Chapter 1

Blood… Death… Despair… that was all that was to be seen in the vast lands of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. But this was not a time to be looking around the school and grounds. There was a war at hand, a terrible war that held the fate of the widzarding and muggle world alike. Smoke billowed over the ablaze west tower as the immense fire was burning its way down the west wing of the building. Screams and cries filled the perimeter trying to get away from it all. But the fire ran after them preventing the injured and the scared from fleeing through that wing. What was more dreadful then the awful fire was the cause of it. The malicious DeathEaters. They were the cause of all the pain and suffering that had been going on that day. To stray in their path brought a more painful death then any fire would ever have to offer.

The beautiful white tombstone representing the man who brought hope to the wizarding world stood cracked and smothered with blood at the foot of the black lake. The lake itself quivered with fear of the death and destruction that littered it's shore. The creatures below it's marble surface would emerge above the water's protective skin to view the events that were taking place around their underwater world. On occasion they would rise and send forth a spear or a heavy rock at a near by enemy. Every so often you would see the outcome of a duel seeing a one opponent falling at the hand of their adversary.

Dawn was approaching with a blood red fire in the heavens that reflected the one down on earth. A hooded figure appeared in the heart of the battle. Gasp of shock and fear welcomed this strange figure as he turned to survey his surroundings. Coming to their senses many men and women began fleeing for their lives tripping over dead bodies along the way, scrambling about to avoid those who were still fighting and the injured.

A lone boy came forth toward the figure not knowing that he was being followed by a few witches and wizards. Halting in front of the gruesome form he noticed that his opponents had a group of followers circling around him in a form of arc. Looking over his shoulder he saw that he formed his own group of protectors and was glad that he had them there by his side.

"Ah…what have we here? The famous Harry Potter." The figured removed his hood reavealing the well awaited Dark Lord- Lord Voldemort. "And look who has come to join him. His faithful Order and the traitorous Severus Snape. Tell me Severus how could you be so foolish to join the losing side?"

"Fancy to see you here Voldemort I am surprise that you came to watch your army to perish at our hands. Look around you Dark Lord you have as many casualties as we do." Severus answered him coolly.

"You are a coward Severus, I always knew that you were now the entire world know it too." The Dark Lord aimed his wand at him and sent forth a violent yellow light. It brushed pass Severus missing him hitting the person behind him. Turning around he saw Miss Granger with a shock look on her face shaking with fear. There was a yellow glow inside Severus did not know what spell the Dark Lord sent forth but if it was coming from the Voldemort it couldn't have been good.

As the final battle broke out around them Severus turned a gazed Hermione by her arms turning her to face him willing her to look in his eyes and focus. "Are you alright Miss Granger?"

A still shaking Hermione blinked at the realization that someone was holding her securely in their arms. Slowly she seemed to regain her consciousness comprehending that the person was her professor. "Professor Snape?" she asked in a quivering voice completely confused, "what's going on?"

"We are in the middle of a war." He stated bluntly trying to have patience with the person who received the curse in his stead. "You were hit with a spell, are you alright?" The war continued about them hexes and curses flying about.

"I'm fi-" the rest of her words where muffled out as Severus dragged her to the floor with him as a curse fly their way. "oof" she whimper out as he made sure to throw his body on top of her to protect her with it.

"My apologies Miss Granger." He verbalize as he stood back up pulling her along with him. "Are you still able to fight or shall I take you back to the castle?"

A determine gleam appeared on her face however the haunted shadow and look of fear and confusion still invaded her eyes. "Of course I can fight, I want to fight."

"Alright then let's go" he said turning and sending a hex at the DeathEater who shot one at them moments ago.

A cry behind him made him turn around again to see Hermione still standing where he left him. However, the only difference now was that she was hit with a slicing curse that cut it's path from between her breast down past her abdomen. She hunched in pain gasping for air. She couldn't take the pain anymore as she prayed for death as she felt herself fall into abyss. A strong pair of hands grabbed her before she reached the ground and pulled her against him for support. Looking up she saw the black eyes of her most fearsome professor, Professor Snape. She held onto his robes praying that he would find a way to help her. She felt her skin stitch together as he muttered a spell at her. However, the blood still seep through the stitches and to her air was sacred.

Severus looked around to see if there was anyone around to help. All members of the order were currently involved in duels with their rivalry. Curses and hexes were flying towards them by the few DeathEaters who were not occupied with an Order member. Severus knew that if he would leave her alone she would surly be killed. Looking down at the girl once more he felt a pang of guilt for the curse that was meant for him obviously took her off her edge and made her lose her awareness of what is happening around her. Not knowing what else to do he transfigured a rock into a stone hut to keep her safe. Lying her down on the floor he quickly removed her top to see the effect of the slicing curse. Blood was flowing everywhere and it seemed like it would never stop. He touched her body hoping that she would react to him but she was completely unfocused and was shivering like mad and ranging a high fever.

Hermione was holding onto his robes so tight that he thought that they would rip. Unsettled with the contact Severus cursed the fate that brought her to this as he held her tight to comfort so she would stop with the tears. Muttering dozens of curses under his breath while pointing to her body with his wand he was finally able to stop the blood from streaming through her stitches. He was glad that it did for now he saw that her breathing was becoming easier. He quickly conjured a glass of water to give to her hoping that it would help clam her down.

"Miss Granger?" he asked hoping for a respond, as he tried to pull away from her so he could rejoin the war.

Instead of answering him she just tightened her grip on his robes and buried her head into his chest letting out small sobs. Severus swore when he saw a dementor shape mark on her left fore arm. 'That was the spell that the Dark Lord sent him, -the Dementor's bite.' Severus looked back at the bushy hair that covered his chest finally understanding the way she had been acting. When hit with the dementor's bit the recipient sense of fear increase by the dozen, they are unable to respond to the stimulants around. As well the person feels as if they had been engulfed in complete blackness and despair.

Severus decided that he would have to research more into it once they return to Hogwarts. He knew that the Dark Lord wanted to hit him with such a spell in order to make sure that he does not partake in the final battle. Now even though he did not get hit he was being distracted to contribute to the great ending.

Pulling away from Hermione he leaped to his feet before she could stop him. "I must go now Miss Granger, I will be back for you soon. You are safe her." He told her gently as she moaned forth a sound of fear as a soft flow of tears streamed down her tender face. Severus sighed before he turned on his heal leaving the stone hut and sealing it off with magic. He decided to leave a Hogwarts crest on its door to so the order can help her if he would die.