Chapter 1: Wish Upon a Star

Cloe turned over, the space beside her flat and cold. It had been months since their escape from the Techno Prison Camps. She and Ved, as well as Bray, Tai-San, and a few other "deleted" city dwellers has found this place, a little city on an island. Nevertheless, even though they were in paradise, Ved was unhappy. Getting up she went to find him.

She found him lying barebacked in the sand. She sat down beside him saying, "Another bad dream?"

Ved sat up on his elbows, "Don't you miss them Cloe? I mean the Mallrats?"

"All the time, even the kids," she replied. She used to hate babysitting the kids, but that did not stop her from missing them.

Ved grunted, "We should have gone back...found our way back...something!"

"Even if we could've Ved, that would not have been wise, Tai said Mega was still in charge."

Ved became silent, remembering how Mega had planned all along to rid of Ram, get Java, and take control of the city. After Ved found out the information he went to tell Ram, only he found himself zapped and deleted, at least he had been shipped to where Ram had sent Cloe.

Cloe wanted to do something she hated seeing him this way. She missed the old Ved, the sarcastic, stubborn, yet adorable Ved.

"It's Jay isn't it?" she asked.

"He was my brother Cloe, family. All I ever had after the virus was Jay and the Technos, in the end it was Jay who cared most, I was too stupid to realize it until it was too late."

"Don't give up hope Ved; I'm sure you'll see your brother again."

Ved glanced up at a shooting star. Deciding it could not hurt him to make a wish, he made one, too see Jay again.

Somewhere in the distance, on a little boat packed with Mallrats, plus a couple of undecided Mallrats, Jay glanced up at the dark moonlit sky. Spotting a shooting star, he gave wishing a try.

"What'd you wish for?" a familiar voice behind him beckoned.

Jay turned around, surprised to see Ebony, amazed that she could tear herself away from Slade for five minutes.

"If you must know, I wished to see Ved again."

Ebony sighed and bent over the railing, staring at the reflection of the moon, "I'd give anything to see my sisters again, but...," she stopped, remembering that Ved may be alive. Choosing her words more wisely, she went on, "You know what? Their dying taught me a little something about family."

Jay shocked that Ebony was being so open, asked, "What's that?"

"It's too precious to waste, like life, especially when all you have is each other. So do me a favor Jay, do not give up hope on finding Ved. Sure he may have been a pain in the neck at times, but all you had was Ved, and he had you, you two were...are a family."

"I can't believe all that just came from you, it's even more precious than what Amber's being saying about how we have to be open to the fact that the 'deleted' are dead, so for what it's worth, thanks."

"Don't mention it," Ebony snorted. And she meant it, nobody needed to know she was soft on the inside.

The two of them stood there on deck in silence. Then Jay had to ask, "What did you wish for?"

"That we'd really reach that little city island in the morning, I think my sea-sickness is a little more than I bargained for."

Jay laughed, "When are you going to tell Slade the good news?"

Ebony smirked, "When are you going to tell Amber you're leaving her for Ruby?"

Jay smiled, he knew that meant a never, if she could help it. She would hide the truth until it was almost too big to conceal, like his growing affection for Ruby.

As Ebony left him, making her way back to Slade, Jay took a final look at the horizon, praying that the island in the distance would bring him happiness. He had been far too unhappy for far too long.