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Chapter 1

I, Rinslet Walker, never thought I would see the day when a job was too big to handle on my own. I always believed that brain could win over brawn any day, but not this time. Actually, I probably could handle this job, but why risk my life when I can find someone else? My target is a big, beautiful diamond with rubies and other precious gems. It's worth a fortune, and I could make an even bigger fortune selling it to one of the owner's rivals. Did I forget to mention the owner is a big time crime lord?

Well he is. Jason Hendricks, an American gangster who fled to Japan to escape the death sentence. How he pulled that off, even with all my sources, I don't really know. Personally, I think he paid off the government, but that's just my opinion. Then again, if he can afford a ring that expensive, paying off the government shouldn't be a big deal.

I closed my laptop and ran a hand through my hair. This job was already frustrating. I definitely need more information, but this guy is a big kept secret. I was barely able to track down his address, but a lot of help that does me now. I can't even get close enough to scout the place out.

That's where the brawn comes in. I need someone foolis- I mean brave enough to sneak inside and cause a distraction while I go after the real prize. I couldn't resist a smile as I remembered conducting a plan like this before. Torneo's mansion might have been a terrifying time in my life, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. That is how I met Sven, Eve, and…Train after all.

I believe they were the only people I have ever called friends. Of course, everyone else would consider them freaks--a gentleman, a living weapon, and an idiot--but they were loyal. Not to mention strong and helped me out more than once. Its times like this that I wish I kept in touch. It's been about 3 years since I've last seen them. I know Sven's taking good care of Eve, but I do worry. She needs a positive role model like me around since there are…female things Sven probably has no idea about. Speaking of worrying, I worry about Train the most. It must be rough out there for an idiot like him to survive alone. Sure he's the Black Cat, but I don't know. I just worry about him.

I guess I did have a teeny, tiny, almost miniscule crush on Train, but that's in the past. If I ever saw him again, I would knock him around a bit for not keeping in touch, but there wouldn't be fireworks or anything. Butterflies in the stomach maybe, but no fireworks. Jenos is another story. I don't know why, but I do see fireworks when I see him. Of course, those fireworks usually come from him flirting with other girls so no love there either.

Jenos! Why didn't I think of it sooner! When I call, Jenos comes, and Jenos is definitely all brawn. A handsome womanizing brawn, but still brawn. If I can keep his eyes on the mission--and me--I might be able to pull this off. I couldn't help but give a victory cheer as I dialed his number. Yes I have his number in case of emergencies. It changes often, but he always makes sure I have it.

"Why Miss Rinslet, what a surprise. I believe destiny advised you to call…"

Typical Jenos. For someone as cute as him not to have better pick up lines is kind of pathetic.

"I believe you would be right. I was just thinking that I would love to get together with you sometime soon…" I replied picturing his flashysmile.

"Then I shall fly on the wings of love to reach you. I believe you are after Hendricks?"

Hm…And he knew this how? Better yet, when did he come up with a decent pick up line?

"Are you spying on me darling?"

"Chronos does keep an eye on it's…contacts. Especially ones as beautiful as you."

Jenos is actually being charming. I mean a good charming, and not his normal cheesy charming. He could actually get a woman's attention this way.

"Since you already know, I suppose I can fill you in. Hendricks has something I'm after. Let's just say it sparkles, and if you were to help me get it, maybe I'll brighten your day with a date."

"A date with the lovely Miss Walker would be any man's dream. I would be happy to assist you, but of course, Chronos has need of this man as well."

Of course Chronos would be after this guy. He's a hazard to their system. No pun intended.

"I see…You have your reasons, and I have mine partner. I take it you know where I am?"

"But of course, my dear. I look forward to our meeting with all my love."

I hung up the phone quickly before the butterflies in my stomach took flight. Where those butterflies came from I have no idea, but they were there in full force. I thought they had died when Train left, but obviously not. And now I'm thinking about Train again. Butterflies and old crushes in the same day? This mission was definitely going to be frustrating…