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Hero. A hero. How would one define the term? A mystical figure from folklores, who battle all evil? A savior of his people? A patriot who sacrifices himself for his country? An extraordinary person who lived up to all society's dreams?

None of the above are accurate, yet none is completely wrong. Heroes only emerge during an immensely desperate situation, the flicker of light in absolute darkness. Only when an obstacle was defeated, then would one be considered a hero. Only when someone had to fall, then will there be a new hero, rising from the fallen.

But once the darkness fade away, people tend to forget about the chaos brought by the darkness, as well as the flicker of light brought by the hero's ownself. A hero will be forgotten as time goes by. Or worst, a hero would degenerate into the threat, dreaded by those he once sought to protect. A hero rarely had a happy ending, unless he is from a fairytale. A hero will fight as a loner, and die as a loner, in a cold, lonesome death. He fought for his people, live for his people, and die for his people.

'A hero is the manifestation of man's own need and desire; the community needs a warrior to spearhead their cause, to be their loudest voice; a man will always desire to be the best among his peers, to have the loudest voice, to be the leader of his people. A hero will be the determining force during a battle, the candle in the dark. But a hero will not have a place in the time of peace and harmony, when no battle needs to be fought.'

She clicks 'Save', and closed the document file, logging off and shutting down the computer, brushing away a few strands of long hair from the desk.

Had a few characters in mind while writing this, but don't know which and who, so it ended up as this...