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Well this is after Spin, Spin Sugar so yes, Speedle's back. He lives with Horatio because his place has already been sold and there is no way in Hell the owners are giving it back.

These are a series of drabbles I wrote because too much drama is bad for people

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1, Like a Virgin…

Tim Speedle wondered around Horatio's house, mindlessly bored from no work. He moved in with his boss out of convenience; no one in the lab wanted to live with someone that was living-impaired. It was Horatio who took him in, causing MUCH controversy over at Internal Affairs. Ever since the Otis case wrapped up, the lieutenant looked as if a breath of new life had come over him, his blue eyes shone brighter and his smiles were wider. The man looked, for lack of a better word, alive. And Tim was to thank for that. Rick's disagreement was simply because of the man's status; he was dead.

Speedle roamed through the modest home, and without even thinking, fixed himself a sandwich. Along the way to the living room, the man spotted a mantle full of pictures from family and friends. Somewhere, he quickly noticed, there was only one picture of himself on the surface, one that became very intimate after the trip down memory lane.

To put it simply, it was everyone at the lab celebrating another year of working there. It was an informal karaoke, in which Calleigh found herself adored by many male fans for her rendition of "Like a Virgin" by Madonna. Back when said diva still had her Brooklyn accent. Speedle's motorcycle had broken down just hours before so he had traveled with his boss.

Horatio was grinning, laughing to his heart's delight. Duquesne quickly mused her way into getting the lieutenant up on stage, but he slipped out due to "throat problems".

"Horatio Caine! Are you scared of a little sing-a-long?" she playfully inquired, the mic amplifying her voice.

"No, I just can't sing to save my life." He responded equally as jovial and slipped back into obscurity. Tim chuckled as the man sat down and ate the last of the baby back ribs.

"Well, well; Super Cop has a weakness."

Horatio glared mockingly as Calleigh and Valera started butchering the Divinyls' "When I think about you, I touch myself". Speed's laugh intensified, both from the musical massacre and from his response.

"Let's see you try it."

A quick flash and Alexx caught them on film chatting away about random things. It was so natural to see the redhead and the Syracuse native talk about anything under the rainbow and be so calm about it, from cases at work, childhood experiences, to how cheesecake and wine played a pivotal part on sexual relations. When the song finally finished, Tim was about to get the part in which whipped cream came into play when Yelina stepped in. He felt a slight tinge of jealousy as Horatio offered a slow dance.

What the picture held so close to Speed's heart was what happened just before Caine went off to dance with Salas…

Horatio bent over just above Speedle's ear and whispered something that wasn't Spanish but in what seemed to be Portuguese. After the initial surprise that he knew said language, Tim waited until the dance was over to ask what Horatio had said.

"I simply told you that it's almost time to go…"A small pause and he continued. "Unless you want to walk home."

That night was as common as any other in Miami but it made Speed aware of other sides to his boss. Sides that could be welcoming or poisonous, sides he was willing to explore. Sides that he began to fall for and fall hard. Tim Speedle fell in love with his boss and Calleigh, being as perceptive and having a wild imagination, kept it a secret. Speed always thought that Heaven wouldn't be complete without Horatio.

The other pictures were of his mother and father, graduating from an unknown college, a picture of the New York sky, sightseeing in the Sunshine State, Ray's family and finally Marisol. Tim instantly figured out the chronological order of events and saddened, Horatio had come to Miami to escape New York.

Speaking of which, where is H?

After a quick search, Speed found him asleep on his desk, head cuddled between two arms. Horatio had stayed up from Friday night to the lovely Saturday morning only to snooze away. The man was about to shudder him awake when he found something peculiar on his desk; a Walkman CD player rolled on with its contents still spinning on low battery.

Speed noticed familiar dents and scratches on the CD player and carefully pulled the item from Caine's sleeping frame.

This is my old CD player!

His curious nature overtook him and opened the lid. Staring at Tim was Nickelback's The Long Road album, his name scribbled in Sharpie markers. Speed knew of Horatio as to be a more classically inclined man, not for alt-rock music but for the blues and the original rock and roll. He smiled sadly, this had been the last CD he ever heard before dying.

The day after the fateful shooting, Horatio was clearing the locker in order to send Tim's personal effects to his family. After a while, his weary eyes stumbled upon a cloth case used to carry small equipment. He opened it and found the Walkman, still on the Hold mechanism, battery running dangerously low.

Cautiously, he placed the earphones into his ears and listened to the rest of the song. Horatio instantly let go of his pride and wept. That was the last thing Speed had heard on his own time.

Speed leaned close and pecked a kiss on the mess of red hair. He always thought Horatio was a man, not a machine. But today, he recognized the sleeping lieutenant as a mourning but faithful lover.

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