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Own nothing. Want nothing.

I'm always stuck sitting on this curb. I mean now, when my Bella is being chased by some sadistic Vampire...what am I to do. Rust. Story of my life. I can't stand it anymore. This is too much for me.

"We stick with the plan. Rosalie, just pretend that you like her for one night. Honestly," someone said when they approached me.

Two people got in me and slammed the doors shut. I think a piece of me fell off to the ground. They started me up and started to drive.

All I could think about was Bella. They're taking me to Bella. I'm happy.

"Esme, why are we risking our necks for that human girl?"

"Rosalie, your brother loves her, why do you have to be so rude. Imagine if this was how you and Emmet met? If he were in danger you would want everyone to help him. Wouldn't you?" the one from before asked.

"Yes, but..." Rosalie said.

Hey, if you're going to be riding in me and not liking my owner, then get out! Oh, if only I could talk to humans...well vampires I guess as well.

This was beginning to be too much. They kept talking about her. The Rosalie girl obviously can't stand my Bella, and Esme loves her like a daughter. What's going on here! I'm so confused...

"Edward, we lost her." there was a short pause, "I don't know, maybe her mate called her back. Look, all I know is that she is no longer on our trail. You just better hope that Alice and Jasper can keep track of her..." she trailed off.

I wasn't updated on how things were going until Bella finally came home. Charlie pulled up and shut off the ignition. He opened his door and went around and pulled a wheelchair out from the trunk. I was worried. That couldn't be a good sign. He rolled the chair back up to the passenger side and helped Bella into the chair.

"Dad, I don't need the chair. Besides, who did you steal this from; Billy?" I laughed.

Once Bella came home, she barely had time to drive me. I didn't care, I was just glad she was safe and happy. But she drove me, yes me to her senior prom. I felt so special.

Next time I see those shiny cars, I'll tell them that I was the one that went to prom, not them.