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Kiss Me, Touch Me

Chapter 9: I love you

It was a sunny and balmy day for such a sad event. Everyone dressed in black, their faces even blacker. Tears fell like rain, hearts ached. Kyo's chest hurt like he had been stabbed in the heart and his insides were filling up with his red hot blood, drowning him. A small hand squeezed his tighter and his watery garnets glanced down to meet a pair of fiery auburn jewels. Orange tendrils tied into two neat pig tails that hung just above the little black ruffles on the dress she wore.

Kyo breathed in a shaky breath as he closed his eyes, a tear slowly falling down his cheek…


"Are you stupid?" Came Kyo's harsh voice as he watched Tohru and her big belly packing her suitcase.

"Kyo, it'll only be for an hour or so. If I don't see him who knows what will happen." She walked back to her dresser and pulled out a few more items of clothing.

"Who knows what will happen if you go." He walked over to her and rubbed her protruded tummy. "What if…he tries that again?" Tohru could practically hear the concern in his voice.

"Come with me." Kyo's eyes widened.

"That's even crazier than your idea of going over there!" She placed the last articles of clothes in the suitcase and closed it shut before snapping the front. "Please don't go…you can write him a letter or something."

Tohru looked up into Kyo's garnet eyes and placed a soft kiss on his cheek. "I have to go." Rage reared in Kyo as she started to waddle to the living room. His hand gripped her arm gently and pulled her back to him.

"I don't want you going to the main house. You're putting yourself and the baby in danger." his voice was deep and warning.

"Don't worry about me. I'll be just fine." She smiled and started her way outside to the car, where Haru waited for her. Katsuya standing next to him.

Kyo followed her and snatched the suitcase from her. "You will not go."


"No. I don't want you anywhere near there. We're going straight to your room at the hospital." He marched to his own car and threw her bag in the trunk and slammed its door shut. "Get in." he demanded.

Tohru stared at him dumbfounded and a little shocked. Haru stood there, leaning up against the car, waiting.

"What's wrong?" Katsuya asked, looking to Kyo and then back to Tohru.

"Kyo insists that I don't go to visit Akito one last time. If I don't he'll have a temper tantrum and make everyone's life miserable." katsuya agreed with her.

"Yeah, but if she goes and Akito gets angry, which he usually does, he might hurt her again…he might hurt-our baby." Kyo blushed and glanced away from them.

"You're just worried about Tohru and the baby, like a good husband and father should be." Kyo smiled but it faded as soon as it appeared. " But Kyo, Hatori and many of the other Sohmas will be there. There is nothing to worry about."

Tohru walked up to Kyo and embraced him, her head resting on his chest. "Wait for me?"

"I'd wait for you for an eternity. Just come back safe." They kissed and Kyo watched dreadfully as the car with Tohru in it drove away. Katsuya honked and he too pulled out of the driveway and off to the hospital to get it ready for Tohru. Kyo sighed and walked back into the house to wait for Tohru to get back, but something in the pit of his stomach screamed that something bad was bound to happen…

"He's out in the yard." said the maid who opened the door for Tohru. She bowed and Tohru bowed as well. The maid left and Tohru suddenly got nervous, her hand gently rubbed her bulging stomach.

"So you actually came to see me? What a surprise." Akito glared at Tohru darkly, an evil intent hidden in his smirk.

"Of course I came to see you." She smiled and waddled over to him. "This will probably be the last time I see you…for a long time." He said nothing so she continued. "I'm going to live with Kyo in the mountains. I wish you could have seen the house, it's gorgeous, and the view is even better."

"You make me sick." Akito admitted suddenly. Tohru glanced to the door, seeing if she could make a run for it.

"Maid!" Tohru called and backed away from Akito who was closing in on her.

"Why are you calling for help? You think I'd hurt you? That's ridiculous." his smirk made her want to throw up. The baby moved uncomfortably in her stomach and she winced. Akito's hands grabbed her by the shoulders and shoved her to the floor.

"HATORI!" Tohru screamed, hurting her throat. "HEL-" Akito slapped her cheek, the milky skin turning red. Tohru tried to stand but she was too heavy, and she thought of Kyo…he had been right. Akito stood up and Tohru, as quickly as she could stood and started to run. She waddled/ ran down the halls…noticing they were all empty. Akito was following her and when she was about to step down on the stairs leaving the estate a hand shoved her, tears fell from her eyes as she fell down the stone steps. She rolled a little, making the impact more on her than the baby.

Tohru screamed and cried when Hatori and Yuki arrived. Yuki punched Akito in the face while Hoatori called an ambulance….

"Come on Tohru- push, one more!" the doctor commanded. Tohru's grip held on to Kyo's hand as if her life depended on it. Sweat rolled down her body as she pushed with all her might, again she pushed, even harder this time and suddenly all the pain stopped, everything went quiet as if no one was around her.

She saw smiles on everyone's faces, could hear the faint sound of crying and she too smiled. Tohru could hear a thumping in her head and it started to slow…th--thump…th--thump…until she heard it no longer. Her eyes closed and she could have sworn she saw that concerned look that Kyo gives her…

"Ky-o…I love- you." she whispered. Kyo was suddenly pushed away from Tohru as panic swam through the hospital room, doctors and nurses flooded the small space as the heart monitor flat lined.

"Tohru! Tohru!" Kyo called, almost screamed it.

"Stay with us Tohru, come on. Be strong!" the doctor demanded. She felt them push on her chest and shock her a couple of times but Tohru was too tired to care. She smiled and closed her eyes wearily before her head fell limp against the pillow.

Kyo sat next to Tohru's body. She looked like she was asleep and that she would wake up in an hour or so. His heart ached and a lump formed in his throat that he almost couldn't swallow. Tears flooded his eyes, he didn't care that Katsuya was there or that Yuki and Haru watched him break down.

Kyo held Tohru's cold hand, never wanting to let her go. The realization that he now was on his own sank into him. It hurt more than any physical pain he had ever dealt with, and he wanted it gone. A week passed before they took Tohru to a morgue, Kyo walked down the hospital's cold and empty hallways until he found himself at the NICU. Peering through the glass window to see all the babies…but only one stuck out and held his attention and would for the rest of his life.

She looked just like Tohru, if she had had orange hair. She was beautiful and just like her mother…perfect.

End flashback

"Daddy?" came the little girls voice. It had been exactly two years since Tohru's death. All the Sohmas visit her grave every year, Uo and Hana came too. The family helped Kyo with the little girl and they both now live together in the house Tohru an dhim had bought before her death with Yuki and his girlfriend, Machi. Since Tohru's death, Yuki and Kyo have been getting, somewhat along. Akito died a few months after Tohru. They said it was from depression.

Everyone has gotten better since that day, it was hard but they made it through. But it's still hard for them to even speak about Tohru.

"Yeah?" asked Kyo. He patted her on the head and she smiled.

"I want to pway wif Hinata." Hiro's younger sister walked up to Kyo and the little girl, the girls clasped hands and as Kyo watched them walk away he called,

"I love you Kyoko."

She turned and beamed that smile her mother passed down to her, "I love you."