gesture to me. It gave me the message that he trusted me enough to take his daughter to school.

Once Bella and I reached the school she got out of me, and went to check my tires, she noticed the snow chains, and got a little emotional. Sadly she didn't notice the car that was heading right for her.

Luckily a very pale boy came running to her rescue. I didn't know who he was, I just knew what he drove, a shiny Volvo. Of course, something hot and flashy and fast. Pfft, who needs that, but luckily he saved my Bella. I knew deep down that if anything happened to her, I would end up in the junk yard for sure.

Bella escaped this tragedy unharmed, unlike me, I had a scrape or two, and a broken tail light. But I survived which there was no doubt about, and so did Bella.

After the 'rescue' Bella became friends with the shiny Volvo owner, and started using me less and less. Pretty soon she didn't use me at all. It made me sad, I didn't care anymore how much rust I accumulated over time, I didn't care if birds pooped on me, I just didn't care. I only cared for Bella, and she didn't want me. She wanted the Volvo boy, she was no longer my truck girl. I was afraid that pretty soon she wouldn't use me anymore.

But one day the Volvo boy and Bella both got in me and started driving. I wanted to know where we were going. But Bella didn't even know, she was just following directions. I was afraid that they were taking me someplace where I wouldn't return, like the junk yard. I noticed that the Volvo owner kept looking at my Bella, this would NOT do. I couldn't let someone take her away, not again.

What can I say, I get jealous easily.

Finally we reached the destination point. It was a forest, I sighed with a little relief as Bella turned off my engine. Looks like I'll be staying with her for a while longer.

I sat parked for a very long time, they weren't coming back, they did leave me. Now I'm going to get towed, and Bella wouldn't save me.

Then I heard him running towards me. I watched as he kissed Bella, and as she swooned. I also watched how he took her keys.

This wasn't good. He drove fast, I can't do fast, not anymore. Maybe back in my prime, but now, if I do fast...well it isn't good. Let's just say that.