The Burial of Alianbow of Briarwood

By Melissa

When Alianbow is buried in the Cemtery of Briarwood, Bowen lands into a comotose state and enters The world of Angels

Chapter One:
The second war was over the evil was destroyed, along with my Father, only survivors were me and my mother, Daggeron ,Clare, and The Rangers.
Tears strolled down my face as I touched the running tears.

A soft gentle hand was now in mine, I looked whom it was.It Was Madison my wife, and mother of our First born son.
She's always there when I needed someone to confide on.

She's my best Friend, my love, my partner, and Mother to our son.

"Bowen you alright" asked my mother.

I looked to her as i gave her an assuring nod.

"We will be waiting in the Carriage Bowen" said my mother.

I stood by my father's burial site with Madison, suddenly I broke down crying,all of a suddenly my world went blank

UDONNA!!!" Cried out Madison.

Udonna now looked back seeing her son now on the ground, Daggeron rushed his way over to them as he knelt beside Bowen.

"He's in a comotose state Udonna" said Daggeron.

"Come hurry we have to get him home, Come Madison you need rest," said Udonna as daggeron now carried his student as he now walked over to the carriage and entered with Udonna and Lady Madison.

Moments Later I found myself inside a white Room, where all The Royal Family stayed. "BOWEN!" yelled out a familiar voice,

I looked back as I saw my Father walking towards me ."What are you doing here you do not belnng here," said Alianbow,

"I don't know what happened, I was with Madison standing at your burial site the next thing I knew I felt apart of me being burried with you " said Bowen as he looked at his Father.

"You don't belong here, you have to go back and watch your son grow up," said Alianbow.

WHAT IS THIS ,Why did Bowen of Briarwod Follow you Alianbow of Briarwood," snapped a voice filled with Thunder.

"M'lord of Heaven's he didn't follow me, something must have gone wrong, he's in a comotose state " said Alianbow,

"Fine, only Five more minutes and he goes back to his wife and Family and he will live for eternity," said the thunderous Voice.

"Wha...what does that mean?" asked Bowen.

"It Means when the Phoenix dies, he gets reborn ever hour of the week, your son and daughter will be the same." said Alianbow.

"Daughter?" said Bowen surprisingly.

"Didn't Madison tell you, oh boy' said Alianbow.

"Well now you Know, she's having twins Bowen, she needs you , she really really loves you you have to go back son" he added.

The time was nearly up , God managed Bowen to return to his body . there he laid in a comotose state as he now laid in bed with Madison at his side as she now cried.

"I can't raise them alone Bowen, I need you, we need you , you are improtant to my world at this time, please come back" she cried as she now bent over as she kissed his lips as tears trickled down her cheeks as they now wet his face.

"Mmmmm," he moaned.

Madison moved her head as she saw Bowen move his lips as she touched his face. "Bowen" she whispered.

Bowen now fluttered his eyes as he now looked at the Face of his wife.

"Your back, your back" she now cried as she leaned her head against his chest.

Bowen held her tightly as he now move his hand to her round tummy.

Madison looked up to Bowen as she smiled. "Twins" said Bowen as he now smiled to her.

"But how?" asked Madison.

"I saw my Dad, he told me" answered Bowen