So, yeah, I love Hawkes Harbor and since there's no section for it, I guess The Outsiders section is the closest thing since they're written by the same author.

Summary: In the book, a bat flies in to Terrace View and Jamie thinks it's Grenville but it isn't. Well, what if it was?

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Jamie Sommers was sitting in family room of Terrace View. Sure, no one ever came to see him, but sometimes it was nice to just watch the people. To see people who never cracked a grin, with ear to ear smiles when they're families were around. And that guy with that damn dog.

Jamie didn't like to admit it, at least not out loud, but he really did wish someone would come visit him. Grenville, Louisa, Katie…he was sure Kell would if…but he didn't like to think about Kell like that.

He was vaguely watching the dog and wondering why animals were let in here. The stupid dog that was getting twice the attention he was pissed him off…that ugly cat in that woman's lap…that bat that just flew in through the window. Jamie's head snapped up. A bat. GRENVILLE! He'd finally come to visit! The bat swooped low and landed for a second on the table in front of Jamie. And all of a sudden, the voice was back. It drowned out all the patients' screams upon seeing the bat fly in.

"Where is your room?" Grenville's voice said in his head. Jamie jumped up and made a mad dash for his room.

"Jamie?" Dr. McDevitt asked. "Where are you going?"

"My room." Jamie said, not bothering to stop.

"Why are you running?" McDevitt asked.

"Wasn't running." Jamie mumbled and continued on to his room, slowing his pace down a little. Jamie had barely closed the door to his room when Grenville Hawkes was standing before him, in full form.

"You came!" Jamie said eagerly.

"How are they treating you here, Jamie?"

"Oh, all right." He said, barely taking time to answer the question. "How are things at home? How's the hall? Who is taking care of it? How's Louisa? When can I come back?"

"Soon." Grenville said, not bothering to answer any of the previous questions.

"Has anyone noticed I'm gone? Do you have someone to get things done? You haven't replaced me have you? How's the car—"

"Jamie." Grenville cut him off in a warning tone, and Jamie's fears all jumped back into him. He backed away and sunk onto the bed. "Jamie." Grenville repeated, in a softer tone.

"How's the uh…blood…thing?" Jamie asked, in a tone that was barely audible.

"Gone." Grenville said and Jamie looked up with a start.


"I'm becoming more human." Grenville said. "Louisa and I have been working on it, and the only thing left of the way I am now…or the way I have been…is turning into a bat. However, we speculate that shall soon have gone as well."

"Well, I'm glad that part hasn't disappeared yet…" Jamie said so low, he believed he thought it.

"Why's that?" Apparently not.

"Well, I'm glad you came to see me…" He muttered. "I thought you'd forgot about me."

"Forgotten, Jamie. And no, I haven't."

"When can I go home, Grenville?" Jamie begged.

"Don't whine." Grenville reprimanded. "Soon. Soon, Louisa and I will be here to get you."

"How's Louisa doing?"

"She's fine. She sends her best." Jamie nodded.

"When's soon?" Jamie asked quietly.

"Stop asking senseless questions." Grenville said. "When we feel you are ready, you will come home. Is it so terrible here?"

"No." Jamie shook his head.

"Then what's the urgency?"

"I just miss it." Grenville nodded.

"I understand. Well,—" But he was cut off.

"Jamie?" Dr. McDevitt's voice came from outside the door.

"Bye." Grenville said. "Soon." And as a Dr. McDevitt, walked in, the bat was out the window.

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