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Dear Ginny,

I really miss seeing you. What's wrong? Are you ignoring me? Do you hate me? Did I do something wrong? Say something wrong? Would you still be owling me as often as you used to if I hadn't told you? Should I have not told you? Was it bad to tell you something like that? I didn't want to kill our friendship. I just didn't want to keep things from you. Omission is lying in my book and I didn't want to be lying to you. That would kill me, slowly, as your distancing away from me is. I didn't know that you wouldn't want to know. You told me that you always wanted to know everything…I guess everything doesn't include that.

I'm sorry if I caused this distance between us.

Your lonely friend,


I read the letter once before throwing it in the fire. It was the third letter I'd tried to write to her. All three of them sounded wrong. Who knew what three little words could do to a once strong friendship? God I miss her. Everything about her: her vibrant smile, her comforting words, her joyful greetings, her wonderful flowing hair. I sighed at the thoughts of my perfect Ginny.

My face lit up suddenly at the shocking 'pop' of an apparation, hopeful that she had finally decided to look over whatever I had done. With a quick glance out the window, the smile faltered …Harry…Why can't you leave me to wallow in my grief alone?

He'd been bothering me frequently. Showing up with flowers and chocolates. Talking about how, even though he didn't know what was depressing me so, giving him a chance to prove his worth would cheer me up.

I highly doubt dating Harry will cheer me up about Ginny.

Harry liked me all too much. (I didn't even like him as a friend and I only hung out with him because Ron did.) Ron envied the bravery with which he pursued me. Everyone could tell Ron liked me just by the way he treated me in comparison to everyone else. Yet, though he was really nice, I never really liked him that way. I never rejected him because I know how fragile his ego is but…I would not have been happy dating him. I was always more interested in Ginny…he could never tell that…I liked girls more than guys. Mostly because guys scared me…so hormonal…so aggressive…

In a stroke of unplanned idiocy, I pulled out another piece of parchment and scribbled a fourth attempt at a letter.

Dear Ginny,

I'm not sure what I did but I hope you'll forgive me. I really miss your friendship and I hope you'll give me a chance to rectify it. It's hard to be without you but I'll understand if that's how you want it.


I called my owl over and sent it before I had a chance to lose my confidence. Unfortunately, I had little time on my hands to ponder what her reaction would be, as Harry's footsteps clunked up the stairs…

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