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I'm watching the 40 freakiest concert moments, and their is a ton of nudity in it so it inspired this fic

"Gah! Fucking bastards! We need more fucking publicity!" Hiruma shouts after the small crowd at their recent game. "And just how do you propose we do that?" Mamori asks and Hiruma goes quiet and pulls out his laptop, typing away at it.

This goes on well into the next day and the rest of the Amefuto players wonder just what their captain was playing. "Ya-ha! I've got it!" Hiruma shouts and laughs evilly. "So, what's your plan?" Kurita asks and Hiruma just laughs evilly, but doesn't tell them. "You'll see." He says ominously and the rest of the team can only shiver in fear.

At the next game, everything goes fine until half time that is, when Mizumachi goes running through the field, butt naked. The disciplinary committee comes running onto the field, trying to remove the tall nude teen, who was running around, avoiding them. Everyone was in shock and many fangirls, along with a few gay and/or sexually confused boys, had passed out. Hiruma just laughs evilly as tv crews arrive and watch as Mizumachi is captured by Kakei. "Woot! I love Deimon! Come to their games!" Mizumachi says and the Devil bats look at their captain in surprise, wondering just how he managed to do that.

At the next game, their are large crowds, and Hiruma was a happy little demonic elf.

ahh, yet another odd journey my mind has went on.