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Kiss me, Touch me

Chapter 1: old friends

"Haru Nee-san! Wait for me!" The little girl ran after her older brother and his friend.

"Run Haru yelled as he passed his orange headed friend. "She has the cooties!"

"Great! Just leave me Haru!" Kyo ran faster. "if I get the cooties I'm telling your dad!"

"Wait! I don't have coo…coo…coodees!" Tohru picked up her speed and was gaining on Kyo.

"Almost….gotcha!" She yelled as she grabbed the end of his shirt.

"Oh no!" Kyo whisked around, pulling the shirt from the little girl's grasp. Tohru lost her balance, and before she could reach her hands out to catch herself, she fell flat on her face, landing in mud. "oops." Kyo whispered. Haru ran over and stood next to Kyo as they waited for the girl's scream.

"Uh…Tohru?" Haru stepped closer to his sister, as he reached his hand out she slapped it away.

"I do not have the coodies! Hmph!" Tohru got up and put her hands on her hips. "You guys neva pway fair!"

"You just don't know how to pway the game!" Kyo yelled at the girl. "But that's cuz you a girl! So I forgive you."

"Uh..Kyo…" Haru looked at Kyo with a you- shouldn't- have- said- that look…

"Forgive? Forgive? You forgive me?! Well excuuuuuuuse me for being a girl!"

"You're excuuuuuuused!"

"Ugh! Kyo you idiot!" Haru put his hands on his cheeks and shook his head side to side.

"What?! Kyo-kun! You are the woodest…most enkonsidrot…non human piece of turd I've eva met!" Tohru scolded the boy. Kyo stood there in shock, and so did Haru. Tohru walked over to the boy and slapped him on the cheek. "I hate you!"

"Well, I hate you too!" Kyo hissed as he pushed her down, knocking her back into the puddle of mud. Tohru scowled at him and threw a hand full of mud at his face. "Errrrr…stooped girl!" Haru watched as Kyo jumped on top of his sister, piling mud on to her white sundress and rubbing it into her hair.

"I better get daddy!" Haru ran inside to where the parents were.

"I hate you Kyo-kun! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!" Tohru screamed as she pushed his face into the puddle.

"Tohru!" Katsuya yelled as he came running outside with Shishou and Haru fallowing behind him.

"Get this cwazy girl off a me!" Kyo yelled. Right as Katsuya reached for the little girl, she bit down into Kyo's arm, making him scream. He began to punch her in the head, again and again until finally she let go. "Ouch!"

"Come here Tohru!" Katsuya picked her up and carried her over to the hose.

"Kyo!" Shishou helped the boy up and walked him over to the hose also.

"Sit down you two." Katsuya told them. They did as told and sat down on the grass. It seemed like hours had passed while Katsuya lectured the toddlers.

"Okay, lets rinse them off and then they can take a bath inside." Shishou said as he sighed and ran his hand through his grey hair.

"I'm not gonna bave wif her! Are you insane!" Kyo scowled.

"Well, it's not like a want to bave wif you eiver!" Tohru shouted back.

"Okay, okay settle down." Katsuya picked up Tohru and grabbed Kyo's hand, he walked them into the bathroom and shut the door. "Now listen, you two aren't going to come out of here until you both are squeaky clean and the best of friends…understand?"

"Hmph!" They said in unison. Katsuya sighed and turned the nozzle on the tub, making warm water pour into the tub. Tohru stood next her dad and watched as the tub filled with water.

"Okay." He turned it off and walked to the door. "remember, neither of you gets out till both of you are clean!" With that, he closed the door, and the two kids heard the lock click from the other side.

"Well, I don't know about you, but I don't like being all dirdee!" Tohru said as she began to take her clothes off. Kyo blushed and turned towards the door.

"I'm still not baving wif you!"

"I can put bubbles in it…if you like bubbles." Tohru made a puppy face, that no one could resist.

"Ugh! Fine." Kyo took his clothes off and jumped into the tub. "I like bubbles." Tohru giggled and poured the whole bottle of the baby bubbles into their bath. They popped them and blew them around the bathroom.



"I'm sawy…I don't really hate you."

"I don't hate you eiver." Kyo said as he splashed water on her.

"Trufully, you're my best friend…well besides Haru nee-san!"

"Yeah, well you're my second best friend, I like Haru more!"

"Hey!" Tohru laughed and splashed the boy. They had been in the bath for about two hours until Shishou came in and dried them off. After the three toddlers were in their pajamas they made a bed on the floor of Haru's room. Kyo was on the far right side, Tohru in the middle and Haru on the far left side.

"Wanna watch this movie?" Katsuya asked as he pulled out the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In unison they yelled yeah and he pushed it into the VCR. "Are you leaving Shishou?"

"Oh, yes I have to do a few things in the morning, you don't mind watching Kyo tomorrow do you?"

"No. of course not, I don't mind."

"Wait Shishou!" Kyo ran over to him and grabbed his leg. "Bye! I love you daddy!" The older man smiled and embraced his son.

"I'll see you tomorrow." Kyo ran back over to his friends and watched the movie. Katsuya walked Shishou to the door.

"Shishou…I've been meaning to ask you."


"When are you planning to tell Kyo that his dad is coming to take him away from you?"

Shishou sighed.

"I don't know."

"Well, it better be soon, his dad is coming to get him in three days."

"I just don't want to ruin what little time the three of them have together." Katsuya nodded and walked his friend to the car. "Goodbye, Katsuya."

"Take care."

3 days later….

Tohru, Kyo and Haru sat at the kitchen table eating their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when the door bell suddenly rang.

"I got it!" Haru yelled.

"No! sit down and eat your food, I got it." Katsuya said as he walked to the front door.

"Hey! Kyo lets pway a game…" Haru said, mouth full of sandwich.

"Okay what?"

"it's called ghost in the graveyard!"

"But, Haru nee-san! You know I cant pway that game!"

"I know…that's why me and Kyo are gonna pway!" Haru teased.

"That's no fair, Kyo's my friend too!"

"Yea but he likes me more!"

"Nuh uh!"

"I told you three days ago I liked him more!"

"So, Haru didn't know that, your supposed to pway along Kyo-Kun! Duh!"

"Kyo, someone is here to see you." Katsuya sighed as he began picking up the mess the children had left. Kyo stared mouth open as he saw his dad walk around the corner.

"Ah, Kyo, there you are, let's go!" The older man grabbed Kyo by the wrist and began pulling him to the door.

"Let go of me!!!"

"Stop it! Stop! Let Kyo go!" Haru grabbed Kyo's shirt, pulling it.

"Daddy, where's Kyo-Kun going?"

"He's gonna leave for a while."


"Because Shishou cant take care of him anymore."

Haru and Tohru watched their friend get in the black car, knowing they wouldn't see him again. Shishou hugged Kyo as the boy began to cry.

"Shi…Shishou! You're my dad! don't make me leave! don't make me go! I love you."

"I know Kyo, I love you too. I promise we'll see each other again." Shishou gently gave Kyo a noogie. "Go say goodbye to Katsuya and your friends." Kyo nodded and ran over to Katsuya.

"Bye!" Kyo hugged the man.

"Goodbye Kyo." Kyo walked over to Haru and punched him in the arm.

"Bye Haru!"

"Bye Kyo!" The two boys hugged each other. Last but not least, He walked over to Tohru. She was sniveling

and wiping her face as tears poured from the dark brown colored eyes.

"Bye Tohru" Kyo embraced the girl and she wrapped her arms around him. "I love you…"

"Bye Bye…Kyo-kun." And with that…Kyo was out of their lives…

13 years later…….

"Haru! Get out of the bathroom!" Tohru yelled as she banged on the door.

"I'm kinda busy!" Came Haru's voice from the other side.

"Ugh! Dad!!!!!! Haru's hogging the bathroom again!"

"Tohru, there's another bathroom downstairs." Katsuya said as he straightened his tie. He rushed to the kitchen and made their lunches.

"Yea, but that one is gross!"

"You're brave…I believe in you."

"um…dad? Do you want me to take care of this you have to be at work by now."

"Thanks honey I'll see ya later!" He kissed her on her forehead and ran out the door forgetting his car keys. Tohru ran out the door and to the car, where her dad was freaking out.

"Uh…daddy!" She stood there twirling the keys around her fingers.

"Thanks again honey! What would I do with out you?"

"uh…well I could name a few things…"

"ha ha very funny! Love you have a good day at school!" Katsuya yelled as he drove down the street. Tohru sighed and shook her head.

"Haru! The bus will be here in a minute!"

"I know. Wait, aren't you riding the bus?" Haru asked as he bit into his piece of toast.

"No, I'm getting a ride from Shigure." Tohru said as she packed the rest of her brothers lunch. "nee-san, I have a question."


"why aren't you wearing any pants?"

"Huh?" Haru looked down to see himself still in his cow boxers. "Ah!!! Dammit!" Haru yelled as he scurried off to his room. Tohru giggled and rolled the top of Haru's brown lunch bag closed.

"Here you go Nee-san!" She threw him the bag as he ran out the door to catch the bus. "Phew! Glad that's over." She began to hum as she walked around the house picking up trash and articles of clothing that were lying about.

BRIIIIING…BRIIIING…BRIIIING…The phone rang through the house. Tohru ran to it and answered.

"Hello, Sohma residence…Oh! Shigure…huh?!…wait, why is he coming to pick me up?…but I have to go to school…well even he should know that! Ugh…whatever!" Tohru slammed the phone down on the reciever.

"Well, better call the school." She dialed the office.

"Hello, Kaibara high school."

"Yes, hi this is Tohru Sohma's guardian. I just called to tell you that she has some family problems and wont becoming into school today."

"Oh okay, thank you for calling and telling us, tell her I hope it all goes well, good bye."

"Okay, I'll tell her, goodbye. I always have to miss school for you, Akito."


"Oh, they're here already?" Tohru grabbed her bag and ran to the door. "Oh, hi Hatori how are you?" She closed the door and locked it.

"Well, I cant complain really. And how are you?"

"I'm fine thank you." Hatori escorted her to the car and opened the door for her. "Oh, Momiji! Hi!"

"Tohru!!!!" Momiji jumped from his sit and clung to the girl. "How are you Tohru? I haven't seen you since…since…well I don't remember!" Tohru beamed a smile that Momiji just adored.

"I just saw you last Saturday Momiji!"

"I know, that was so long ago!"

"Momiji quit bothering her." Hatori said in a monotone voice.

"It's okay, he's not bothering me. But, Hatori why does Akito want to see me now?"

"You'll know soon enough."

"Okay…"…………………………... soon they arrived at the main house, two maids escorted Tohru to Akito's room, where she waited for the head of the family to arrive. Tohru sat in complete silence until the door finally slid open and Akito strode into the room.

"hello, Tohru." She bowed her head to him. "it's good to see you. Why haven't you visited me lately?"

"I had to watch Haru."

"He's eighteen and still needs a babysitter? That dumb ox." Akito smirked and sat down on the porch outside of his room, Tohru walked over and sat beside him.

"Actually he was grounded and so I had to make sure he didn't get into trouble."

"Oh, is that so?" Akito laid his head on her lap and closed his eyes as she began to play with a few strands of his black hair.

"Akito…may I ask…"

"No…just shut up for a minute." Tohru nodded to his command. "You're here because someone you know is coming back."

"Coming back?"

"Did I stutter?"

"No, sorry."

"Yes, uh…Kyo! That monster." Tohru's eyes went wide and her face turned a light red.

"Kyo-kun?!" Akito opened his eyes and saw the expression on her face. He whisked up off of her lap.

"Why are you so excited?!"

"What? I'm not!"

"Don't lie to me!" Akito grabbed a fist full of her chocolate brown hair. He smiled as he saw her wince with pain. And he released her. "Just tell me…why?" He got back on his knees and caressed her cheek.

"He…was my best friend…I missed him."

"So you don't feel anything for him but friendship?"

"That's right, nothing but friendship."

"I don't see how you can be friends with that…that monster!"

"Akito, he's sweet and kind to me…well, sometimes." Akito glared at her and stood up.

"Don't talk about him like that!" She followed him to the door. "He makes me sick. When you talk about him like that…it makes me jealous." He ran his fingers through her soft brown hair.

"You have nothing to worry about Akito, I only have love for you." Akito smiled and opened the door.

"Good girl, now go home and rest."

"Thank you! It was good to see you again." She bowed to him and walked out the door and down the hallway where Hatori waited for her.

"Kyo will be at your house around 5:00." Tohru nodded as she got into the passenger seat of Hatori's car. The ride to her house was quiet, she was way too excited to see Kyo, after all it had been thirteen years since he had moved away.

"I'll see you later Tohru." Hatori said as he backed out of the driveway. She watched as his car grew smaller and smaller until she couldn't see it anymore. She sighed as she unlocked her door.

"Tohru-kun!" An old lady walked up to Tohru.

"Oh, hello Mrs. Takeshi."

"is your father home? I baked him some cookies."

"Huh? Oh, no he's at work but I'll give them to him for you."

"Oh, thank you dear." She handed her the plate of cookies and walked back to her house. Tohru smiled thoughtfully and walked inside. Tohru sat on the couch staring at the clock as time passed slowly. She fidgeted and paced back and forth waiting for 5:00 to come.

"It's only 4:17? Oh, yea, Haru was going to visit Yuki at Shigure's house…almost forgot." Tohru walked back to her room. "Maybe I should change out of my school uniform, I never even went." Tohru giggled. And went through her closet. "Why don't I have anything cute to wear?!" She glanced over to the clock, it was now 4:45. "omigawd! He'll be here any minute!" Tohru rummaged through her clothes throwing things all over the floor, finally she found something. She wore a skirt that came to the middle of her thigh and a tight baby t-shirt that had an onigiri on it. Then she put two red ribbons in her hair that matched her shirt and sprayed some perfume on her body. "There!" The door bell rang and her stomach twisted into a knot. "co…coming!" She ran to the door and opened it. Her mouth dropped as soon as her eyes saw his bright orange head. Tears welled up in her eyes but she managed to blink them away.

"Well, are y' gonna stand there all day or let me in?" Kyo smirked and Tohru wrapped her arms around him.

"Oh, Kyo-kun! I've missed you so much!"

"Okay, okay, enough with the hugging." He rolled his eyes and walked passed her into the house.

"Is that all you have, that little suit case?"

"No, there's more in the back of the car." Tohru watched as the driver emptied the trunk out and carried his luggage into the house.

"Oh! Wait Kyo-kun your room isn't back there!" She followed him into Haru's room where he stood in the middle of the floor.

"Wow, hasn't changed much has it?"

"Nope, Haru promised he was going to keep it the same way it was when we were little so that when you came back it felt like home." Tohru beamed a smile and Kyo blushed, especially once he finally saw how much she had grown. He looked up and down, looking at her, noticing how the tight shirt complimented her chest.

"Well, uh…where's your room?"

"Huh? Oh, you don't want to see my room it's a mess, you cant even walk in it!" Tohru laughed nervously as he pushed her a side and walked into her room.

"It is a mess! Don't you clean?! You know it's unhealthy to live like this!"

"Sheesh, what are you my dad?" Tohru raised an eyebrow and smiled.

"Shut up." He shut her door and walked into the living room. "So, where do I sleep?"

"There's a guest bedroom next Haru's room, you'll sleep in there."

"Oh, okay." Kyo walked into the room and laid down on the bed. "When is Haru gonna get here?"

"Later, he's at Shigure's visiting Yuki." Kyo scoffed and rolled his eyes.

"I hate that damn rat."

"I know, want a cookie!" She handed him the plate of cookies the old lady had given her.

"Sure." he picked up a chocolate chip cookie and bit into it. "mmmmm good."

"Oh, and here!" She handed him the carton of milk. "I know you like to drink from the carton." She smiled and handed it to him. He grabbed it and put it up to his lips, his eyes closed as he swallowed the cool, thick liquid.

"Aaaaah! Just what I needed." he gave her the carton back. "When is Katsuya…"

"He has to work out of town for a while, he isn't coming back till Saturday, so it's just you, me, and Haru Nee-san for five days."

"Okay then. How have you and Haru been?" Kyo asked as he began to unpack his bags and put them in the dresser.

"Fine, I guess. Dad's always gone, so I have to do everything around the house, and I never get to go out on the weekends with Hana and Uo." Tohru spread out a sheet and started to make the bed.

"Ugh…you still hang out with that yankee and wave girl?!"

"Of course I do, they're my best friends."

"I thought I was your best friend?" He helped her tuck in the sheet under the bed.

"Well, I can have more than one best friend…besides, you moved away!"

"Yea, well it's not like…" before Kyo finished the door opened and Haru's voice filled the house.

"Hey! I'm home!" Haru walked passed the guest room. "Hey Tohru, hey Kyo." Without stopping he walked into his room and shut the door. Tohru and Kyo exchanged glances when suddenly Haru ran into the room and tackled Kyo. "Kyo! You're here!"

"Yea, I'm gonna be staying with you guys for a while!" Haru helped Kyo up off the floor and sat down on the bed, that Tohru was still making.

"Haruuuuu!" he ignored her completely.

"Kyo! How've you been? Did you visit everyone else? I'll go with you if you want me too."

"Nope, you were first I came to. I have to visit everyone this weekend at Shigure's house." Kyo smirked as he watched Tohru struggle trying to get the blanket out from under Haru. "Haru, you smell bad!"

"Well, at least your honest…I guess. Yuki and I were playing volleyball. I think I'll go take a shower."

"Good idea." Haru got up and walked across the hallway to the bathroom and shut the door."

"Thanks Kyo-kun." Kyo sighed.

"You don't have to use kun you know."

"Oh, really?! You don't mind?"

"I said it was okay!" Kyo went back to fixing his drawer.

"Ky…Kyo." Tohru was trying it out.

"What?" He turned around.

"Oh, uh…nothing I was just trying it without the suffix." He rolled his eyes, but he also smiled very gently.

"Oh, Kyo!"


"I love your smile!" Kyo blushed and turned around.


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