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Kyle had always wondered what it would take to convert Stan to Judaism. It was one of those interesting things he wondered when he was bored on Sunday mornings, because his lover was off at Mass. The couple of discussions he'd had about religion with Stan hadn't really done much, except lead to cement Kyle's belief that Stan was totally obsessed with Jews the people.

When Stan came over after Church to "start his work on next week's Confession," Kyle decided to give it a go. After making sure his mom wasn't watching, Kyle sashayed over to his lover and gave him a deep kiss before whispering in a sultry voice "Stan…"

Hearing the other boy gulp and feeling him stiffen, Kyle grinned and continued in the same tone "Would you convert to being a Jew?" Stan was fumbling for words, and Kyle knew he had his boy on the ropes. He was a sucker for whenever Kyle decided to act sexy, instead of his usual hopeless geekiness.

"Uhh…I dunno…" Stan said, looking wide eyed at his boyfriend. "Kyle?"

Waggling his eyebrows, Kyle replied "I'll make it worth your while."

"DONE!" Far easier than Kyle had anticipated. Apparently the discussion about all the cool things Jews had done and still did registered as well.

"Am I going to have to say any funny words?" Stan's question shocked him out of his reverie. His response was quick to hand and mostly factual, "Nah…just get a ceremonial bris and wear a funny hat when we go to Temple."

"You mean I too can be a Kosherboi?" Well, of course…forget all the pain and the fainting it caused in him back when they were in 3rd Grade, Stan was only concerned if the change would make him more Popular with All the Ladies…for all the good it would do him.

Kyle nodded. "And we'll even waive the three easy payments of $19.95," he said with a grin. Stan let out a laugh, and said "Sweeeeeet."

"I even promise it'll make me feel better at night," Kyle said with a sexy look, and Stan regarded him quizzically.

"How many times do I have to say 'yes' to you?" he asked. Kyle waggled his eyebrows again, responding "Let's go upstairs and find out."

"Well," Stan quipped, "If we go upstairs, I won't be saying 'yes,' I'll likely be SCREAMING 'yes."

"Well," Kyle returned, "Try to keep it down a bit!!"

"Oh what can your parents argue about it?" asked Stan. "I'm a Jew, aren't I?"

"Jew-to-be, but why quibble when we can be making the sex," Kyle said with a shrug.

"Exactly," Stan said. "I knew you'd see THIS at least my way."

"Not the time," Kyle replied. "C'mon you!" And with that, the redheaded Jew drug his conquered Christian convert upstairs to his bedroom and proceeded to show him EXACTLY the benefits that came with Judaism.

Sheila Broflovski actually was out longer when she found out that Kyle had converted Stan to Judaism than when she found out he was shagging him.

Randy Marsh had shrugged and commented that now maybe some of Kyle's money management skills would rub off on Stan. Sharon Marsh beat him with pizza dough and reminded them that video camera was no longer under warranty.

Stan and Kyle shrugged it off and went up to Stan's room. They'd tell the appropriate religious people later.



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